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    unlike them he does have a paddle
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    Jamal was outstanding on Saturday, I agree. He looked like a proper winger with the ball at his feet; loads of trickery and little step-overs, and I don't think he got robbed once. Immense. And I don't usually go in for the grammatical pedantry on here, but can we please stop putting an apostrophe in Aarons? It's doing my head in. He does not belong to Aaron.
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    This was on the BBC comments after the match report. Big apologies if it has already been posted, but it did make me laugh... That’s right 5-3-1-1 Steve Bruce team formation 5 pints before the match3 pies for lunch1 match to manage cluelessly and win 1 lossRepeat regularly all season
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    I'm in no hurry to see him, if TT is doing the business and we continue to get results, I'm good with that.
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    You have made a good start, and I like the football you play, certainly offensively, but defensively there are question marks I would have thought. Some of you seem a little over confident and rather disparaging. Might be wise to hold off the bold statements for a while, we know only too well they can come back to bite you. Good luck with the rest of the season
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    Fun fact folks - Teemu Pukki has scored as many goals in the Premier League in just 2 games as Christian Benteke has scored for Crystal Palace in 2 SEASONS. Now if that’s not value for money then I don’t know what is!
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    So we're in the pub after the game chatting to these Newcastle fans and explaining Ray's Funds and how we'd added £35.80 with today's game. Joe and Graham both gave me £20 and then they put their change in a glass, did a collection which amounted to another £43.33 So thanks to these guys and Fenway Frank's picks we added £117.13 to the presentation pot for our wonderful Downes Syndrome football team
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    It's Broado, it's what he does, reacts first, thinks later. No one so far that I can see has bashed GH in this thread, we were merely discussing, like adults, the likelihood of GH being replaced once one of our better CBs are fit. As for Lakeyo saying " the only way he'll be replaced etc etc "is drivel,sure Farke likes to keep a settled team but as he felt Mo leitner was a better fit last Saturday, he replaced the Mayor. Chelsea match will require some decent defending to keep them out so it makes sense( outside of Cumbria) to play your best defenders, if fit.
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    He only scored once from outside the box last season - he is very much a 18 yard box player. He also only scored one with his head and joked afterwards that he only gets one a season. The way to stop Pukki, and it sounds obvious, is to keep him away from your goal. Although he is relatively quick but not so fast that teams can't play a high line against him (unlike Vardy). I wonder if we will see the more sensible managers realising that the best defence against Norwich is a high line - teams that sat back against them last season usually suffered in the end. Without Hernandez's pace Norwich might struggle more against a high line at the moment as well - the Chelsea game will be interesting as Lampard twigged that a high line was a good tactic against Norwich last season when he pushed his defence up really high in the Carrow Road game after Norwich scored the second goal. Swansea also played a very high line which Norwich struggled against. I'm not going to get too carried away by Pukki's goals yet - Newcastle probably put on the most inept Premier League performance I have ever seen and played into Norwich's hands perfectly.
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    We have yet to see Fahrmann either and I for one actually feel Krul is the better bet. I wasn't that impressed with Ralf in pre season, but maybe that was too soon to judge. It really all depends on how well the lads are playing. Have we seen any of the new boys start a Prem game yet? Nope. We're sticking with our core side from last season as much as we can and I think that's brilliant. Brave, too, but I see Farke getting the best out of them this way. Entirely possible that Amadou won't start any Prem games at all this season. Seems mad, I know, but if the other lads are doing the business then why would he?! It's about the cohesion of our team and the togetherness. So it's only natural that the players who have been here a while are more in their rhythm. Having said all of that, I would be excited to see Amadou play!
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    I guess Farke thought Tettey was a safer bet for this match as he's been here years and totally understands the system. Also, I don't think Amadou has ever lived in an English-speaking country, so if his English isn't great it might take a little longer to get him to fully understand the system. Farke has started 11 players who were at the club last season in both matches so far, so he clearly values that continuity. It might even be that we don't see Amadou until after the international break; until then, Tettey is absolutely fine at this level to come on for 10 minutes to shore up the midfield if required.
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    I agree, no point being disparaging against sides similar to us fighting for early footholds. Sheff Utd were one of, if not the best side to come to CR last season and have that momentum just like us. Whilst I feel our football is probably more pleasing on the eye, few teams will get a decent result at Bramall lane this season with their loud support behind them, much like ourselves.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you have pretty much the same team from the Championship last season?
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    Suspect there's a lot of uninformed opinions on this poll....... you know, a bit like the media of late. Sutton was brilliant.... Pukki is brilliant.............. how about we leave it there!!!!!!
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    If I were an Ipswich fan I'd be too embarrassed to get involved in anything with a couple of premier league clubs fans...
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    I saw that too but he's the current incumbent of Scapegoat Corner so don't go giving him Get Out Of Jail Free cards.
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    Will you ever stop, with all this nonsense. Hanley is a stop gap. Nothing more. Its not the same as other positions, where we have players of similar abilities. Zimbo or Timbo will replace him asap.
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    VAR should be our friend this season and I remain convinced it will be. However, wait for the refs who will not review / change opinion when the opportunity arises for the smaller teams against the big boys.
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    The group of Newcastle fans I overheard afterwards and spoke to were offensively critical of their team saying they were destined for the championship, and when I suggested it was only two games into the season, they suggested we were Fu(&!ng $h14 as well! I duly wished them a fond farewell and good luck for season. That or Fu(& Off , cant quite recall now.
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    Surely the ref not seeing the handball wasn't a "clear and obvious mistake" so the goal shouldn't have been overturned? I struggle to reconcile how the handball is so important that it has to be enforced by VAR but the penalty is not and can't be triggered by VAR?
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    We're going to smash both of these.
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    Lewis has started the season looking more acclimatised to Prem footy than Aaron's.
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    Sutton was an excellent goal scorer and incredibly strong in the air, but Pukki's all-round game, work rate and clinical finishing take it for me.
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    I don't give a **** what they think. When i see performances like that from Aarons, Lewis, Cantwell and Godfrey it almost brings a tear to the eye they were that good. The senior lads were great too. As a side note Newcastle spent about £40m on Joelinton. Godfrey made him look like Championship at best. Ben is scaringly good.
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    Shearer isn’t a premier league quality pundit. Not sure why the BBC keep employing him on MOTD. He would be better served on CBBC.....and even that is debatable.....