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    Just been to the travel agents to book my next holiday. While I’m in there a Manchester City supporter came in and asked for ideas for his next holiday. I said "You can’t beat the Canaries at this time of year."
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    And yet still you here the panicked shrieks of “get rid of it” as we calmly knock the ball around our own penalty area. Although the natives are becoming more learned, the education must continue. Of course, the aimless hoof can be worthy of appreciation too, it has a time and a place. The days of it being our default play from a position of territorial disadvantage appear to be over. The philosophy is one built on trust. Trust in ability. Trust in colleagues. Trust in science. Trust in statistics. In such enjoyable times the least we, as supporters, can do is trust in it too. SO STOP BLOODY SHOUTING “GET RID” or “FORWARD!” or any other such nonsense. If you’re that desperate for a bit of long-ball hoof, watch it come straight back action, only bother turning up for the last five minutes as we cling on to victory or there is that other (fairly local) team...
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    We will obviously need to change tactics for Saturday because our tactic against Man City was to let them have possession and force them into wide areas rather than let them play through the middle. This is a good tactic v Man City because they don't have big players up front and goals from crosses are not their strength. They like to play through you and we stopped them from doing so. They had 32 crosses against us. Their average is 13.5 per game. Burnley on the other hand will have two strong strikers up top (on of whom is in great form) and if we let them get lots crosses in from wide areas they are going to cause us problems. I would expect us to have a lot more of the ball on Saturday and we need to control possession and try and dictate the tempo. I think we can but it will be a physical test which is probably more like West Ham than Man City. We got a bit roughed up at West Ham but I think Mclean and Tettey are a more physical combination in the middle so should be better placed to deal with that. Whatever tactics we play I think having Tettey holding in front of the back 4 just helps give us more solidity and makes us less easy to play through (that stat about Trybull, Todd and Mo being the most dribbled past players was telling) but he will have to avoid giving away cheap free kicks in our half against Burnley as they will pump it into the box at any opportunity.
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    3.3 million views now! ( I’m probably responsible for a third of them!)
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    Yes, they fought hard for to keep that spot all season, holding off Bolton & Rotherham. Even Reading had a bit of a fight for it but gave up towards the end. Well done Ipswich !
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    Amusing to see the scum had already taken up residence at the bottom.
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    Widely quoted as £1.5M but shouldn't it include the add on we had to pay (was quoted in Spain as another £5M) at promotion? Even if it was £6.5M he's still 5ft 7 of football heaven and a bargain.
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    I got asked by the football club recently to come down to the stadium to take some drone footage for them. In case anyone's interested in seeing Carrow Road via a drone, here is some footage for you! Enjoy. Norwich City Football Club, by drone!
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    Does the boy realise what he has done and the damage he has inflicted on Norwich fans? Far from mending the situation at Carrow Road, his mistakes have made things infinitely worse. The Suffolk Socialists will now turn around and say that you don't need to have owners with oil wells, or spend £3bn on assembling a squad because these players can be beaten by a squad that cost virtually nothing. So the SS will now carry on in the same vein by spending no money and continuing to let in thousands of goals and keeping the club in socialist hands in perpetuity. The SS are having the luck of the devil at the minute and it is a sickener. But I have a sneaking feeling that money, or the lack thereof, is going to win out in the end and Vince will have his day in the sun once again. Curse Otamendi.
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    https://www.edp24.co.uk/sport/norwich-city/report-claims-webber-will-sign-new-contract-1-6275025 The good news just keeps coming!
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    After we win back to back trebles he'll conclude he has achieved everything he can at club level so take the plunge on the international stage.
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    May the Farke be with you, always OTBC
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    Singlehanded the most significant contract for the next few years at NCFC Well done to our excellent East Anglian Socialists
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    But I found it here: https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2019/sep/17/david-squires-on-a-famous-day-for-the-rebel-alliance-norwich-branch?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Very funny. £30 for a printed copy. I’m quite tempted.
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    He’s already said that the plan is in place and constantly updated, Nuff Said.
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    Vinnie, why have you got no support for your trolling this season? Where have they all gone?? Where are they??? Where have all your followers gone?Long time passingWhere have all you followers gone?Long time agoWhere have all your followers gone?Back to Delia every oneWhen will you ever learn?When will you ever learn.....
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    But to be fair the "coaches" behind us in the South Stand aren't in Gary Neville's class...
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    Employment rules for EU citizens within the EU are unlikely to change, this means it will be easier for players to transfer between leagues in the EU than come to leagues in the UK. Obviously this applies to everyone (not just footballers) I have a cousin who is currently working in Germany, he's been told that he'll find it difficult to move jobs as companies will be more likely to employ EU citizens. If he wants to change jobs there will be more 'red tape' to sort out and that will deter companies as they can employ EU citizens without the hassle.
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    https://latitudelaw.com/news/the-fas-policy-on-non-eu-football-players-and-possible-implications-following-brexit/ The requirements The FA will grant endorsement for a work permit to elite football players who are internationally established at the highest level. In order to qualify for this, the person must: Make a significant contribution to the development of their sport in the UK and must base themselves in the UK; Be from outside the EEA and Switzerland. When assessing an application for automatic endorsement, the FA will apply the following criteria in deciding whether a player is ‘elite’ and ‘internationally established at the highest level’ and whether they are likely to make a significant contribution to the development of football in the UK: The applicant must be joining a club in the Premier League or Football League; The applicant must have participated in a minimum set percentage of their home country’s senior competitive international matches during the two years (or one year if under 21) preceding the date of application. The percentage is based upon the following: International Team Ranked 1-10, must have appeared in 30% of matches; International Team Ranked 11-20, must have appeared in 45% of matches; International Team Ranked 21-30, must have appeared in 60% of matches; and International Team Tanked 31-50, must have appeared in 75% of matches. The Rankings above are based on the official FIFA World Rankings. If a player fails to meet the above FA requirements for automatic endorsement, the football club can appeal under the FA appeals process to the Exceptions Panel. The criteria for the Exceptions Panel is split into ‘Objective Criteria’ and ‘Subjective Criteria’.
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    - Just lost to Leeds 3-0 at CR. - 4 points from 5 games. - 8th from bottom. Only thing that's the same this season so far is the GD !
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    Maybe it would be a good idea to start a thread that features our Transfermarkt sheet with the current player values and see how it changes during the season. Pukki, for instance, was valued at 6m until last week (his 30 goals last season added a ridiculous 3m to his value) and they slapped another 3m to his estimated worth about a week ago, so now he's valued at 9m (!!) I think if anyone would approach the club with an offer like that they'd laugh their heads off.
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    You should also take account of the opposition, Byram’s performance against one of the top players in the world in his first league start this season was phenomenal and IMO would justify MOTM but others also have compelling claims such as Amadou as well as Buendia. I can see arguments for them all, personally I can’t get too worked up who actually gets that award given teamwork is so fundamental to City right now.
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    I would bet that we'll start with the same 11 as we did against Man City
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    One possible aspect I don’t think I’ve seen raised is about how important our coaching methods are on an ongoing basis. Our coaching staff clearly have a real ability to bring out the best in players with as yet unrealised potential. What if one or two of our young stars move on, and they flop? It will look like they rely on our coaches, and the value of those players left with us could drop. So I think it’s best if we try and sell them all in one go, and avoid the risk of damaging their value.
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    It's an interesting discussion point, and not as clear-cut as people would make out. Arguably a number of our players have the potential to reach the very top of the game. But it is also possible that some are overachieving right now and might drop away without fulfilling that potential. It is also important to remember that players only really develop fully when exposed to first team football so the success of the current group will prevent the next generation of young players from breaking through without at least some of the incumbents moving on. So, what's the best case scenario? We keep all our young stars and somehow manage to continue to improve around them, bring in new young players to replace the natural attrition as older and lesser players reach the end of their contracts. Eventually we will have to start paying them higher wages to match their ability (and what they could be earning elsewhere). With agents in their ears and 'bigger' clubs circling, would we be able to keep the team unity and workrate which has been central to our success? Either we will have to become a top 6 club, or we will eventually have to let some of these players move on to bigger things. Only time will tell if we (or the young players) have peaked, or if this is just another rung on the ladder of untold future success. Injuries can quickly curtail careers and hindsight is a wonderful thing. However, everyone has their price. I trust the club to sensibly weigh up any offers and only sell if it is too much to turn down. We're in a great position in that we are financially secure. If the right offer comes in, and the club thinks we can unearth a replacement then we might see someone move on sooner rather than later.
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    As Farke says,, time to put Man City in the past and focus on the next game now.
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    I'm seriously concerned that teams like Burnley will try to kick us off the park. I was hoping there might be better reffing in the PL (especially with VAR) but so far that hasn't been forthcoming - for other teams as well.
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    So what did you think of the tactics that Farke employed? How will this change of tactics translate to others games we are yet to play? It obviously worked against Man City but will it work versus Burnley and Palace? A little bit of logical reasoning please Lakey, not just gushing.
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    Yeah - was definitely El Ghazi and not the minger - this time!!!
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    To be fair it looks like the other player initiated it, not Mings.
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    Bargain no matter which way you cut it. Wouldn't have looked out of place in the Man City team at the weekend, except he likes to win!
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    I think I’d boost Krul and Byram by 0.5 each (and possibly drop Stiepermann off by 0.5 as I didn’t think he was as good as Cantwell - who I didn’t think was quite as good as Buendia or Pukki) but then pretty much agree. I think to get a good 9 or 10 it would need to be a real one man show - losing 2-0 and your captain central midfielder grabs the game by the scruff of the neck, scores two, box to box, last ditch tackles, then sets up a 90th minute winner or something. For us it was much more a team effort so I’m not sure anyone was quite 9-worthy. I did think about your scores during the game and wondered if there’d be a tongue in cheek 10/10 post so top marks for that!
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    WARNING! Some very naughty language.
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    Just sublime football. It’s such a brave way to play but the reward is there to see. Yes at times we will get caught out playing that way but all teams that play that way do, as Man City did Saturday. Brilliant to hear the crowd encouraging it which shows their understanding has grown, a couple of seasons ago all you would hear is shouts of get rid of it, don’t **** about at the back!
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    Too right, those bins don’t empty themselves
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    This whole scenario is really quite sickening. I am going to lie down in a darkened room and think. Ways need to be found to break this dynasty. Results like Saturday just don't help. Gutted. Bring back Rodent.
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    You will of course be repeating all this at the AGM ?
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    At a minimum, raise the limit following significant events like Saturday’s result or Lakey admitting someone else is right.
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    How do you know which way they are facing and that they will turn around ? I hope you are not making up things.....yet again
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    Yeah but unusual not to have any new signings start after promotion until game 5 I’d think.
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    Yep, he was immense and MoM for me. Godfrey, Byram and others were 'only' awesome though
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    Todd has gone back to the Alice band. It made all the difference.
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    Based on the injury news, I'd probably go for: Krul (If fit) ICF, Herman, Amadou, Lewis Tettey, Keelan's Grandad, Emi, Stiepi, Cantwell Pukki Subs: Fahrmann, Mad Moy, Hogesar, Idah, Van Wink, Srbeny (compulsory)
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