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    And there it is. Goal for Woking meaning £61.82. Massive thanks and well done BTTSanon Better send PUPpower to Turkey...
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    Yesssssssss if only all my predictions went that well
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    May not need to concentrate on IFK Lulea. No counting of chickens but they are 7-0 up at half-time.
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    Just finished watching, my God Turkey were bloody awful, well done Pup power, they were not going to ever score without it. Well done BTTS mystery Pup anon, great win
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    We just need the rain to save us tomorrow and Steve Smith to get diarrhoea the night before the final Test. But even then, he'd still score more than England's top four put together again.
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    Chopping and changing is a model that has served Watford well. Shame they've made this decision sooner rather than later as sacking the manager late in the season to avoid relegation seldom works.
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    I imagine Watford are already in talks with Flores' successor. What's Slavisa Jokanovic up to these days?
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    You might have a chance... As your post has been live for 10 minutes and you have not been called a plastic!
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    That’s grounds for being in some sort of mental institution rather than an elite group...
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    I’m pretty happy with Godfrey not playing - him getting injured would be a nightmare scenario and better not thinking about!!
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    Certainly brings a more interesting meaning to “no Pukki, no party!”
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    Yep......OTBC ( Off Their B*oody Cranium )
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