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    Many thanks, that’s brilliant.
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    Take heart from the fact that 12 months ago you thought you'd never see us even play in the PL again. Until Ron Saunders, I never thought we would ever make it to the top division.
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    It’s on the Sky Sports red button at 5pm, ec-p
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    And his mother Ida
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    Yes, but what we need is someone with a history of successful detective work on this forum...
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    Linked with a young highly rated midfielder... https://ninetyminutesonline.com/report-claims-southampton-have-joined-race-for-in-demand-midfielder-stiff-competition/
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    Nice mention here on BBC: 'Shortly after concluding a discussion on combating climate change, Finland prime minister Antti Rinne got up from his seat at the stately Elysee Palace in Paris, shook the hand of France president Emmanuel Macron and then presented him with a gift. It was a Teemu Pukki football shirt. Such is the in-form Norwich and Finland striker's reputation at the moment that his name even makes it onto the agenda of top-level political meetings, alongside environmental issues and trade deals. With 44 goals in 66 games for club and country since joining the Canaries in the summer of 2018, Pukki is one of the most prolific players in world football at the moment. But it wasn't always that way for a player once described as "not a complete disaster" following a less-than-impressive stint at Celtic. As Pukki looks to make it six goals in seven games for Finland when they face Bosnia and Herzegovina on Saturday (17:00 BST) and move them a step closer to qualifying for their first major tournament, BBC Sport charts the fall and rise of Norwich's talismanic striker.'
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    I'm more interested to find out if Pukki is allowed to play in the custom-made anti-injury zorbing suit we've had made for him.
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    It's an extremely good university run by dedicated staff with a beautiful campus in a fine city. I admit to slight bias,as my lovely wife works there...
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    After 1961 I thought we would never see Division three again. Best always to expect the unexpected. Its more fun that way.
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    Agree with Bill here - what is “competitive” in the prem? Finishing 14th and hoping you might get to an FA cup semi final once every few years? Great. Spending more and more on fairly average players in order to do so? Even greater. Always worrying about having one bad season, going down and then struggling with finances for the next 5-10 years (or worse) and/ or selling all your best players to avoid going bust? Of course I’d take playing in the top division (although occasions such as winning the playoff final will live much longer in my memory than Burnley away). But I would rather we are ran sensibly and responsibly in terms of finances - if we can establish in the prem doing it that way, great. If we can’t then so be it. But I’d rather we do it that way and yo-yo than risk being in the position of Bolton, Coventry, Portsmouth etc..
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    His brother Mark was always first in the queue at the January sales.
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    And his Finnish Aunty, Upsan
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    I met his brother (Sussex) once
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    The key players have been going out on loan and the 17/18 year olds we have signed are jumping straight to U23 level
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    I read it as transition so I'm not very observant. Bobloz, have a go buddy
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    Judging by his username, I'm going to take a punt on Alexis Sanchez.
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    It was bloody amazing! Such a well-organised, respectful and helpful nation. I could go on for hours about it (just ask my mates!), but suffice to say it was the best trip I've ever been on (honeymoon included!). We saw Australia v Fiji and England v Tonga in Sapporo, but we left our hearts in Osaka... my new favourite city (apart from Nodge, of course). Yeah the slippery balls haven't helped matters, but it's been a good tournament in general. Some of the red cards have been a little harsh... while they're correct in line with the new tackling laws, I still think it was a bit unfair to introduce such dramatic changes to the law so close to the World Cup; it will have disrupted teams' training and preparation significantly, having to essentially 're-coach' the tackle so close to the tournament. It seems to have hit the Pacific Island nations especially hard, as they tend to tackle higher than the Tier One nations in my experience. Also had great fun watching us beat Citeh in a sports bar in Shanghai with my Citeh-supporting ex-pat mate... quite the experience! There were a couple of other Norwich fans in there, and we went totally nuts when the goals went in. Couldn't find anywhere to watch the Burnley game in Sapporo, but the Asian Canaries Facebook group managed to put me in touch with a bar owner in Osaka who's originally from Norfolk, so we rocked up there for the Palace game. Lovely bloke, brilliant atmosphere, and even managed to teach some locals OTBC. In return we're now signed-up Cerezo Osaka fans!
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    What happened to “if we go down, so be it. We’ll have broken even, have some money to invest in the foundations of the club and be better placed for another run at promotion and the PL”? One season of success and suddenly it’s “why aren’t we Leicester?” after a few defeats to mid to lower table PREMIER LEAGUE clubs. Webber always said this was a long-term project and we are still over-achieving on that. Big picture guys!
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    Because the club and the owners aren't the same thing?
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    I certainly think if people can't appreciate our current owners and still want to crow for them to leave after claiming for years upon years upon years that we'll never get to the prem with them in charge, only to wait for a negative to bring out the same spiel, then you could probably find something better to do.
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    I'm not interested in wading into this debate but this comment can't go unnoticed as it is total ****. Imagine if that had happened during the Chase days? 'If you don't like Chase **** off and support someone else!' Laughable.
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    Excellent reply. We won the Championship but no one was calling for new ownership then. Who bought in SW who we all thank for our recent fortunes? Yes, it is a business and we almost lost the club due to huge debts, but the owners have been shewd and we are still here. Do moaning fans want us to spend millions and become financially unstable again? Get real. All our problems are on the pitch or should i say off the pitch in a recovery room!!! For gods sake give the team time to get back to full strength before attacking DF and the Board. I am sure we will spend money if, after we are at full strength, and find we are not good enough to survive. I am only in my 3rd season as a ncfc fan and i am shocked by established fans attitude
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    Which is why when you get here you have to grasp the opportunity and if Delia can’t/won’t do it she should be finding a buyer who will and can provide the backing to give us a chance of building the club up at this level.
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    Time for Delia Smith to go. Forget the current injuries. The circle of doom has happened several times.She has no long term ambition to keep city in the premiership.