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    Exactly. I’m completely behind him and hope he replicates the success he had with us, with them. It’d be brilliant to see the East Anglian derby as a top flight fixture and even better if it was more competitive and they won a few... Or... Give your head a wobble. He was brilliant with us but he jumped ship at the first sniff of a ‘big club’. He has failed miserably everywhere he has been since and we’ve grown (eventually) without him. Ultimately, he’s back where he was before we gave him his break; managing a poor East Anglian team in League One. He has never shown an ounce of loyalty at any club he’s been at and if he never sets foot in Carrow Road again, I wouldn’t be bothered. Meanwhile, we’re playing better football than we ever did under him, the club is more ‘together’ than it has ever been and he’s scraping results against AFC Wimbledon with a rag-tag bunch of turd footballers and loanees while blindsiding their support with meaningless platitudes and soundbites. I once got banned from this forum for saying what I really thought..
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    Nice in depth analysis from the Newcastle game, i'm glad to report even Steipi gets a shout out in this one https://www.canofootball.com/articles/tactical-analysis/norwich-city-and-sheffield-united-the-new-boys-with-the-new-ideas-a-statistical-analysis/
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    Is Mr Farke quickly becoming one of our most successful/ popular managers of all time? I`m impressed with every interview he does, speaks so highly of our club and fans. I for one am thankful for such a nice guy leading our great club, we`re playing the best football i`ve seen home and away for many years, long may it continue.
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    Even if we go on a bad losing run, get relegated and struggle next season (I don't think any of those will happen), this man deserves us to stick by him. The style, the entertainment, the we he talks (win lose or draw), his bravery to stick to his philosophy and his attitude is everything I want associated with our club. He has become my favourite ever manager (or player).
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    I loved that, as said above he is a genuine man, he had no need to make a statement like that, and I think he really means what he says there. We are so fortunate to have him.
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    Absolutely. He’s a fantastic coach, he’s got us playing the best football I’ve ever witnessed a City side play in my lifetime, he develops our kids and the older players have all improved at an astounding rate. He’s a genuine guy and comes across as thoughtful, reflective and intelligent, but has a sense of humour. What’s not to like?
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    I live in Auckland, half a World away, still our rivals, always will be. We've got the upper hand, it would be churlish not to enjoy it.
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    I don't blame GH for the Newcastle goal, Shelvey was allowed to run unmarked into our box. It was a team failure, we had changed personnel and switched off. Apparently, there were heated words about it in the dressing room. GH will do a job against Giroud. An old fashioned CF vs an old fashioned CH.
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    will there be cumfy chairs ?
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    I expressed concern/anger/disappointment and an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope.
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    Here's a summary piece written by our young Connor Southwell, also the pictures are here http://www.ncfsc.co.uk/players-forum-20th-august-2019/ Norwich City’s meteoric rise has been formed on the togetherness pertinent throughout the football club. From the management to the players and into the terraces, the onus placed on one club rooting together has translated to exceptional results on the pitch. On Thursday 20th August 2019 at Carrow Road, Norwich City supporters were given an insight into the current era at the Norwich City Fans Social Club Players Forum. Undeniably, the scenes supporters have become accustomed to following a victory at Carrow Road, with Daniel Farke whipping up the supporters into frenzy has become a memorable part of a victorious matchday. Standing in similar stead are those who don the yellow and green shirts, playing with the passion and energy that most demand from their football team. That connection has been formed through the accessibility and transparency the players have offered throughout their time at the club. In Kenny McLean, Norwich has, not only a newly appointed mayor but a player who can guide the youthful exuberance within the dressing room and ensure they retain that path that is essential to their development. On the pitch, he is an all-action midfielder. Off it, an articulate, entertaining storyteller capable of grasping the attention of a room. That distinctive Scottish accent is backed up with humour and personality as well as a capability of seriously addressing questions. If this performance on stage offered anything, it’s his valued presence within the confines of a dressing room. Even though Norwich find themselves in the embryonic stages of their Premier League campaign, a standout so far has been the performances of local hero Todd Cantwell. Brandished as the ‘Dereham Diego Maradona’ on the night, Cantwell has endured both ends of the opinion scale, brushing off criticism to express himself when on the pitch in recent performances. As he candidly explained the extra burden of being an academy graduate, there was a wry smile as he admitted pressure is something he thrives upon. Hence his decision to take the vacant number 14 shirt, one that has been previously worn by a certain Irish playmaker who once graced these quarters, often weaving magic on his way. Bad haircuts aside, Todd’s contributions were valuable and intriguing all evening, with budding footballers around the room grabbing onto his advice for success. It’s clear to see he is someone who is held in high esteem by his counterparts, all of whom are rooting for his success. One of those young starlets hoping to replicate Todd’s journey through the academy onto the world stage of the Premier League is Adam Idah. Idah, a young Irish striker, compared his playing style, much to the ridicule of his peers, to that of Romelu Lukaku but also offered snippets of advice to young footballers as well as talking about making the transition from the under 23’s football to first team training. He may become the next star off the Canaries production line. Given the youthful make up to the side currently, Idah could be the next to emerge. Over 200 people packed into the Top of the Terrace at Carrow Road to hear the players answer questions, all whilst raising money for the wonderful Community Sports Foundation. A huge thank you to our friend, host and Norwich City legend Darren Eadie for his wonderful questions that contributed to open, insightful answers from our stars. Sadly, we tragically lost NCFSC friend and regular David Powell last week. Diane celebrated his life with a moving speech followed by a poignant applause for a true Canary who often offered opinion on everything. He had a heart of gold, and we’ll miss him terribly. Rest in peace, David. We look forward to being able to do more in the future and to remaining true to our ethos of putting on affordable and entertaining events open to everyone. We have no membership or fees at the Norwich City Fans Social Club, as our motto says, “You don’t join, you just join in!”.
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    Is the fact that he was generally all over the place first half at Anfield and again cost us a goal at the weekend not "reason to take it away" even before one considers that he's not quite as comfortable with the ball at his feet? Not scapegoating Hanley here, he improved a lot against Newcastle but the goal we conceded was still down to an error from him. Obviously if he plays superbly against Chelsea and cuts out the errors moving forward then the situation changes but right at this moment, if Klose or Zimm were fit for Saturday then I think Farke would be very tempted to change it. It appears they are unlikely to be though so Grant keeps his place and we will all be fully behind him and hoping that as he gets fitter and fitter he keeps getting better and better.
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    Lakeyo has written a new book , snippets of which have been peppered around this message board since before we played Liverpool. For anyone who hasn't intuitively gathered the subject of the book it's Title is ' Norwich can beat anyone, how to present the same argument in one thousand very similar preachy ways'. Available in very specialist bookshops in darkest Cumbria.
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    That was the case last season, but, what happened last match? Kenny was on the bench and leitner started, because he was the better player. Hanley can do a job for us, but it is not his shirt to loose, it is his shirt to keep warm until one of our preferred defenders becomes available...
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    If you think their debt is huge....take a look at our income No child in school will have ever seen Ipswich in the top flight Our income ths season is likely to be more than 12 times theirs Their EUFA cuo win is so far back it was 3 years before the halfpenny went out of circulation
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    buzzing for this one too. i would happily take a point of course, but think they are there for the taking. a good time to play them whilst frank still figures out his 11 and style of play so to say. we know our 11, we know our style and if carra is as rocking as it was on saturday just gone it wont be an easy day for the blues. i hope for an unchanged 11 and a similar performance. my only worry is their CDMs are actual PL quality players, unlike newcastles. will todd be able to find those gaps like he did vs newcastle when Kante is sweeping up? will hanley cope with the physical presence of either tammy or giroud? will be an interesting game, one of those where i would not be shocked if we won 2-0, lost 2-0 or drew 2-2!
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    Can we ban the word scapegoat? I swear nobody on here actually knows what it means. This is a football discussion forum. If people don't think a player played well they should be able to say so without people immediately claiming they are scapegoating them or wanking on about 'getting behind the player' as if a positive post on this forum makes a blind bit of difference to how Hanley plays. If the crowd in the stadium are turning on him then fair enough to complain. But don't join a discussion forum if you don't want any actual discussion of players performances.
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    Didnt he say the best moment of his career was being relegated with Ipswich? Went on to say Norwich fans have short memories before having a pop at our fitness coach when we played them. Walked down the tunnel still shouting at him. Before publically saying he got the wrong guy. Sometimes the comedy just writes itself.
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    You seem suited to the prem. two attacking fullbacks. Good midfielders. Not sure what your squad is like depth wise but you look the part already
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    It's also good to know that he wouldn't swap his job at City for any other club in the world: https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/farke-norwich-barcelona-milan-bayern-munich-1-6228277 The feeling is mutual Daniel!
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    When we lost at Chelsea in the cup to Zola's goal. He swapped shirts and got interviewed on TV. At least someone reads my posts, Sam.
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    Holloway plays on "zummezet" accent and thinks it makes him lovable. He normally talks a load of siht but puts that little act of mirth into it, the appealing "oim roit inneye". He is currently not managing a football club.
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    Clearly you dont rate Farke that highly. Whereas I do and I believe he wouldnt wait for an awful performance or a loss to make changes. I think hes more proactive than that, personally. But if you want to be soooooo negative then by all means continue..
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    I've just wasted three minutes of my life by looking up who the Binners played to win the UEFA Cup . Apparently it was (according to Wiki) Aris Saloniki (Who?) Bohemians (from the now defunct Czechoslovakia) Widzew Lodz (See Aris Saloniki) Saint Etienne (now i have heard of them to be fair) FC Koln (yup Cologne) and finally AZ 67 (who have since changed their name so they don't really exist any more) All refereed by someone called Adolf from East Germany ( I don't make this stuff up you know) which of course doesn't exist either. I suspect if we hadn't drawn Bayern Munich, Inter Milan and Vitesse we might have beaten a few teams from Greece Poland and Prussia.
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    You could still buy one of these....new
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    Our main advantage over them will be our familiarity with each other, knowing instinctively where to pass, run etc. They have assembled 'this seasons squad', playing'this seasons system'. We are what we have been for a while now, a settled squad, playing the same system, relentlessly until the final whistle goes. whether that is enough to beat them, dunno.
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    To be fair to you I do like a bit of **** for tat, maybe you're the new scapegoat we've all been looking for?!
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    Not like you to advocate violence. Would have thought you were above that. Ok, WE CAN BEAT any team in the division, granted, but by the same measure WE CAN BE BEATEN by any team in the division. Or even a team in the division below. It doesn't take a paragraph of emotive horse shoite to hammer home this really rather simple point. no one is saying its not true,its just not particularly relevant, insightful or interesting.
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    And Martin is a centre back, Martin is a centre back.
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    The penny has just dropped with me as to how come we got so many decent German players on the cheap, ..........as far as German Football is concerned, they are defective because they can't take very good penalties.
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    I read the thread title and thought this was about Big Vince who is known as Pig Mince on here.
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    Would somebody please shoot me or Lakey, not bothered which.
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    Why is it that people are still trying to rank our players when the manager has stated over and over that all the players are trusted and able to play in the first team? We have a squad, we have four central defenders and any of them are considered by the manager to be able to go in there and do a job. Hanley started last season and was captain and first choice when the season started - and only lost his place through injury. Unfortunate for him because the form of Zimbo and Godfrey kept him - and Klose too - out of the team, not because they were "worse players" but that those with the shirt were doing the business and Farke does not often drop people when the team is doing well. He will stay in the team as long as it is doing well - that is the simple and clear motivation strategy that Farke uses that players - and fans - can understand. We lost against Liverpool and DF acted by changing one player. If we keep winning or drawing and playing well, why would he change anything, when his strategy is to reward players for playing well by letting them keep the shirt?
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    I would be absolutely delighted with a point. Look, if they play their best they win - that simple. They have a better squad of players. But if they come here lacking in a little confidence, not quite playing with their tails up etc, we stand every chance.
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    For me it isn't just about a player's performances. Zimbo's attributes and playing style suit Farkeball much better than Hanley's, which is why DF will want him back in asap. Not Hanley's fault, especially as he's worked hard to adapt his game to Farkeball, but Zimbo is the better fit and will strengthen us when he returns.
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    At least we didn't concede the customary goal just before the break
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    Of course we won’t have to worry about a floodlight failure this weekend - so that’s one less worry for playing this Lampard team.
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    That's fair, but equally scapegoating does happen on this forum. Hanley might not be a case in point but there are plenty of examples where people feel the need to pick out one particular player despite evidence to the contrary. In our first season under Farke it was Vrancic, who I was told, whilst defending him, "had no ability", "offers nothing", should "f off back to Germany", is "too slow", who "cant tackle" and "constantly gives the ball away" - yet all the stats and performances actually told a completely different story. What had happened is a couple of slightly indifferent performances adjusting to the league enabled this group of fans to vent their frustration all onto one player.
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    Incredibly, there are some people on here who don't 'get' the banter, apparently they're so far behind us that it's not worth bothering with. Don't understand that mindset,give 'em hell, that's what I say.
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    Personally I can see Grant Hanley improving match by match. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that GH keeps the shirt for quite a while, and if he does it means we are playing well and getting results. Win, win.
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    Thank you Ramrod, especially for showing some common sense. The TEAM win together and lose together. The amount of negativity towards GH on here is shameful. He has been pilloried for making "a mistake" in allowing the Shelvey goal. However, maybe he distracted or pressurised Joelinton sufficiently to put him off his header? Every player makes mistakes, but when certain members of the "unofficial Pinkun player bashing brigade" decide upon player X then woe betide anyone who tries to put in a differing opinion! I'm really pleased that certain people think that CZ & TK are better than GH - it means that people can be confident that we have excellent back up should anything happen to our incumbents. In addition, I'm also really pleased that DF is the head coach instead of some of these keyboard know-it-alls. BTW - the story is that GH had "cramped up" prior to the Shelvey goal, but as there was no CB back up, he had to continue. Have you ever had to try and run and turn when you have ever had cramp? You should try it sometime and see how far you get. In essence - why can't people stop being so negative to one of our own - it's not a right of passage you know. Early morning rant over
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    how about get behind whoever plays. we've not got virgil van dijk, we make do with what we have got. hanley isnt the greatest defender in the world but he will give his all and thats all we can ask.
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    God you're effin tedious at times. Maybe he's praising Hanley because overall Hanley had a good game. I know that's probably a little difficult for you to get your head around.........
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    LAWRO'S PREDICTIONS All kick-offs 15:00 BST unless stated. Norwich City 12:30 Chelsea Norwich got lucky against Newcastle last Saturday. Pukki's wild hoof at the ball in the 1st half would have gone over the stand 99 times out of 100 whilst Newcastle would have got a deserved equaliser through Joelinton's bullet like header had the goalposts at Carrow Road been in the correct position. I don't get the fuss about Pukki. He's got lucky four times this season, he won't do it again whilst the Norwich lads and their mates who make up the team under manager David Fork will struggle against Kerry Dixon's power and the pace of Pat Nevin on the wing. Norwich 0 Chelsea 3
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    Pretty sure that would be a Vrancic / Amadou centre mid pairing. Roberts / Srbeny / McLean in front of them Then Idah or Drmic up top. Mouth watering!
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    Pukki for me......just hope he can stay injury free.....
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    Chelsea are like Derby last season, learning the Lampard way. We will hopefully give them a really good game and Lampard will know what to expect from us, so it promises to be an open exciting game. Just as well this is a daytime match too!
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    I think if Hanley gets a couple more games under his belt hed tidy up some of the sloppiness. Hes probably just as good a pure defender as either Zimmerman or Klose. Unfortunately for him he just isnt comfortable on the ball or playing it short under pressure and I imagine that will be what ultimately costs him his place. Despite all that, delighted to see him put Liverpool behind him.
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    This is how it works, unfortunately - and the extremist elements are fully aware of it and use it to their advantage. It makes ordinary middle of the road commenting very difficult because it is hijacked too easily by extremists and is one of the reasons why defenders of issues such as homophobia get so twitchy whenever someone says something about the subject that isn't totally positive. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the mid ground - whether in politics, social issues or practically anything - is becoming very difficult. Lack of real discussion on the issues is the result and being seen to be totally ok with things is the only acceptable position to take. Sad really, so much debate is possible on so many issues, yet it can't happen because you have to be seen to be on the right side or you are condemned by the virtuous lobbiests and their hangers on who will not accept anything except total conformity to their world view.
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