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    No plan B , poor timing of substitutes, not good enough etc etc etc what a bunch of whinging knobs!!!! Get a grip!! Burnley have not been top 10 in this division, played in Europe for nothing - they know a trick or two!! They did us in the first 20 minutes bloody well, and then shut up shop . Well played Burnley. But we were not as poor as the knobs are making out. Young team , learning - get real!!!!!!!
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    The trouble is that you see games like WHU (a) and Burnley (a) and some supporters will class those as winnable games, when the reality is that they are incredibly difficult games away from home against sides far more established and with far greater resources than us at the moment. A draw in either game would have been a fine result. We have so many injuries at the moment than some of the 'plan b' options simply aren't available as compared to last season when we would go to a wing back system and use Onel and Max as wing backs and stick Rhodes on with Pukki. We have so few defensive options that Amadou is playing in a position where he is less experienced and Godfrey is carrying an injury. Byram is just learning his way. With the problems we have at the moment, and undoubtedly the hardest first six fixtures of any side in the league, to have 6 points at this stage is a fine achievement. Cut the manager some slack maybe.
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    As the title of the thread says......just enjoy the fact we are playing football in the Premiership, embrace it, enjoy it, do not get down if we lose, do not go overboard if we win, just enjoy it..............
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    6 games and 6 points. An average of a point a game gives us 38 points, and another season in the premiership. The comment ‘No plan B ‘particularly amused me. I believe he is one the most astute coaches to have worked at this club, and to suggest the he and his team have no plan B, is ludicrous, and if a journalist had written it, he would quite rightly be accused of lazy journalism.
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    Sorry king canary to touch upon your sensitivities but when a **** is being a **** you have to call him out!!
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    Knee jerk reactions aren't needed, neither is a post calling fans knobs for having opinions.
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    Balance and perspective is what is required. Accept that we are new and inexperienced at this level, we’ll have good days and bad days while learning each week. We have an exceptional coach who is learning all the time too, Sean Dyche has been round the block several times but you can bet the next time we play them we will perform better. There is no need for knee jerk reactions. Judge the club and it’s staff on the last 26 months rather than the last 90 minutes.
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    Everyone's entitled to an opinion of course, it's just that sometimes it seems that there's some perverse pleasure taken by some to list our faults ad infinitum.
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    The good thing is it really is only one or two that are moaning, and I can’t ever remember a time in a message board era where 99.9% of supporters are fully supportive of what the club are trying to achieve, it’s quite refreshing. I would take the post I think you’re referring to with a pinch of salt, and not blow this out of proportion. Yes, Farke, who is blessed with fortune telling hindsight, should have made 3 substitutions at the 45min mark, moving Godfrey upfront, and turning Emi and Todd into bruising overlapping centre backs, but that’s what you get when we ain’t got no Plan B, I bet he won’t be having a cuppa and cake on his couch this afternoon the naughty boy
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    Webber made the point in a recent interview that if a team plays it long and it doesn't work nobody expects them to have a plan B of quick short passing. There's nothing wrong with our style of play. If you make mistakes at the back and fail to take your chances up front, this is what happens. They were another big strong physical side and unfortunately we didn't really have the strength to match them or the quality to brush them aside. The biggest disappointment for me was that despite having a decent amount of possession around their box in the second half I don't think their keeper made a save. As to the point about us not liking being pressed, well sure but on recent evidence neither do Man City or Arsenal. It's a calculated risk for both sides as the more numbers they commit to pressing us the more space they leave if we break through. Presumably if we weren't prepared for teams to press us at the back we wouldn't play quite so much tikka takka in our own box so it must all be part of the plan.
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    Seconded, just like after the Hammers game, all these softcox, picking holes, bit of backbone required here. Webber said we'd be up against it this season and it's going to be a long one if we don't back our boys. We had the smallest budget and now have a pile of injuries to contend with, a little perspective please.
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    Interesting that Farke is now classed by some as having a record of having an 'appauling use' of substitutes. Probs worth looking at how many games we turned around last season. Oh, and how many late goals we scored. Oh, and the fact we won the f*cking league despite the odds being significantly against us. Oh, and finally the fact that I didn't see anyone on the bench who could have provided what we needed. We needed to gain control in midfield early on in the second half and we had no options to make that happen. Roberts coming on earlier was probably seen by Farke as more likely we'd lose what little control we had in the middle with less cover on their counters.
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    I enjoyed that article, thanks Duncan, it echoes how I see events and the way the club is being ran and will continue to be ran. Like Webber has said, a long ball team doesn't suddenly adopt a passing game. Plan A and Plan B are always going to be essentially the same.
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    Didn't see the game as I was at the Rugby with my son and a lifelong Burnley supporter. And even though we knew the score, we were more concerned with our performance. If we win ten this season then I will be delighted and that will keep us up. Anything else is cream.
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    The point is that we don't have the personnel, the way Farke plays accepts that we will concede a few, I, for one am happy with that. As for Big Sam's Teams, agricultural is the best description, I hope we never play that kind of football.
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    I agree with much of this but I don’t think we beat Man City because they underestimated us. We had an approach against Man City which worked well against them. Against Burnley we gave away a couple of early goals and then struggled to convert our chances. That’s football - you can beat the Chanpions on merit on Saturday and a week later lose to a team way down the league.
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    Good writing Duncan. Guilty of getting a bit carried away after last weeks heroics. "If we can beat Man City we can beat anyo.......oh bollox......".
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    I think we missed Max's energy, athleticism & dribbling skills. Byram's perhaps more consistent defending was useful against ManC - but was he involves in any of our breaks? Which were our main threat in that game. The makeshift Amadou/Godfrey pairing got exposed.too. We really miss Christoph in this sort of game, I think he would have been ideal against Wood; in fact this game reminded me of Champs. games last year, only Burnley were that much better & stronger all round. I just hope our CBs can get better together until Zimbo gets back. I saw on another site that Max said he'll be back next week. I hope he's right. He's an integral part of our game.
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    A bit of balance here guys, last week we were Barcelona, this week we're 1p5wich.
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    It's all part of God's plan. Like Job, we're being tested. He doth move in a mysterious way (but not as good as Emi).
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    Yes our options are severely restricted by the amount of injuries we have.
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    There is some truth in that Ian but that simply does not excuse Farke from his appalling use of substitutes. You have to be pro active and make changes when you're up against it. What the hell was the point in giving Roberts TWO minutes!! On the 'style', surely we can sometimes get the ball in early and try TWO strikers instead of an isolated Pukki. Nearest we came to scoring at West Ham was when a quick, whipped in cross was attacked by Drimic who muscled between two defenders and 'got something on it' (in football language). You simply can't keep playing little triangles and five a side style football for 95 minutes in every game. One of the key qualities of management in any business is to be flexible and try something different if / when things aren't working out.
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    It's the hair. He's basically Samson