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    Under-11s get in free. She'll never find out!
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    Nobody is forcing you to be an idiot but you’re making a good job of it
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    I thought the bit where he said "10 of us are going tonight" was a bit of a giveaway but demonstrating your incomparable intellect, you somehow don't seem to have understood what it meant.
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    Here’s a statue for them
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    You lot just don't get it, do you? Norwich City have been conceding goals for donkeys years now. I can't think of a single season under the Suffolk Socialists where Norwich have been tight at the back (except maybe when they had Malky in 03-04). Delia has banned all her coaches from investing in quality central defenders, but has absolutely encouraged them to bring a lot of dross to those positions (Jackson, Doherty, Helveg, Simon Charlton, and, best of the lot, who can forget, Russell Martin) The latter was so bad, Delia rewarded him with a new contract just as Farke took over. Now we have Hanley as the joker in the pack. Do any of you seriously believe that Greg Downs doesn't have a clue what he is talking about? The boy played as a defender himself and at the top level with Norwich and Coventry. He said they let in too many goals last season and it was a no-brainer that they would have to strengthen central defence going into an EPL season. He is right. I am right. But sadly we are in a sea of numpties on here. You can't mean to tell me the SS have no input on football matters. When the boy Farke came here he had a reputation for keeping things tight at the back. I think he was going at about 0.5 goals per game in the BL4. As soon as he comes here, he gets captured by the SS and the floodgates open at the back. It is Delia who won't defend. Whoever is the coach won't make a scrap of difference.
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    A place in the queue, that is.
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    This is one of the complaints about the new system though- it has attracted a bunch of people only interested in going to places like Old Trafford, Anfield, and the Emirates to pay £50 to be on the same level as people who've spent the last couple of years doing games like Bolton, Rotherham and QPR. A loyalty scheme might actually help shift tickets for games like this as people want the points.
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    I agree with several other posters about Ben Godfrey. He is a future England player, possibly even Captain. He has had to take on quite a lot of responsibility with the injuries we have at the moment and he has sailed though it. An extraordinary player
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    I saw the heading and did twenty press ups
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    Correction: the best football ever played was under Stringer and Williams. Fact. And when Chase spotted we needed a CH he went and got us Andrew Linighan, arguably our finest ever in that position.
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    I don't remember you telling me that we would start the season with three excellent performances, convincingly winning the one game we stood a chance in and running the UEFA Cup winners really close. I don't recall you mentioning how we would have the league leading goalscorer or be among the most entertaining teams to watch. I also don't remember you acknowledging that we are bringing a promising defensive midfielder up to speed and awaiting the imminent returns of two of our best three centre backs. Nor do I recall your insight into how it might take a few games for the players to get used to the speed and intensity of the Premier League or how this young and inexperienced team would exceed all expectations in this regard.
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    Agree with Vince and Jobsworth- posters on here are extremely rude if there views on here differ from themselves. please be more open and expansive in thoughts . Agree city must do something about there defence has its so far been far from ideal and it should had been resolved before the start of the campaign , taking into account goals conceded last season
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    He’s liked his own post hasn’t he ?
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    I don't no buddy. Maybe it's because their all thick. Thank goodness we have you, like an educated beacan to are darkness. What would we do without you
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    I expect Sky Sports News will have all the goals as they go in
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    Strangely enough us plastics as you refer to us ( our smaller group is 12 ) went to between 4 and 9 games last year and despite numerous phones, iPads and laptops not one of us managed a ticket for Liverpool or WHU, at least via Norwich as 6 of us are in the home ends on Saturday. 10 of us are going tonight as strangely our new found supporters couldn’t make tonight. Neither of these games would have cost us £50 membership. We have now formed a much larger group which as a group will guarantee us tickets to future games that we want to go to allowing us to carry on supporting the club in the same manner as we did over the last 4 championship seasons. We have done this despite of the club and not because of it. We appreciate getting round the system is not in the right spirit but we have been left no option. If you claim to be a real fan why are you taking the mickey at people who have been hugely disadvantaged by the club.
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    Jobsworth adopting the Trump approach to fostering relationships with the rest of us. If not a Binner then probably awaiting sentencing for being a wannabe.
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    Yep, born in Norwich, 50 years a supporter and always optimistic, deluded? possibly, but if I wanted happy endings I'd go to the cinema. However, I'm not optimistic that you'll ever say anything positive about the Club that you claim to support, in that, I'm far from deluded.
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    What a tw*t. I'm sure city lost three of their six games in total last season by early September. City are still settling in and Farke, as a manager, finding his feet in the Premiership. City will finish well above the relegation places come the end of the season.
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    That’s sad news - not great with them playing that night....I guess that’s one where the old adage that ‘the show must go on’ is a bit too literal.
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    First, did you really just quote yourself? That is a very telling. Second, the OWNERS of the club really owe you NOTHING. It’s a business. If you don’t like it, take your patronage south of the border. Get over yourself, son. Maybe nobody has ever told you that it’s not about you. Sorry.
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    Apologies Drazen as your thread passed me by.
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    Ordinarily I would agree but he interrupted my enjoyment of the game. I am used to Tyler spoiling it but Sutton is another level.
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    Yes I think that would be a fair conclusion.