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    Well played Tim Krul - without his performance this could have been a very damaging defeat rather than an off-day. And yes trolls, that is what it was - just an off day.
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    Both completely unacceptable Man City at home is now a must win or unfortunately I will be turning against Farke Chris Hughtons return is looking more attractive by the game
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    Don't feed it. He tugging himself into a frenzy at the thought of getting reactions from other posters.
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    Had a great game today, almost singlehandedly kept the score respectable. Well done Tim!
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    Who have comfortably finished between 7th and 13th since they got back into the Prem. A good marker and we know we need to do better.
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    Should be much easier to get away tickets
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    Psychologically the WHU away game is very important; lose and Norwich are on a slippery slope - win and things look much brighter. A top, top performance is needed!
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    You've got ****ing tiresome rather quickly.
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    I think to lose like that and only receive one yellow tells a bit of a story.
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    Shows we have to be absolutely on it to get anything out of games in the PL. We simply weren’t good enough and need to learn quickly. We showed last season that we can get ourselves together and consistently perform at our best and today would be more worrying had it followed being outclassed in the previous 3 games. That we gave Chelsea a good game, comprehensively best Newcastle (who then went on to beat Spurs away) and played with good spirit and showed good signs at Anfield, makes me believe this will go down as an off day and lessons will be learnt.
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    Agree with TMDB & NN all day long. It's marathon not a sprint, we were gash last year up to the Binner match and then stepped up and grew together as a team. You will only improve by playing teams better than you.
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    Now is not a time for the fans to start to attack each other lets all accept it’s a cr@p performance in a season of relegation and this forum can be a calm and happy place
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    Decent VPN and £55 gets you access to every game in HD for the season and no dropping out via msnbc premier league pass - I’m using ExpressVPN with no issue.
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    Yes I’m sure Farke was reading the pink un message board before deciding his team selection against Crawley...
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    We really miss a player like Onel in games like this
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    Maybe because it’s a ****ing ridiculous comment halfway through the fourth game of the season??
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    I love it when I get called a binner and all sorts -they are simply not good enough
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    I dont think a West Ham player would be that cynical
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    or http://wiz1.net/channel19 OTBC
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    Looks like Zimmerman is having to play because of injuries to the other central defenders lets hope it’s not too soon for him and he stays fit and has a good game.Also like quite a few of our players it’s a big step up in this league, fingers crossed he can make this next level
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    I saw Spurs and Everton and Mings looked at home in the premier league. He deserves a callup
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    Mings the Merciless; I'm sure he'll leave a stamp on proceedings..