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    Michael Bailey tweeted earlier As for Ben Godfrey, don't fret. He'll start for Norwich tomorrow. Think the international break has been earmarked for a few weeks now, to get a niggle resolved. Hence why he's not in the England U21s. Not expected to affect his Norwich availability either side of it.
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    At the NCFSC forum last night following a question from the audience regarding increased capacity Ben Kensell stated that the Club had just completed the purchase of the parcel of land that is between Koblenz Avenue and Carrow Road running the length of the City Stand. This is the very first step that had to be taken for the club to redevelop the stand. Carrow Road itself immediately outside the old main entrance is owned by the Council and the next step is for the club to adopt it and no indication of timescale was given before work can begin to build above and back from the current stand. It is at a very early stage and may well not happen anytime soon with naturally finance being the biggest issue but nothing can be progressed until the two issues i have mentioned have been addressed. The question of another Bond scheme to help fund it was suggested from the audience and Zoe Ward said that naturally it would be looked at but was non committal. Many issues to be considered including not being able to move 3,000 season tickets holders while work is carried out as no capacity elsewhere in the stadium to relocate. So in a nutshell obviously a lot going on behind the scenes to make it all happen and as for the old chestnut of getting rid of the hotel it cannot happen as the lease the hotel has still has ' many, many years to run ' according to BK. The decision back in the day to allow it to be built was because to club was in desperate financial trouble and at the time it was the right decision to make.
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    I must confess I missed this article last week but some interesting quotes from Chriss Domogella in Conor Southwell;s article about our injury crisis including the following: "Interestingly, City's head of performance, Chris Domogalla, stated that City have altered their approach on the training pitches following their top-flight return. Speaking to Training Ground Guru, he said: "What we had already worked out from the stats was that the number of high-intensity sprints was more in the Premier League than we had been used to during our two seasons in the Championship.
"You have to concentrate all of the time, or else you can be punished. Building concentration and mental fitness has been something we've worked on in our training scenarios." I am finding it increasingly hard to believe that there is not some connection between this spate of injuries and the workload put on the players in pre-season and training. Now obviously if there are more intensive sprints required in the premier league then you need to prepare for that and I wouldn't criticise them for doing so on a managed basis but if our players are not used to it then there could perhaps be a link between this and some of the injuries our players seem to be picking up, even if the injuries themselves are then sometimes triggered by a heavy tackle.
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    Has anyone mentioned balconies on the hotel?
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    Sounds good on paper but I wonder if the lower tier can be altered to fit the expanding population without losing too many seats. There were a lot less Mr Creosotes back in the 80’s.......
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    I think there’s a few of us still clinging on in the Ginger Pele appreciation society, probably to the disbelief of most.
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    Raise the ticket prices that will reduce demand - as does relegation However the bottom line is that an extra 4000 seats on top of the main stand would only increase capacity by 14% which on current take would only add a maximum of £1.6m in ticket income - assuming 100% capacity for every game not enough to pay the interest on the loan required
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    Blimey! Get The Doc back.
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    Ken Foggo/Graham Paddon sticker official statement Thank you for collecting the NCFC stickers and also for raising this matter with us. There are four ways in which we can help: 1. Local EDP Newsagent – if you are in the vicinity of a local EDP newsagent we can arrange for a correct sticker to be delivered there so that you can collect it. Just email shop@archant.co.uk with your name and newsagent, it’ll be there within two working days. 2. NCFC – you can collect the correct Ken Foggo sticker from the shop at Carrow Road or the NCFC Hub. 3. Archant Head Office – if you are in Norwich you can collect a correct sticker from the Archant offices on Rouen Road. 4. Postal – alternatively, if you are outside of Norfolk, Suffolk and Waveney email your details to shop@archant.co.uk and we will arrange for the correct sticker to be posted to you. Thank you once again for raising the matter. Happy collecting!
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    I think the difficulty for both Roberts and Drmic is getting the understanding with the other players which is so key to our forward line play - Hernandez, Buendia, Pukki, Vrancic, Cantwell etc have a solid understanding so that they know where to make runs and where to play the ball without having to wait and see where someone else is moving. Roberts and Drmic just don't have that yet and need game time but can we afford the time to let them build it up ? This is why I was keen to keep Rhodes this season, the Burnley and Palace games were perfect examples of when it would have been useful to bring him on with 15/20 minutes as a striker who knows our system/players and could snatch a late goal. Sadly that didn't happen.
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    I hate it when people start talking about "must-win" games when it's only just the start of October. It's not. A win would be a massive plus, a defeat would be a major disappointment but not the end of the world and certainly not the end of the season. There's no such thing as a must-win game at this point in the season.
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    Yep, me too. I doubt discrimination based on city of origin would count, would it?
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    To be fair I bought 10 bags last week and these contained no duplicates and then a further 25 bags this week. Again these 25 bags we’re all different which is excellent. The duplicates come from the fact that of the 25 bags I bought this week, 5 were the same as last week. I sort of wish I had just blitzed it and bought 50 bags at the start as I wonder if I’d have just got a straight run through? That’s less fun though. If I was a local, I’d probably vary my supplier to add some randomness in to my collecting. So very interested to see how your second run goes Herman. Anyway, the biggest test will be to see how long I last before ordering some more. Maybe next time I can get Pete to select my bags Countdown style, 5 bags from the top of the pile 5 from the bottom, and 5 from the middle .
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    It's a must not lose game for us, in my opinion.
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    At this stage of the season, no games are “must wins” or even “must not lose-s”(?). There are a few games in April (and Burnley in May) which might well end up being must-wins if we need points to stay up before the Chelsea and Man City games in May...but when you have shown you can beat even the likes of Man City and there are points left on the board, then no game in October is a must win.
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    AKA "Losing to Villa could relegate us"?
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    Villa must win? I was hoping we would....
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    VAR is exposing some flaws in the laws of the game, particularly offside. The amount of goals being ruled out for a player having their foot 6 inches the wrong side of the defender is getting ludicrous and not the reason the offside law was brought in in the first place.
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    At the end of the day, VAR or no VAR, final decisions are made by human beings who will, by their very nature, have differeing opinions on any decision that is not 100% clear cut. And even then there is usually room for conjecture. All VAR has done is increased the number of people making the decisions without increasing the accuracy of those decisions. On top of that we now have linesmen who are reluctant to put the flag up in fear of getting it wrong. This is because they know that whatever decision they would have made will be looked at by somebody else who will make the decision for them.
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