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    Well, I'm dealing with numpties I'm afraid.
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    I can see you being inundated with offers with that attitude! You need to ask for a refund from the charm school.
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    5 centre backs would be too many, 2 of them wouldn't even be on the subs bench if everyone was fit. When you consider that Amadou can also play as a centre back (although most of his experience there is as part of a 3 not a 2) then Norwich are well covered.
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    I am going to disguise any pro Norwich slip ups by shouting “come on you west hammers - bubble bubble bubble” that should help me blend in. Feel free to join in.
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    I don't think we should worry too much about a couple of letters in his name........what are Words worth anyway?
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    First call up for all three. Really pleased for the lads, well deserved.
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    Well Chippiy I do have a spare for tomorrow as my son can’t make it now. I would prefer to give it to Danny Dyer than you. Not sure you’re ever going to have much luck on the pinkun site for tickets when you call everyone numpties There are tickets available in the West Ham seats probably a bit high risk for someone as rude as you but give it a go. Good luck
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    I was thinking about this earlier, and really, is our defence ‘that’ leaky? Let’s judge it after a few more games, eh? We’ve played 3 games, and 2 of those games have been against the Champions League winners and the Europa League winners. The other Premier League team, whom beat Spurs away, we battered, and the game was done long before they got their late injury time consolation. The teams that scored 4 and 3 against us respectively - no one bats an eyelid when they score this amount of goals against other Premier League opposition, infact its a pretty common occurrence, even against other teams around the top 6 - are they leaky too? What makes US so ‘leaky’? West Ham on the other hand, have played the Champions of England plus 2 lower teams and have only conceded 1 less at full defensive strength. Yet the pundits don’t ever mention this, you would think West Ham have got Baresi, Costacurta, Maldini et al at the back! Given our respective opponents thus far, and that arguably we’ve not been at full strength defensively, I think it’s utterly ridiculous - I would argue that in the scheme of things we’re certainly no worse than West Ham defensively, and I hope we prove this tomorrow
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    Disagree. This squad bounced back a number of times last season. Yes a win is always important but this is not a must win game and I don’t think a loss away at West Ham will lead to any kind of slippery slope. The mentality and leadership of this team and club is stronger than that
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    There are still Burnley tickets available and they play on similar colours
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    Great to see fans offering to help others, I've certainly been helped twice already this season for home games. The conundrum for the club is how to please the demand for tickets for everyone and they can't do it - it isn't possible. BUT - for away matches there is a solution based on the way they are earmarking 750 tickets for those who attended 10 matches or more - and that is to offer another tier for those who attended 1-9 matches. Tier 1) 10 + matches Tier 2) 1-9 matches Tier 3) Everyone else It would mean that those who haven't been to any away matches in the previous season and are only wanting to go because we are suddenly in the PL, don't get preference over those who have. The 1-9 group would be pretty large, but at least it is a bit fairer - and cuts out the glory hunters and those who are jumping on the PL bandwagon. No system is totally fair, but I cannot see the fairness in the present system that does not reward match goers over johnny come latelys.
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    Thanks again by the way which gives me a backup if I fail to get a match from a general sale, and it certaintly allows for more planning to be done outside of games being moved for Sky of course. Bit embarrased really, but its nice to have options.
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    Are you “ Larkin “ about?
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    I think calling him Byron is what is known as poetic licence..
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    I don’t see why it was unfair to have away season ticket holders why no one can now get one is beyond my considerable intellect
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    The simple fact is that most of these "old" pundits don't understand us. For them football is a numbers game where +/- £ spent = +/- success. It is beyond their comprehension that a Club, that has spent SFA in comparison to everyone else, can survive and therefore they made their assumptions about us before a ball was kicked.
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    Both teams don't score buddy Actually that doesn't make sense. One team can score not both. I think that reads better...
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    Professional footballers are rarely 100% fit. It is routine to carry knocks, discomforts and even chronic, but manageable issues. What can be noticed is that relatively minor injuries sometimes mean that players can’t start a game. This has happened twice this season already, first with Maclean and then with Hanley. Maclean was replaced by Leitner,. Hanley will be replaced by Zimmerman. Farke announced the injury in both cases as something that had happened in training or way from matches. Farke likes to reward successful performances. Farke does not like to publicly drop players. Farke prefers the Group over individuals. in each case the team was improved by the change. Sometimes a kind lie is better than an unkind truth. Particularly if the equation is that the truth is only interesting to the media and the lie protects a valuable player and the overall Group. Parma
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    Odd prediction that a team that’s conceded 7 in 3 games, playing a team that’s scored 6 in 3 will suddenly keep a clean sheet. It’s almost as though he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and just randomly guessing
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    Nailed on for 0-0 then!!
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    BTTS looks the same as printing money as does over 2.5 goals. I'll go for 2-2.
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    https://youtu.be/1bb_Pfgu-wg Help to learn the local language.
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    Ever sell that carpet chippy?
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    This will be a game that will tell us a lot about how City will do this season IMO. last season our style worked if anything better away from home as shown by the fact that after the last minute defeat at Sheffield U in September we only lost one more away game. WH will tell us a lot more about whether our style also works well away from home in the Prem, I suspect it will and I’m going for a 2-1 City win.
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    Family are from just outside Skibbereen and I think the extended family reunion is next April back in Skibbereen. I would tell anyone to go to the FW bar, amazing brewery.
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    There must definitely be damage to the ligament, but the specialist must still be undecided to advice to go down the rehabilitation option or the ACL reconstruction route. I imagine they want the swelling to reduce further before making their recommendation. You could go down the rehabilitation route for 3/4 months and still have an unstable knee and then end up having the reconstruction. Tricky, I would work on the worst case scenario and that is he is out for the season.
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    haha - Tettey also went through my mind! I suspect we will see zimbo and godfrey start, with tettey or amadou slotting in if he starts to struggle after 60 mins or so . There is an increased risk of exacerbating his injury longer term but probably worth that risk.
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    Did l ask for Burnley tickets then ****!
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    Zimbo is back for tomorrow plus we have Amadou who can play centre back too - not the worst bit of injury news we've received this season ;-)
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    Never been, which is a big part of the pull. Wooden seats sounds quaint - and possibly will feel less attractive after 2 hours. i reckon it will be a good contest. with relatives in Manchester it should be an excellent weekend.
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    We'll be there - Wonder if they've replaced the wooden seats since last time I went (circa 2011). I presume they must have done.
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    Sounds like a reasonable proposal. Perhaps increase the threshold to 2 games, to make it that bit less straightforward for the touts and other system-gamers Having said that I only made 1 game last year (life...) and still had my Burnley ticket come through the door this morning . See you all at Turf Moor!
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    Ha! I wanted to do something along these lines but you put it way more eloquently than I would have! Must be the Hours of Idleness I've spent looking at this forum
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    Don’t be , you were at Preston last year so you deserve to get to some games this year, I’m sure between us pinkun posters we can sort you out! I’ll be going to most of the games in the North & midlands but doubt if I’ll make many in London or the S Coast if you fancy flying down there !
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    The only lineup Strictly should have is anyone who agrees to participate in that sh** being lined up against a wall and executed. Ed Balls included. One of the very few shows on TV that is even more boring than cricket.
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    Cracking theatre pub just through the old Stratford shopping centre. Then roof east on top of the shopping centre, currently has batting cages and other bits up there. But hands down I would go to Hackney Wick. Hackney Wick, one stop on the overground from Stratford and on the edge of the Olympic park, has amazing pubs. Crate brewery and pizzeria is always busy, over looking the canal. Howling hops is London only tank bar, tanks that go up to the ceiling. There about 5 or 6 cool pubs there, much better than the big chain Westfield. 4 quarters and a row of about 3 bars including the breakfast club, overlook the canal on the other side in the Olympic park. 4 quarters is full of old arcade games. It helps that I sell beer and cider within London
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    Man United are odds against to win at Soton. That looks good to me. Ish. For the Norwich game, Buendia anytime. He is due.
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    I'll go for ARSENAL to beat an out of form Spurs Norwich, bet wishful thinking, I'll go for a 1-1 draw
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    Thought you were going to say another fraction of star on Ip**ich’s shirts
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    Yeah it's a great way to park near grounds. Just note it is literally people's driveways and theres no comeback if your car was to get damaged or something.
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    Absolutely this. And those that have picked and chosen their ten away days are doing the same again. It has always been like this but now there are more people fighting for the tickets they actually want. If you’re one of those people that have always had uninhibited dibs, it’s a bad thing. If you’re not, it’s positive. The whole ‘loyalty’ thing has always been BS shouted loudest by those that have gotten to pick and choose their away games in an uncontested manner. I was one of them. Loyalty is NOT 12 months. It is not one season. It is not 40 seasons. It’s doing the very best you can to support the club you love, irrespective of where you live, how many tickets you buy, how much merchandise you can afford. If if you think differently, fair enough. That’s your right. You might think you’re a better fan, a more loyal fan; you might think that you put Delia to shame. Truth is, you’re just another Norwich fan. Do you think that a Bury fan that went to 15 games last season is hurting more than one that went to 3? How about a fan that had never been to an away game? Or how about that kid that got his first replica kit last week and will never see a game? Grow up.
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    Excellent. Particularly pleased for StuntPegg.
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    So much hypocrisy in football of course. Neville sad about the closure of Bury which his family had links to but he and his friends decided to get Salford into the same league. That was their choice of course but the constant turnover of clubs being allowed into L2 now is not making it any easier for the clubs in the bottom two leagues.
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    More from David Conn here....... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/aug/27/bury-historic-club-football-league-financial-ruins
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    This is so laughable it’s hardly worth commenting on. Zimmerman was by far our best defender last season and that showed by his finishing 2nd in player of the season. Hanley did what in our promotion campaign?
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    The reaction I expected from you Lakey. I agree with some of it , but like I said in the other thread...football is about confidence for a major part...and this was a nightmare for the confidence levels (the result, the injury , missed chances,...) . This will take some good management and some resilience from the players... West Ham might come too soon...
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    You were very close to the top of my "Supporter most likely to crumple like a cheap suit at the first setback" list. Thank you for your consistency.
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    Always feel comforted when Lawro speaks. Mainly because he is so often wrong. He really is a master of mis-judgement.
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