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    Haha. Sorry. Obviously not part of the clique. Who'd have thought it, an abusive faceless bully trolling because they can't afford to move out of their mother's house and meet a significant other. I'll be in the River End Saturday. But not on here again. Sweep the dorito crumbs off your belly, pack your keyboard away and go and meet someone who doesn't require pre-payment. All the best though hey.
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    So, you think the bloke on the right has worse hair than the one on the left?
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    I don't know what's worse. Aarons injury or the fella on the right's barnet.
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    Not sure that he said anything derogatory and even if he was a blue, we've nothing to fear from their contributions anyway.
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    I remember similar criticism aimed towards Rick's replacement, and again with Cuffley's replacement. It takes time.
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    ..... so if we keep the score below 32-0, does that mean that we've punched above our weight?
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    Sorry guys, just an opinion, not a personal attack and, actually, I did say that I thought he'd evolve. I actually like Mr Freezer when it was the three. Let's see how it goes for them now it's a full team again.
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    5-3, penalties, saved penalties, woodwork is as exciting as paint dry. Tough crowd.
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    He's like a 5h!t Paul Weller
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    I remember soon after I'd joined this board, I posted a thread about where to watch a game on TV in Nottingham and some prat asked why I was posting the question. Yes, it was a Norwich City game I was asking about, so my reaction was WTF, is this not an appropriate question for a Norwich City fan forum & told him to get lost. Anyway I think any poster with "blue" in the name will have to accept a degree of scepticism, all previous posters of that ilk have clearly been scummers AFAIR. So if the OP has flounced off the site in response to GPB's rather mild reply, it strikes me he's probably a bit too sensitive to cut it on this board.
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    Binners have the record ( nine ) let’s keep it below that !
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    I thought Nuff meant pony as in £25, not pony and trap. Could be wrong though.
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    I see where you're going with this... I believe they call that a 'Borrie' in Oz
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    Glenn Roeder: My Norwich City Story. Expect fireworks...
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    Where have you been the last 3 seasons. Man City had 72% possession against Liverpool. They want you to try and play as they experts at winning the ball back then clinically destroying you. They then try to keep the ball for the rest of the game. Is part of being in the EPL not an opportunity to see in real life some of the greatest players ( and managers ) in the world ?. Comparing this game to Newcastle is quite amusing. If this is an open game I am certain of one thing Man City will score more than us. I don’t think you will have much choice ( unless they are rested ) of not watching the likes of Sterling and De Bruyne as they have the ball a lot. Not really sure why you have made it look like I have posted that I want us to lose, I want us to win every game but this as I stated is probably at the moment the best club team in the world. If I remember your posts from the past you defended Hughton for playing a defensive game, now you are advocating trying to destroy Man City in the same way as we did Newcastle. If we win it will probably be the most boring game ever and we steal a goal. And yes for the record I would happily take the most boring match ever with a Pukki 90th minute winner. In reality though I am looking forward to our young players learning so much over 90 minutes ( including the management of a game ) which they can take into the remaining games. Not really sure why you feel this was a negative Norwich post. As a footnote in the EPL Man City have won every game since January except one which was drawn. Man City and Liverpool are head and shoulders above the likes of Man Utd, Spurs and Arsenal let alone the likes of us. After Saturday we will only have to play them once more each whereas most of the rest still have to play them twice.
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    Well that geezer's beard is bordering on the ginger......Maybe he'd had a rough night on the tiles and was retching down the toilet and his barnet came into contact with the bleach in the bowl?.....
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    Well apparently the injury isn't too bad so definitely the barnet for me.
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    They wouldn't be welcome here!
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    Having invested in the athletic, I think Michael’s content has gone to a new level worth the subscription especially as they are investing in both talent and the content certainly a challenge for local sports journalism to rise to.
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    If we keep them down to 4/5 goals then that’s a result .
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    Krull Byram----Godfrey---Amadou---Jamal Kenny-----Tettey Buendia Cantwell Stieppermann Pukki This is of course if Hanley is still injured. Only one doubt have as may be Moritz will keep his place for Tettey but I see more protection and experience on Tettey. Zimbo Max and Trybull I believe is no chance to be back so soon and we all know Onel and Timm is months away as Roberts no permission to play this game. As cliche say all can happen in football as I remember Wrexham win FC Cup 2nd round against Arsenal as bottom of football league against champion 30 years ago ,modern day football this is impossible and Is first time since many years I not waiting to watch this game simply because there is 0 chance for points and I simply pray to not be more harsh than 4 5 goals trashing. Bad fixture and bad injuries make us too soon bottom.Hope morale to not be so much damaged and we can try take points against more winnable teams as Burnley and Palace next! Will be long long season but we are proud to be here!
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    That wasn't my intention. I think they've just got bored.
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    The way to play him is to restrict his access to the ball by keeping it ourselves. Keeping posession and not making silly mistakes by giving the ball away unecessarily is key to it - that way we can negate much of any team's strengths, including Man City. We have done ok in that respect in some parts in every game so far this season, but the challenge for us is being able to control the ball for longer spells in a match. We did it totally against Newcastle (who did not really take us seriously enough, hence their abject performance) and the beauty of games like the Man City one is to see if we can put our game together agasinst the best, enough to get a result. It's a great game to have coming up and I for one will not be wanting to watch Sterling, De Bruyne or whoever they put on the pitch - I couldn't care less who their players are - it is simply a case of can we rise to the challenge and play our way well enough against a team who are plainly going be one of the strongest tests we will face. I have no doubt it will be a fantastic match with quality shown on both sides - and that we will play our best, hence my feeling that we could well get something from the match.
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    Nice post, MS. Although I quoted you earlier, thinking about it, my post was more a reaction to a few negative, unfair comments made elsewhere about DF. I was a bit hasty. I think it's just a case of missing MB. I agree I liked the 3 together.
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    Looks like he will be on Saturday
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    You missed out the most important quality. mbncfc is a PUP
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    I actually would have guessed more...
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    He's made such a huge improvement the last two or three seasons and I'm delighted for him after all the **** the media put him through.
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    Darren Huckerby for me, funny and honest bloke, I think there’s a lot more he could still tell us. Or perhaps someone from the Lambert era. As for Chris Sutton, I like that he was actually prepared to answer ‘who don’t you miss?’ - I think everyone’s evaded that question so far. I’ll put money on us all knowing Huck’s answer to this already... 🏞
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    Hope they’ve seen the commercial possibilities here. I’d definitely open the bar and a popcorn stall would do a fortune.
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    Akinfenwa Akinfenwa Akinfenwa Akinfenwa Akinfenwa Akinfenwa Ruddock Akinfenwa Akinfenwa Akinfenwa Akinfenwa
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