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    I'm not one to stoke the fires of conspiracy, but Matt Jarvis is the co-commentator on Radio Norfolk tonight. I'm not sure it's a coincidence.
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    Under-11s get in free. She'll never find out!
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    Nobody is forcing you to be an idiot but you’re making a good job of it
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    Strong team. Looking forward to see how Idah does. And can we just drop this Hanley thing for one game? He's not even playing FFS.
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    Meh, it’s amother ground ticked off - really can’t get too worked up about a second XI losing in the cup. Several players ought to have been looking to stake a claim to starting in the league but few came close. Of far more importance is how Timm and Christoph are. Didn’t think Zimbo was injured, thought it was more a case of ‘give him an hour’, but we’ll see. Klose was nothing to do with coaching/not being ready, he was clattered two-footed by a guy slipping over - no intent but it could easily have resulted in a bad injury to a fully fit player.
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    I thought the bit where he said "10 of us are going tonight" was a bit of a giveaway but demonstrating your incomparable intellect, you somehow don't seem to have understood what it meant.
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    Here’s a statue for them
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    Sorry. But that is an absolute disgrace and not just the match. Match fitness is an excuse. They are paid a fortune to be fit and to be ready. The physios are paid to have players ready. Roberts vs Cantwell for the shirt, don't make me laugh. Todd, like other first teamers WORKS. Like I said earlier Farke can keep this bunch under his thumb all season off the back of this when they ask why they don't make the team or squad. In the Championship it's weekend and midweek but in the EPL games are sparse and we needed this cup. And it's Crawley. One of the very few Farke no-shows and national humiliation for a Premier League Club. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!
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    A good cup run would have been the perfect opportunity to keep the fringe players interested and keep the competition for first team places high. As it stands we now have 11, possibly 12 players who are nailed on every week. Easy to be gutless and brush it under the carpet, but this is a very bad night, humiliating in fact. We lost to ****ing Crawley.
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    Waveney's there, but he was too busy shouting abuse at Cantwell.
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    Absolute shambles, 1-0 down to a pub team. Surely now the Suffolk Socialists must sell their shareholding to the highest bidder, we're the laughing stock of world football. Also, I'm watching on the wireless, but we need to get it forward quicker.
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    If Hanley was playing we never would’ve conceded that. *Disclaimer - I’m not watching or even listening to commentary. I just know it to be true
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    I may have a link...I'll let you know nearer kick off. OTBC
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    You lot just don't get it, do you? Norwich City have been conceding goals for donkeys years now. I can't think of a single season under the Suffolk Socialists where Norwich have been tight at the back (except maybe when they had Malky in 03-04). Delia has banned all her coaches from investing in quality central defenders, but has absolutely encouraged them to bring a lot of dross to those positions (Jackson, Doherty, Helveg, Simon Charlton, and, best of the lot, who can forget, Russell Martin) The latter was so bad, Delia rewarded him with a new contract just as Farke took over. Now we have Hanley as the joker in the pack. Do any of you seriously believe that Greg Downs doesn't have a clue what he is talking about? The boy played as a defender himself and at the top level with Norwich and Coventry. He said they let in too many goals last season and it was a no-brainer that they would have to strengthen central defence going into an EPL season. He is right. I am right. But sadly we are in a sea of numpties on here. You can't mean to tell me the SS have no input on football matters. When the boy Farke came here he had a reputation for keeping things tight at the back. I think he was going at about 0.5 goals per game in the BL4. As soon as he comes here, he gets captured by the SS and the floodgates open at the back. It is Delia who won't defend. Whoever is the coach won't make a scrap of difference.
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    This is one of the complaints about the new system though- it has attracted a bunch of people only interested in going to places like Old Trafford, Anfield, and the Emirates to pay £50 to be on the same level as people who've spent the last couple of years doing games like Bolton, Rotherham and QPR. A loyalty scheme might actually help shift tickets for games like this as people want the points.
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    I agree with several other posters about Ben Godfrey. He is a future England player, possibly even Captain. He has had to take on quite a lot of responsibility with the injuries we have at the moment and he has sailed though it. An extraordinary player
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    I saw the heading and did twenty press ups
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    Correction: the best football ever played was under Stringer and Williams. Fact. And when Chase spotted we needed a CH he went and got us Andrew Linighan, arguably our finest ever in that position.
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    I don't remember you telling me that we would start the season with three excellent performances, convincingly winning the one game we stood a chance in and running the UEFA Cup winners really close. I don't recall you mentioning how we would have the league leading goalscorer or be among the most entertaining teams to watch. I also don't remember you acknowledging that we are bringing a promising defensive midfielder up to speed and awaiting the imminent returns of two of our best three centre backs. Nor do I recall your insight into how it might take a few games for the players to get used to the speed and intensity of the Premier League or how this young and inexperienced team would exceed all expectations in this regard.
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    I find it very difficult to watch to footage of the burning forest, makes me feel sick and hugely angry at the same time. You can forget about the plus and minus arguments on Brexit for our future, in context it is of little importance for our future.
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    I told you all well before the season started Norwich City were going to come a cropper because of the lack of defensive preparedness for this season at this level. So now we have had 4-1 against Atalanta, 4-1 against Liverpool and 3-2 against Chelsea. The Suffolk Socialists decided to prepare the club for The Championship next season instead of the EPL this season so now the chickens are coming home to roost. Already the most goals conceded in the EPL. The SS are just not committed to football at this level because they will not go to the next step financially. They are haunted by Naismith and so spending no money at all is now their mantra. It is not just me highlighting the shortcomings. The boy Downs on Canary Call virtually said all the same things word for word. We are well on course to be the highest scoring team ever to be relegated from the EPL. Just as I predicted. Delia and Wynnie must go. No one else is responsible as we have seen these shortcomings year after year, coach after coach.
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    I bet Farke is currently afflicted by the full Teutonic lycanthropy tearing some fresh ones in the away team dressing room and drowning out the aircraft down the road. He should be. That Alpecin washed mop should be plastered to his fevered brow as he rants like a wounded beast. I hope he sends them home via the Gatwick Express, tube and Greater Anglia guards carriage for that performance.
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    Let's be honest, Mario Vrancic looked utter turd for his first couple of months here. Stiepermann wasn't much better. Couldn't we give him time enough to adapt to the system before we hang him out to dry? I know he's been here since January, but he's barely played and we're comparing him against Jamal Lewis.
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    Unfortunately in a full season you will not keep all first team players fit. Unfortunately one of the rabble playing tonight, (and let’s face it they were a rabble tonight) has fill in! Nothing moronic about that at all!
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    You need games to give your fringe players a run out...this result is a shocker and very very bad for confidence. Football is very much about confidence
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    We have no single player who can win the match single handed - even Pukki relies on quality service. Our game depends on telepathic understanding between our players. We changed all 11 players. Perhaps the result is therefore not that surprising.
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    Some of the pre-match posts in this thread, commenting on the quality & depth of our squad, look somewhat wide of the mark
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    Dreadful but- having supported city for many years - not remotely surprising
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    We’ve been zonal marking ever since Farke has been here, have you slept through every set piece?
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    Paddy Davitt tweet Dear me. #ncfc Zimmer pulls up sharply. Straight off. Buendia on. He did run off unaided but straight down the tunnel. Amadou into CB
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    https://twitter.com/mickymaguire/status/1166427291049701378 Unlucky shinning by the looks of it.
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    It staggers me how many people still respond to Big Vince. Have a word with yourself, people!
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    I got the feeling from DF"s comments yesterday that he"s pretty pleased with what he's seen from Amadou in training so far (re. both positions. )
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    Don’t mind that. Keep Hanley motivated to keep fighting, and if he has another poor game then he is unlikely to cause dressing room trouble as he has himself to blame. And meanwhile Zimm and Klose build up their minutes and preparation for the prem. Post international break will be a good opportunity to regroup.
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    Every extra vote for Farage is one less for Johnson. Come on the Brexit Company.
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    Been loads of whinging on here about the new ticketing arrangements and not getting tickets well low and behold there are still tickets available for tonight’s game where are all those moaners now, they could be going to a game tonight typical plastics want to only go to the attractive games and aren’t prepared to do the unglamorous games on a Tuesday night to get priority treatment plastics - they make my blood boil
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    I don't no buddy. Maybe it's because their all thick. Thank goodness we have you, like an educated beacan to are darkness. What would we do without you
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    I expect Sky Sports News will have all the goals as they go in
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    Wow, how you can still be pi55ed at a time like this for NCFC supporters is completely and utterly staggering. Unless.....
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    Those prudent and careful owners who managed to put us in the situation at the end of the season before last that the sale of Addison managed apparently to avoid administration. Saved by Webber and Farke who can describe as prudent not the sainted Delia who with the Board managed as Webber put it pi55ed previous PL riches up the wall. Just hope Webber continues to weave his magic until our next financial calamity. Sure as eggs is eggs this is inevitable. Splendid Rush forever the optimist and apologist poor deluded soul.
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    Outside of the 5 or 6 biggest teams in the league no other team is likely to have a 4th choice centre back that could be considered "very good" at this level. Just feels like people are stating the obvious and being unfair to Hanley as an individual. He knew where he stood this season which is why he almost signed for a Championship club. He's all we've got fit, we know Klose and hopefully Zimmermann are better. Perhaps in January he'll complete that move and we'll upgrade, in the meantime he's one of ours and we support him whenever he's on the pitch. This club has made giant strides towards being one about togetherness and winning and losing as a club. We could carry on in that direction or we could start threads slagging off our players.
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