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    Amazing that your belief ran out just before we were promoted last season when it was blindingly obvious that we were going up...
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    THE RAY DUCKER HONOURS BOARD “CARVE THEIR NAMES WITH PRIDE” 6 – 1ST Wazzock, Cosmic Twin 5 – Yankee Canary, InchHigh 4 – LeedsCanary, MandieMoo 3 – Fellas, Fonejacker, NorfolkBroadSlim, Scooby, Trent Canary, Delia’s Devonshire Dirtbox, Til1010, GMF, ParmaHamsGoneMouldy 2 – P’boro, Mr Chops, New York Canary, NorfolkChance1, Kathy, Vindo, Gregt, Lake District Canary, ChelleCity, Diesel Doris, Molly Windley, Feedthewolf, Purple Canary 1 – BlahBlahBlah, NCFC_Shaun, Graham Humphrey, NcfcStar, Herman, Lappinitup, Statto, Mr Bump, Snake-eyes, NWC, Hughesy, SwindonCanary, Twidio, Hector Brockelbank, Bor Bor Bor, Yellowfuture, Lessingham Canary, AJ, JB, Hoola Han Solo, Diane, Hissing Sid, Nutty Nigel, Kiwi Scot £2,038 for the Academy £3,057 for the Community Sports Foundation And counting…
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    ‘ And now you’re going believe us we’re going to win the league ‘ Where has anybody said there won’t be an electric atmosphere and the fans not believeing ?. Where has anyone said we are going to just go to see the amazing Man City side ? You are the only one being unrealistic and trying to create unreal expectations. If Villa lose their next couple of games watch how their fans will turn on their manager, that’s mainly because of fans like you within their ranks putting the expectations as Europe. Everybody I know this year has put their belief in what we have and to see if that works if not we go again. Suddenly we have people saying we are better than Man City and should be upset if we lose to them. Now if we were at home to Watford or Southampton this week I would be concerned if we lost but Man City ? Really ? You should start campaigning for a European Super League then we can all be stopped from seeing these great players in real life, and enjoy watching the likes of Rotherham ( all due respect to Rotherham ) battle it out with the rest of us. You would also take away the chance for our players pitting their wits and skills against the best players in the world.
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    I think many still want to get rid of her and her cohorts....
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    I'm far from a kid but I'm going to do it!
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    The first thing I want to see is Norwich win, the second choice thing a draw, and if my first and second choices are not available then I will admire the world class talent on display as a football fan in general. I think you’re missing out myself, though I’m sure all of us share your sentiment that we want to see that skill and class come from within our own players first and foremost. Fortunately we are assembling just that.
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    Okay I’ll try once... just one time.. if you see me having another attempt you’ll know you’ve lost me. Please report me if this happens and ensure I am forever banned from this nightmare. This is exactly the same level of stupid as those blasted ‘key cog’ comments about Passlack last season. Truly ridiculous stuff LDC, though I’m sure you know it... Losing to Man City would not under any circumstances be a ‘sickener’ and it definitely IS okay to lose to them. You are the first - and indeed sometimes the only (Hughton, RvW) - to come out with positives in times of bleakness, yet here you are, brandishing a defeat to Man City as completely unacceptable and a ‘sickener’. A sickener? Seriously??? If losing to this Man City team is a sickener, please do tell us what a loss against Newcastle would ranked as? ‘Worse than death’? ‘Demonstrably unthinkable’? What is the scale you are working at here? Let me guess... all defeats are ‘sickeners’ to you, all defeats are the same because every game starts at 0-0... and every team pitches eleven human beings against eleven other human beings blah blah blah... yes yes all that is true and yes, we are in the same league on paper, but if you look at every other variable of comparison before the players step out on to the pitch; you will see that in fact - we are very much not in the same league.. this team cost 32 times more than ours, and has amassed points in consecutive PL seasons at a rate that has previously been unseen. If you can’t fathom that such a team is more likely to beat us than other teams in this league, and that such a defeat would never be unacceptable - nor a ‘sickener’ (still just LOL at that) - then I think we should all just give up with you on a permanent basis when it comes to these kind of debates, just let your ridiculousness win forever. No - this is not about us, this isn’t about how well we play on the day. We could play to the best of our capacities and still get beaten comfortably, there is no doubt about that. If Man City turn up and play to even their usual par-for-the-course standard, we will most likely get beaten - no matter how well we play. If Man City turn up and play to the best of their capabilities - we are truly in trouble and could be looking at a cricket score (with Smith batting...). There is simply no way we win this game without Man City having an off day imo. Now, I will be at the game on Saturday and I can confirm on behalf of all fans that we will still 100% be getting behind the players, supporting and encouraging - and dare I say it - even getting carried away and believing..! These comments have no bearing on how we will support the team during the match and you should accept that. There is nothing wrong with simply realising the task at hand and that is all we are doing. But in your head it would appear that there is nothing between climbing Ben Nevis and Everest. They’re both mountains aren’t they?
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    Fahrmann conceeded 10 goals in 2 games last season against Man City and same time we have Krul man of the match last game so no chance really...
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    Joined 6 minutes ago. This is the first post. How random...
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    So this team struggled against Reading, Sheffield Wednesday and Wigan but we are going to outplay Man City at their own game. Based on your opinions of us against Man City how on earth did you think we wouldn’t get promoted ?
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    No problem at all diane keep up the good work
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    Have you ever considered phoning James O'Brien at LBC to talk about Brexit?
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    So something that would look a bit like that but on wood in gold lettering
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    Tell them that at the AGM and i will look forward to seeing you in action
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    You’re probably right that Existing pickers will skip it because they’ve already read it. The information still needs to be there to explain to potential new pickers I think? I’ve got a couple of ideas but I don’t know how to implement them on here..
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    Enjoying the new 'slimline' intro post, Eddie. I'm going to be a nuisance this week; on Friday I'm off to China and then Japan for the Rugby World Cup, so I'm going to do three weeks' worth of picking in one post, and then rely on you to transpose these picks to the appropriate week. My apologies in advance for the faff. This week Super six: RB Salzburg v Hartberg - HOME WIN Match bet: Raheem Sterling to have over 2 shots on target: 3/1 (Bill Hill). Next week Super six: Granada v Barcelona - AWAY WIN Match bet: BTTS Sep 28-29 Super six: Chelsea v Brighton - HOME WIN Match bet: Norwich to win and BTTS Very best of luck to everyone; I'll be cheering from some random Far Eastern sports bar. OTBC!
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    Of course they don't; he's a contrarian. The more people that disagree with him, the more he'll defend his opinion... and when he's hauled in enough people calling him out, he'll throw in a bit of condescension for good measure (see Exihibit A above: "I really think some of you have no idea at all.") I had him on block for ages, but I've unblocked him now as he can make reasonable points sometimes. You've just got to learn when he's playing his little naysaying game, and then back quietly away.
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    I won't waste a space diane I know lots of fans affected, we have met I am the chap in wheelchair. I have plenty to say constructively rest assured. All the best Keith
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    You see , that's more like it LDC. A genuine opinion. Not calling others pathetic, but instead suggesting that you might have a punt and if you do , good on you. Personally i think you are bonkers but like you , when I bet I do try and find some value because my stakes aren't very high. If we do win , and you have had a bet, I'll send you something fizzy to help you celebrate! In fact if we win 2.0 I might jog up to the Lake District and deliver it personally
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    Thanks very much NN, look forward to some good suggestions. I’m actually moving house today and have just found 2 mins to sit down and chill out so will make my 2 picks later in the week, and do the final selections as late as possible Friday. Cheers!!
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    I will help you more LDC with Ladbrokes, Betfair and Coral we are 18/1 ( might have a couple of quid at that price lol ).
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    I bet if you polled most Norwich (or football fans for that matter) if it's OK to lose against City, the majority would probably be accepting. Do I want to lose? No. Do I think we will lose? Yes. Is is wrong thinking that? No. A bit like challenging Usain Bolt to a 100m race: you really want to beat him, but you realistically know you probably won't. Being realistic isn't accepting defeat with open arms. But please do pompously lecture me why I and many others on this thread are wrong.
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    Current squad, past players, managers, kits, greatest moments, they're all in there.
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    Realists would argue Manchester City will comfortably beat us; saying it doesn't make you a pessimist or any less of a fan. I think we'll lose, but in the process I will very much look forward to watching the world class players and football that they play - at their best they are sensational. I want Norwich to always be up against the best, in the Premier League, but you have to accept there are teams that are a several classes above us, accept it, and enjoy it for what it is. Sterling and City will batter many teams this season, and it's no disgrace, as long as we make a good account of ourselves and play the brilliant football we have been accustomed to.
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    If we can keep hold of him until next summer, and if he has a good season, and if he makes his England debut in the meantime, and if we stay up this season, we might just about get £60m. That's an awful lot of ifs, though.
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    This. I'd definitely keep it pinned to the top of the main NCFC discussion board. Our discussions on the PUPs threads do more good for the club and the community than all the other threads combined.
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    I don't want to see it either, but it's kind of out of my hands. All I'm saying is that if Citeh play at their peak and do destroy us, you've just got to doff your cap and accept that they're one of the best teams ever to have competed in this league. Whatever happens against Citeh, I doubt it will be as galling as watching the no-show against a fair-to-middling West Ham side a couple of weeks ago. Of course we all want to see a performance where we nullify their stars and win 2-0... what Norwich fan could possibly disagree with that? If it doesn't happen, though, it's a shame you can't find it within yourself to appreciate the quality of the football you've witnessed.
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    Zola never played for Arsenal
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    Problem is there is not a lot of posting on the other board. So you'd have to post on the main board every so often to try and tempt new people.
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    I agree with FTW. I am sure no-one would object.to that as a sticky. I take Kiwi's point that it is a long read but then you only have to read that once to understand what the fund is all about. Then if you're hooked on the idea of taking part the weekly post on a Wednesday will be a very much shorter affair.
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    Sorry to be contrary to @KiwiScot, but I think pinning the post is a great idea. The PUPs thread is the best thing on this board, and I think keeping it front and centre is really important. I can't imagine @Pete Raven would object? It's not ''off-topic', as it's raising money for an NCFC community project.
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    These two statements aren't mutually exclusive. I'd say that for any true City fan, the main draw is to see us playing well, right? But part and parcel of being in the top league is that the quality of opposition goes through the roof. Rather than teams coming to FCR and shutting up shop like so many did last season, you see the majority teams full of talent coming here to play proper football. Just as I enjoy watching top-level football when Norwich aren't involved, it's brilliant watching our players pit their wits against some of the best in the world. If we get a couple of those miracle moments against top-six clubs, we'll feel on top of the world - but by the same token, if Citeh tear us a new one on Saturday then it'll be a chance to see a Guardiola team at peak power, which is a glorious thing to behold. I'll actually be watching it with a lifelong Citeh fan in Shanghai in the middle of the night, and I'm gutted to be missing it even if we lose 6-0!
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    To be fair, Paul Weller is like a shít Paul Weller.
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    I love Norwich but I love football generally. This is a great Norwich team so it's a joy to watch them. But I will also be looking forward to watching Kevin De Bruyne because he's the best midfielder in the world. Similarly Sterling is one of the most dangerous forwards and Aguero is one of the most deadly finishers. Etc. Overseen by the best coach in the game. Even those times when Suarez scored for fun against us, we may have made it easier for him than it should have been but you still knew the guy was on totally another level to anyone else.
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    Very strange reaction to my welcome post . Reckon must have been a Binner .
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    Byram was bought as cover for Aarons so if he isn't good enough he shouldn't be here. I was in favour of resting Max against Man City anyway so an enforced change is not the end of the world. Beyond that is another matter. An opportunity for Byram and I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do. As for Godfrey he is a future England CB there's no doubt about that. Unfortunately for us he will need to remain in the Premiership from here on in.
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    Solution is clear then. The nuke options cancel each other out so what we're left with is dropping scousers into hurricanes. I'll happily sign up to that one.
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