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    Exactly. I’m completely behind him and hope he replicates the success he had with us, with them. It’d be brilliant to see the East Anglian derby as a top flight fixture and even better if it was more competitive and they won a few... Or... Give your head a wobble. He was brilliant with us but he jumped ship at the first sniff of a ‘big club’. He has failed miserably everywhere he has been since and we’ve grown (eventually) without him. Ultimately, he’s back where he was before we gave him his break; managing a poor East Anglian team in League One. He has never shown an ounce of loyalty at any club he’s been at and if he never sets foot in Carrow Road again, I wouldn’t be bothered. Meanwhile, we’re playing better football than we ever did under him, the club is more ‘together’ than it has ever been and he’s scraping results against AFC Wimbledon with a rag-tag bunch of turd footballers and loanees while blindsiding their support with meaningless platitudes and soundbites. I once got banned from this forum for saying what I really thought..
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    Nice in depth analysis from the Newcastle game, i'm glad to report even Steipi gets a shout out in this one https://www.canofootball.com/articles/tactical-analysis/norwich-city-and-sheffield-united-the-new-boys-with-the-new-ideas-a-statistical-analysis/
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    I live in Auckland, half a World away, still our rivals, always will be. We've got the upper hand, it would be churlish not to enjoy it.
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    I don't blame GH for the Newcastle goal, Shelvey was allowed to run unmarked into our box. It was a team failure, we had changed personnel and switched off. Apparently, there were heated words about it in the dressing room. GH will do a job against Giroud. An old fashioned CF vs an old fashioned CH.
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    buzzing for this one too. i would happily take a point of course, but think they are there for the taking. a good time to play them whilst frank still figures out his 11 and style of play so to say. we know our 11, we know our style and if carra is as rocking as it was on saturday just gone it wont be an easy day for the blues. i hope for an unchanged 11 and a similar performance. my only worry is their CDMs are actual PL quality players, unlike newcastles. will todd be able to find those gaps like he did vs newcastle when Kante is sweeping up? will hanley cope with the physical presence of either tammy or giroud? will be an interesting game, one of those where i would not be shocked if we won 2-0, lost 2-0 or drew 2-2!
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    Can we ban the word scapegoat? I swear nobody on here actually knows what it means. This is a football discussion forum. If people don't think a player played well they should be able to say so without people immediately claiming they are scapegoating them or wanking on about 'getting behind the player' as if a positive post on this forum makes a blind bit of difference to how Hanley plays. If the crowd in the stadium are turning on him then fair enough to complain. But don't join a discussion forum if you don't want any actual discussion of players performances.
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    Didnt he say the best moment of his career was being relegated with Ipswich? Went on to say Norwich fans have short memories before having a pop at our fitness coach when we played them. Walked down the tunnel still shouting at him. Before publically saying he got the wrong guy. Sometimes the comedy just writes itself.
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    You seem suited to the prem. two attacking fullbacks. Good midfielders. Not sure what your squad is like depth wise but you look the part already
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    Of course we won’t have to worry about a floodlight failure this weekend - so that’s one less worry for playing this Lampard team.
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    I'd still bite your hand off for a draw.
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    That's fair, but equally scapegoating does happen on this forum. Hanley might not be a case in point but there are plenty of examples where people feel the need to pick out one particular player despite evidence to the contrary. In our first season under Farke it was Vrancic, who I was told, whilst defending him, "had no ability", "offers nothing", should "f off back to Germany", is "too slow", who "cant tackle" and "constantly gives the ball away" - yet all the stats and performances actually told a completely different story. What had happened is a couple of slightly indifferent performances adjusting to the league enabled this group of fans to vent their frustration all onto one player.
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    I’m fully expecting us to give them a game but make no mistake there are world class players in that Chelsea team. Heart says 2-1 to us but head says 2-2 which would be a fantastic result
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    Incredibly, there are some people on here who don't 'get' the banter, apparently they're so far behind us that it's not worth bothering with. Don't understand that mindset,give 'em hell, that's what I say.
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    Thank you Ramrod, especially for showing some common sense. The TEAM win together and lose together. The amount of negativity towards GH on here is shameful. He has been pilloried for making "a mistake" in allowing the Shelvey goal. However, maybe he distracted or pressurised Joelinton sufficiently to put him off his header? Every player makes mistakes, but when certain members of the "unofficial Pinkun player bashing brigade" decide upon player X then woe betide anyone who tries to put in a differing opinion! I'm really pleased that certain people think that CZ & TK are better than GH - it means that people can be confident that we have excellent back up should anything happen to our incumbents. In addition, I'm also really pleased that DF is the head coach instead of some of these keyboard know-it-alls. BTW - the story is that GH had "cramped up" prior to the Shelvey goal, but as there was no CB back up, he had to continue. Have you ever had to try and run and turn when you have ever had cramp? You should try it sometime and see how far you get. In essence - why can't people stop being so negative to one of our own - it's not a right of passage you know. Early morning rant over
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    If we need to explain..... oh, what's the point.
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    As the clock strikes midnight and we move into the 3,776th day since they last beat us I can't help wondering why a 'city fan' should reek so strongly of bin...
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    shouldn´t this be in the non-football forum?
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    how about get behind whoever plays. we've not got virgil van dijk, we make do with what we have got. hanley isnt the greatest defender in the world but he will give his all and thats all we can ask.
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    This is why, unlike Gareth Bale, I had so much respect for Steve McClaren in Holland, and Joey Barton in France, they nailed the native tongue in what seemed minutes, it was incredible
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    Aggy, as far as I was aware, he didn't use it as an excuse at all. He had a pretty decent level of English when he was at Southampton and he was also studying intensively. For interviews, he really wanted to be sure that the exact meaning of what he wanted to say was conveyed (as well as understand the exact meaning of questions being asked) , and the best way to do that was to use his native language and have an interpreter. I think this was a very sensible option. Of course, he may have been worried that he might have misunderstood the interviewer and have made a fool of himself (remember he is being watched by millions of fluent English speakers). Again, if you have ever had to do a TV interview, especially in a language you may be quite good at, but not fluent, it can be incredibly nerve wracking, (for listening as much as speaking). You are unlikely to feel as relaxed as when speaking with a close friend, where odd mistakes and misunderstandings are easily tolerated. I think we have got so used to language geniuses like Wenger, Lukaku and it seems Zimmerman and Farke, that it is easy to forget that footballers ( depending on where they have come from) need time to develop their language skills when coming to the UK. As for Bielsa, I love his interviews, watching his body language and the way he expresses himself. Makes him quite endearing to me. I am sure he's picked up quite a lot of language already. The problem comes with people who after a while become labelled and seen (whether fairly OR not) as unwilling to integrate by colleagues, as in the example of Bale.
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    Having the hair stand up on the back of your neck is an international language.
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    Paddy's report isn't necessarily factual - it's his view of the performance. Did Hanley allow Shelvey to grab the equaliser or did he injure himself as THB and I are suggesting?
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    I saw that too but he's the current incumbent of Scapegoat Corner so don't go giving him Get Out Of Jail Free cards.
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    I think if Hanley gets a couple more games under his belt hed tidy up some of the sloppiness. Hes probably just as good a pure defender as either Zimmerman or Klose. Unfortunately for him he just isnt comfortable on the ball or playing it short under pressure and I imagine that will be what ultimately costs him his place. Despite all that, delighted to see him put Liverpool behind him.
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    This is how it works, unfortunately - and the extremist elements are fully aware of it and use it to their advantage. It makes ordinary middle of the road commenting very difficult because it is hijacked too easily by extremists and is one of the reasons why defenders of issues such as homophobia get so twitchy whenever someone says something about the subject that isn't totally positive. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the mid ground - whether in politics, social issues or practically anything - is becoming very difficult. Lack of real discussion on the issues is the result and being seen to be totally ok with things is the only acceptable position to take. Sad really, so much debate is possible on so many issues, yet it can't happen because you have to be seen to be on the right side or you are condemned by the virtuous lobbiests and their hangers on who will not accept anything except total conformity to their world view.