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    Every where you look negative city fans, GET A GRIP!!!! No disgrace in first 3 games!!! Yes at West Ham we looked second rate, a poor performance they happen!!! Far too many city fans believed we would sweep in on a cloud and hit top 10. Get real, this season is going to be a hard slog, every point hard fought, we know that. We are likely to be bottom at the end of September given the fixture list!! But lose heart, as many are doing on the posts today and yesterday, we will be relegated by Christmas!!! Wake up smell the coffee and metaphorically roll up the sleeves and get behind the boys!!!
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    True. I think its more born out of frustration though. Losing Klose and Hernandez to injuries has been a massive blow, with Zim too. I Think supporters feel we're not quite able to give a full account of ourselves currently. Pundits are already turning to criticise us, without appreciating the key early injuries we've sustained. That's incredibly irritating. Perhaps we need a reality check. We probably are a top end championship club, so perhaps treat this season as a free hit, enjoy it, and see where we end up? Lets continue our fantastic home support with all the flags and visual displays, and continue to draw plaudits that way. Ultimately, the future is still very bright. As long as Webber and Farke are committed long term then I think we'll reap more rewards in the next few seasons. We spent a lot of the last transfer window preparing for just that. OTBC.
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    And another thing - even if we didn’t get another point, got tanked 5 - 0 every week ( I don’t personally think that will happen), it was still worth it. To have last season one of the best, most exciting I have witnessed in nearly 50yrs of going to Carrow road. (When all I expected was mid-table mediocrity ) It’s a big step up !! The young lads are only now seeing how big, it will take the likes of Max (let’s not forget he is still a kid!!) time to learn and grow!!! Swallowed a positive pill this morning!!!
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    Yes Rhino, I’m sure our young foreign players are spending their downtime reading the pink un forum...
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    It is interesting the posters that have already started turning so quickly, and not unexpected at all to be honest. I think Farke and the lads deserve a lot more respect and loyalty than this, I’ve seen that our boys can certainly give a game to way better sides than a cynical yet savvy West Ham. Watching the game, I just felt we were having an off day, which does happen to all teams occasionally but for some reason this still needs pointing out. I think there’s a lot of overreaction on here and the usual suspects are revelling in at as was so predictable to many of us. My concern isn’t the performance, our boys can play much better than that for people with short memories. It’s the injury crisis at the back. With any luck we’ve just got to the international break in time, and Zimbo and Hanley will be back in contention. On a real positive note, I thought Amadou looked like he has something about him, and when up to speed could make a real difference protecting the back 4 - he made some good interceptions today, showed a bit of muscle and I think will be just what we need. I’m quite excited for what he can potentially bring to our side. So that’s my positive from a game that only finished 2-0 away.
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    The referee lacked a level of control in the game, particularly with the heavy challenges and diving in the first half, and quashing it early on with a booking for Haller might have changed that. Equally it could have made zero difference, it's all conjecture. I think what Farke is miffed about is that an opposition player has made a bad and obviously cynical challenge on one of our guys, and his reward was arguably an easier path to the opening goal whilst ours is a crocked player in a difficult position.
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    Both completely unacceptable Man City at home is now a must win or unfortunately I will be turning against Farke Chris Hughtons return is looking more attractive by the game
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    Getting tired of this turgid nonsense.
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    Yeah but flags and visual displays will balance that out so i just read.
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    Why will fans posting on a message board have the team relegated by Christmas??
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    The club site now shows this game as sold out.
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    The MOtD commentators were particularly unsympathetic last night - no critism of the tackle, instead it was Zimmermann's fault for staying on the pitch.
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    it is if you're watching on a black and white tv
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    Are we bringing back Hughton as well?
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    I just don’t care - the marketing moron who ever allowed NCFC to enter a contract that requires us to wear any strip other than yellow and green except on the very few occasions (Watford) where there is a clash should be fired. As Webber has said, it is all about fine margins, and yellow and green is our unique and iconic brand - you should not ever willingly throw that advantage away.... grrrrrrrr!
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    Disagree. Same formation, same style, possibly different personnel. It doesn't matter if we park the bus or not, we'll almost certainly lose. Let's go down swinging having a go at them.
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    It's not madness. it's prioritising. 99 times out of 100 we lose to Man City, if we have our best players, our second string, or 14 players on the pitch, we will very likely still lose. I understand your opinion but when we are targeting survival, a game against Man City is pretty irrelevant, a game against Burnley or Palace is not, as we have a significant chance of points against them, we don't against Man City.
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    I don't see it as a fitness difference. More that pretty much every one of their players was 6 foot something, athletic, strong and fast which allowed them to dominate us and get about the pitch quicker. They're a team perfectly suited to this league, they're organised, direct on the counter, have athletes all over the pitch and a handful of top quality players to make things happen. I'm not saying they're like a Pulis era Stoke team, they play decent football and mostly keep the ball on the ground but in all physical aspects they were a league ahead of us today and that was the difference. I don't think our players having a higher fitness level would be enough to deal with the physical disparity on show today
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    Thanks Nutty. I thought the domestic one would get closer than it did and the overseas one was nailed on. No luck I’m afraid, hopefully next week will be better. Well done dj11, nice work on a difficult afternoon
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    Cantwell has delivered significantly more than Buendia has so far this season. Buendia today was guilty more than most of needlessly giving the ball away. That's then made worse by the fact theres only half a chance he'll track it back, half the time he'll throw a fit instead.
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    I'm quite happy the spectacles are off, in fact it's probably a necessity for our Premier League survival. A swift kick up the jacksy early on never hurt anyone, as long as we learn from it. Onwards and upwards.
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    Hanley's injury is just a muscle strain. Farke expects him back in training soon enough for Man City. That should lead to a few threads on here!
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    I read that as "the day my testicles fell off". Maybe you could grow another pair?
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    Thought Trybull did OK that half! Stiepermann just does not look interested most of the time. If only Roberts was on the bench, I would take off Stiepermann, push Cantwell into that role and have Roberts, Buendia out wide.
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    Couldn't agree more. This has been one of the best posts/threads ever on this site.