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    I don't think it is about keeping us small- the extra £700k they will have made from this is hardly the difference between being a big or small club. Football clubs always have to walk a tightrope between maximising revenue and making fans feel exploited. The almost universally negative reaction (from a usually placid fan base) for me clearly indicates this has fallen off the tightrope.
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    I can't genuinely believe that anyone who watched him in our prem season for more than a handful of games thinks that, taking Hughton out of the equation, RvW looked anything like a Premier League quality striker.
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    No....didnt have the physicality or strength and was bullied by emglish league defenders Worst striker I've ever seen in norwich colours ...and I still can't believe people still peddle the Snodgrass penalty line. How fragile must a strikers confidence be if they supposedly react that badly to a penalty SOMEBODY ELSE MISSED !!?!
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    Ironic that a streaker gets fined £5000 and the gang of thugs who committed burglaries in properties over East Anglia and stole high value cars one of whom netted £125000 made to pay just £1 back or face an extra day in prison. Country has gone to the dogs
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    Nobody needs a car share to get to a match because nobody can get tickets.
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    Pukki holds the ball up better, links up play better, is stronger, a better finisher, makes better runs and has more pace. RvW might notch a few tap ins but nothing to talk about.
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    The club has got so much right it feels a bit like everyone's desperate to have a proper kick in at anyone and everyone whilst the opportunity is there. This idea hasnt worked and wont last past this season, but lets not make out it's the end of the world as we know it.
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    https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/norwich-streaker-why-he-did-it-1-6213839 Grant Sleight Fined £5000 and banned from Anfield for 5 years. A Liverpool fan who lives in Norwich and seeked publicity by approaching the EDP for the ridiculous article they have printed and looks like he is hero worshipped by his Facebook followers for what he did. Even talk of crowdfunding to pay the fine ! Probably got his ticket by joining the membership scheme as he obviously has a local postcode and possibly a purchase history but in my book he should have it cancelled and a substantial ban from Carrow Road like he has from Liverpool. Over to you Mr Kensall.
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    managed to get one off some randomer on twitter!
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    RVW would score more goals than Srbeny if both given the same opportunity over the same number of games.
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    it shouldn't be too difficult to trace who bought that ticket, and he or she should then be exposed and be forced to bare up to what they have done, assuming the ticket was sold on I suspect the cause of him going on the pitch was a bet about City or Pukki scoring ie if City score after this I'll streak across the pitch
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    Yep, Eddie’s right about the purchasing of memberships to be ‘a part of the club’, it’s an important feeling to be part of it still when you’re exiled. I didn’t look into this new scheme in depth to be honest, I just thought it’s not a membership anymore per se, it’s just a (difficult) lottery for tickets and nothing more than that. Enjoyed the old system, collecting points, always got tickets for the games. And I still have my ‘customer number’ that I’ve had for many years that I used when buying the home and third shirts recently - not been kicked off the database just yet ha ha, and will always put money into supporting my club one way or another regardless of what the latest scheme is, or what division we’re in.
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    Pukki receives the ball from 20 yards away and has runners in support.....RVW got scraps from 50 yards or so and no support. Hughton tucked him up good and proper and ruined our team.... a shambles of a coach.....(nice bloke though apparently). Even Holt struggled with Hughton's approach. Fact is we'll never know, but give him the benefit of doubt.
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    I’m just waiting for the comments on here about pundits being a joke and clear national media bias against Norwich because people are praising Chelsea more than us when they only scored 1 against Liverpool just like we did....
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    Always felt a little sorry for him, his time here was not the best.
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    Yes he would. Never played to his strengths and he has done ok since leaving us.
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    Somebody may still wish to buy membership though. I understand how it's become all about tickets but lot's of fans like to be members even if they never buy tickets. The narrow view of all this is astounding at times.
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    This membership scheme is that bad it’s got me and Til together !
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    Has somebody been in my house??? This has been in my attic for 24 years and I got it down last week ...
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    Mings had just had an excellent season for Villa so can see why he cost that much. I know there is a lot of hate for Mings due to his Ipswich past, but it is hard to argue with the impact he had on Villa's season.
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    Last season Liverpool routinely beat teams by 3 goals at Anfield. F55 A10 in 19 games.
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    It's probably down to my educashun, but is 'far less good' the correct term here?
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    I've seen more positive things written about Norwich's performance on Friday than negative things. There were some snap judgements at the time that were probably a bit knee jerk and comments made during the game - when it looked like Liverpool could go on to score 6 or 7 - that were more damning on Norwich. Post game, with a bit of reflection most comments were fairly positive for Norwich. Even Jamie Carragher said some nice things (after flip flopping several times during the game).
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    I’m not sure how either party can judge after a single game, particularly one away to the European champions. Of course there were positive and negative signs but until we’ve played 8-10 games I’m not sure how anyone can form a definitive opinion. It’s highly likely we will get better as we have young players who will learn on the job, and a manager who will learn things every time we play. But nobody has any idea really at this stage about how we’ll fair or how many teams will be worse than us, it’s impossible after one game. Unfortunately football today is 24/7 punditry and opinion, air time has to be filled with something. I heard Pochettino getting criticised yesterday after they won 3-1 and people questioning Lampard’s job, totally and utterly bonkers. But something we have to put up with unfortunately.