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    Yellowhammer, could you do a worst case scenario for us on Saturday please? Strictly confidential of course.
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    Okay I’ll try once... just one time.. if you see me having another attempt you’ll know you’ve lost me. Please report me if this happens and ensure I am forever banned from this nightmare. This is exactly the same level of stupid as those blasted ‘key cog’ comments about Passlack last season. Truly ridiculous stuff LDC, though I’m sure you know it... Losing to Man City would not under any circumstances be a ‘sickener’ and it definitely IS okay to lose to them. You are the first - and indeed sometimes the only (Hughton, RvW) - to come out with positives in times of bleakness, yet here you are, brandishing a defeat to Man City as completely unacceptable and a ‘sickener’. A sickener? Seriously??? If losing to this Man City team is a sickener, please do tell us what a loss against Newcastle would ranked as? ‘Worse than death’? ‘Demonstrably unthinkable’? What is the scale you are working at here? Let me guess... all defeats are ‘sickeners’ to you, all defeats are the same because every game starts at 0-0... and every team pitches eleven human beings against eleven other human beings blah blah blah... yes yes all that is true and yes, we are in the same league on paper, but if you look at every other variable of comparison before the players step out on to the pitch; you will see that in fact - we are very much not in the same league.. this team cost 32 times more than ours, and has amassed points in consecutive PL seasons at a rate that has previously been unseen. If you can’t fathom that such a team is more likely to beat us than other teams in this league, and that such a defeat would never be unacceptable - nor a ‘sickener’ (still just LOL at that) - then I think we should all just give up with you on a permanent basis when it comes to these kind of debates, just let your ridiculousness win forever. No - this is not about us, this isn’t about how well we play on the day. We could play to the best of our capacities and still get beaten comfortably, there is no doubt about that. If Man City turn up and play to even their usual par-for-the-course standard, we will most likely get beaten - no matter how well we play. If Man City turn up and play to the best of their capabilities - we are truly in trouble and could be looking at a cricket score (with Smith batting...). There is simply no way we win this game without Man City having an off day imo. Now, I will be at the game on Saturday and I can confirm on behalf of all fans that we will still 100% be getting behind the players, supporting and encouraging - and dare I say it - even getting carried away and believing..! These comments have no bearing on how we will support the team during the match and you should accept that. There is nothing wrong with simply realising the task at hand and that is all we are doing. But in your head it would appear that there is nothing between climbing Ben Nevis and Everest. They’re both mountains aren’t they?
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    I’ve answered the ****ing question LDC, the only way we can stop Sterling with the tools we have at hand is to kick him out of the game. Your answer simply is fairy tail nonsense
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    Lakey if there was an answer to the original question RE Sterling - you'd see him stopped more regularly. Its that simple, his scoring and assist record in recent seasons under Pep has been exceptional and he continues to reach new heights. He was on another level on Tuesday night for England. There truly is no feasible, workable answer for us - if we double up on him we open ourselves up to other players like De Bruyne, Aguero, Silva (x2), Mahrez etc etc and probably end up getting hurt even more elsewhere on the pitch. Or as mentioned above... we could kick him out of the game, though I very much doubt we'll see anything of the sort and would not like to see us resort to such tactics. Your suggestion of keeping more possession and restricting them is of course true on paper - but it is an absolute nonsense in reality, Man City dominate possession in every single fixture even against sides of far superior quality than our own. My only conclusion is that you simply haven't watched Man City at all - and don't follow any other matches other than the Norwich games (only this could explain your complete naivety on the subject). As evidenced by your lack of interest in the England game - at what point in the match did you decide it was 'tedious'? After 30 seconds when Kosovo took the lead? After 6 minutes when we equalised? After 11 minutes when we then took the lead? Honestly how can you describe that game as 'boring as watching paint dry' is beyond me... Throughout this thread you have not accepted basic truths. Could you accept that Man City ARE more likely to beat us than other teams in the PL? Could you accept that it would maybe be silly to be 'hugely disappointed', 'dismayed' and 'sickened' if we lost - and that a gutsy performance where we give a good account of ourselves (i.e. Liverpool away at the start of the season) but ultimately fall short would actually be something to recognise positively? That's a point actually.. can someone fish up the Liverpool match thread and show me how 'hugely disappointed', 'dismayed', and 'sickened' Lakey is after we find ourselves 4-0 down at half time and lose 4-1....? My guess is that he actually appreciates the show the team put on, despite the result - as we all were. Which begs the question - wtf is he talking about on this thread?
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    You write stuff like this then wonder why most of this forum thinks you're a ****...
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    You were literally Hughton's biggest fan and yet he'd hold a press conference to wax lyrical about opposition players, talk about how tough it will be and then try and defend all game. Now you are criticising fans for your pointing out that Sterling is a bit good and advocating that we take the game to them. You've got no credibility, your position is always just to go against the grain on here to establish yourself as the one with the minority view. Just for attention, possibly because your wife and dog don't give you enough. At least Adrian Durham gets well paid to talk crap all day.
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    To be fair, Paul Weller is like a shít Paul Weller.
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    22 hours ago, you said that you were going to shut up, I'm still waiting........
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    Godfrey probably the only one who feels a bit hard done by. He’s been the best of our three young defenders this season and is probably worth a 73 or 74. The rest probably about right based on what we’ve seen so far (could change with a good season under their belts).
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    Well I'll go all Danny Murphy and boring and say I don't like that if that's really what they are thinking. They've just had a week off and should be champing at the bit to get stuck into them, especially Stones and Otamendi who are both a mistake waiting to happen. We need to get back to the intensity we were playing with in the Chump, like the Newcastle game, and 1st half against Chelsea. The players need to be pressured into playing for their places, too much comfort zone is not good for a relegation battle!
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    I will be there come on everyone support these guys great initiative
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    Well I’ve got a worse track record than Hissing Sid, so probably best not to rely on me this week!! MMMK - SOUTHPORT -v- Blyth Spartans HOME WIN MM - PSG -v- Strasbourg HOME WIN Norwich bet - as our “friend” Kevin Friend is the ref, I’ll go for a penalty to be awarded. Good Luck everyone.
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    Look forward to seeing you all
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    I’m not using FB much at the moment, but I just had a quick scroll through my feed and in that time saw 2 threads on 2 different fan sites, admittedly I didn’t open them up to see if there was any more detail, I’d already seen enough. Hopefully they’re indeed just rumours and no inside info, but thought I’d pass on what I noticed as it had not been mentioned here yet.
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    Hopefully that is just a rumour Alex
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    A thread about England's greatest current footballer has become a thread about some bloke from Cumbria. Common occurrence, and that's why people tell you to F off.
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    If Aarons is fit then perhaps what we should do is actually start Byram, get him to kick Sterling a couple of times but the plan being to perhaps get a yellow for 2nd or 3rd offence. Then switch him out for Aarons, who will have a slightly easier time against a bruised player who may not quite fancy it as much. Could backfire if Byram goes straight in with the two footed lunge from behind though, may need to practice this on the training ground. Wouldn't want him to practice on a fellow Norwich player of course, I nominate Lake District Canary!
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    The thread asks how we stop Raheem Sterling. You couldn't even be bothered to watch him tear Kosovo apart last night, so why should we value your input? You weren't even the first to answer the question yet alone the only person, another poster suggested we kick him. That's a perfectly valid suggestion and its clearly what West Ham did when they decided to go in hard on a strapped up centre back, knowing that we had none in reserve. That's not what I'd do for morale reasons, we're better than that, but its likely more effective than just saying "don't give away the ball" when that's literally what every footballer for every team in the world tries to do every Saturday. We're playing possibly the best team in the world, they have 4 possibly 5 world class players, that's more than Barcelona or Real Madrid possess. That's like saying "kick the ball in the net more times than them" if somebody asked the question "how do we beat Man City". It is a ludicrous answer. How do you become a millionaire Lakey? That's easy, sell 1000 things, each for £1000 profit. Oh, why didn't I think of that? If selling 1000 things for £1000 profit was easy then we'd all be millionaires, just like if stopping Man City from getting the ball was easy they wouldn't have won the Premier League last season.
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    Hello everyone, I’m pleased to be choosing the final six. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s picks and I will be selecting them tomorrow night.
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    I knew exactly what you meant. I thought the other comment in reply was stranger in all honesty! It's the age old thing about not rushing a player back if they're not 100%. In our case, and quite unfortunately, we had to with Zimbo. Didn't really have another option. As for 'how do you get ready for a 13 stone...yadda, yadda' The answer to that is... Football is a physical game and that stuff happens regularly. If you get a bad tackle on the area or same side that's already damaged, but you've been rushed back into a game, it's more likley you'll end up injured even worse instead of bouncing back from the whack. Capiche?
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    not as concerned about this weekend. It is a bit of a free hit anyway. Just hope Max and Zimbo are back for the nicer run of games after this weekend so we can crack on up the table.
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    I am hoping to be in charge of this by January so will sort it all out then Apparently the guidance states that 75 rated is average prem standard. It is also very reactive (I.e. players need to prove themselves before the ratings will change) so they can be slow to adjust to someone like Max Aarons who has shot to stardom. Half a strong season in the tank and he will be over 75 for sure. Jamal and Max have had boosts in acceleration and stamina though since last year. I hope they bring back silver tournaments as well. Tettey used to be a beast of a card! Would love to use Emi and Roberts in a competitive game. Godfrey is on his way to being an OP card as well.
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    Strange comment - how exactly do you get ready for a 13 stone striker smashing his studs into your ankle two seconds after the ball has gone?
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    I think Nutty it could be a work in progress and you change it little by little and I can try to help with code if needs be, but it could take me to season 20/21 before I get round to it. There must be more IT/Code related people here(like an admin cough cough) The new weekly thread lol is short and to the point. Maybe a line to explain its a friendly competition to raise money for charity and like Pete said a link to the explaination post. I must admit to having some sort of withdrawal thinking where has all the PUPs text gone. Its weird to know you want to change something and the feeling at making the change. I do think you have a bit of room for a bit text in your new weekly thread. Maybe the signature like i said before using a link that reveals text or like Duncan has done simply adding an attachment to the post. Your current new weekly layout is snappy though and straight to the point so its how the sticky post feels with you once you've made the change. You've said the most important things(outside the kids themselves) is the stuff you're moving(not removing) so if after a month or two you don't like it. Change it back. Plus you can have throwback post week or something hehe
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    How about the First Dates hotel?
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    Of course they don't; he's a contrarian. The more people that disagree with him, the more he'll defend his opinion... and when he's hauled in enough people calling him out, he'll throw in a bit of condescension for good measure (see Exihibit A above: "I really think some of you have no idea at all.") I had him on block for ages, but I've unblocked him now as he can make reasonable points sometimes. You've just got to learn when he's playing his little naysaying game, and then back quietly away.
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    You’re right Mr A, although I have to admit the cockerny rhyming slang did occur to me as I posted!
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    I thought Nuff meant pony as in £25, not pony and trap. Could be wrong though.
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    You should invite your mate Hoggie to the event , the pair of you can then get a room in the holiday inn afterwards
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    Yes we scored two against Chelsea too. For a top six team their defense is cr*p, what more can you say? If our’s wasn’t we would have won?
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