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    Is it really that much of a problem? Some people just love to whinge. Is there enough Norwich related football stories and content to sustain a vibrant and interactive message board at this time of the year? I'm not so sure.. let the message board evolve and grow naturally rather than shackle it.
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    I thought this was a forum for Norwich Supporters as much as the club. And its the close season. So what football can we discuss apart from guessing who we are signing or what will be the starting lineup. As an exile in Cornwall, I love to keep in touch with what is happening and unless I'm mistaken, the biggest topic on here is Brexit. And has been for a couple of years or so if not more. So it isn't just NCFC that interests our supporters. And I cannot believe that it is such a hardship to open a file, read it and forget it if it doesn't interest you. I just used to be a voyeur on this site for years until something stuck in my craw about a topic and I joined in. Now, even though I don't know any of you, I have images in my mind and that makes it even more enjoyable.
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    It's as clear as anything - the sub-forum for non-football has been placed clearly at the top of the main page.......why is it hard for people to understand?
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    In the spirit of East Anglian brotherhood I'll pledge £1 for every goal we score and £1 for every goal the "nailed on promotion certs" from League 1 concede (both for all competitions). An additional £20 for City to stay up and £20 for them to stay down. Apples
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    Sadly you were correct. Still a brilliant TDF, but the finish was robbed of a famous GC battle. Having said that, what a delight to see such a humble young man in Bernal stand in yellow. A worthy champion. I was lucky (or unlucky) enough to be on the road for stage 19. I decided against going to the final climb at Tignes and ride up and over the I'seran to sit 1.5km from the top. The weather was crazy, although not particularly where we were. At an altitude of 2700m above sea level we enjoyed sunshine and temperatures of 25 plus degree until about an hour before the race cam through. The wind picked up and the sky threatened, but bar a few spits of rain and some thunder, nothing really happened. 30 mins after the riders passed, we descended back towards Tignes. The roads were completely dry down the I'seran until we got to Val D'isere at 1800m altitude. literally it was like someone had opened a freezer door in front of us. At an altitude of nearly 1000m lower than were we'd been, the temperature must have been 15-20 degrees cooler! As we progressed out of Val the road was empty apart from a few gendarmerie, and the evidence of snow! Through a few tunnels and with the Tignes dam in view, we encountered proper snow!! But only for like a sq KM max. But more than enough to make it dangerous to riders. We were shocked, as we rode up earlier in the day it must have been 30+ degrees here! The weather was so localised that literally it had changed within 100 metres, and it was just bad luck that it hit the parcours. At this point, we had no idea the race had been cancelled and assumed the race had gone on to finish at Tignes! As we passed Tignes and tried to decend to Bourg st Maurice where our car was parked, we were stopped and informed of a landslide blocking the road. At which point the heavens opened and we got a drenched. An hour or so later we were descending back to the car in biblical rain with chattering teeth! NEVER been so happy for heated car seats!!! We got back to our chalet and enjoyed some beer and pizza before watching the highlights in shock as we found out the races outcome. It was a pretty crazy day, but fortunately we made the right decision in terms of where to watch the race, and got to see the riders pass. But perhaps more fortunately, we avoided the bad weather whilst sat on Europe's highest mountain pass. Had we have got the snow, hail and cold temperatures, we could have been in a very difficult position on a very remote and exposed mountain. Vive Le Tour!
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    Just in case your image of me is wrong, this is me - You need to work on your right arm a bit more LDC. And if that really is you then whatever you say in the future is not to challenged. This my latest selfie.
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    Well done Swindon. You are making the world a better place.
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    The main problem seem to be that people don't put OT. in front of the thread. For myself I've started putting non football in it's correct place.
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    This is not a forum for discussing football.
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    Can't and Must Not at any cost, remove the Brexit thread from the Main Discussion......Or belligerent Bill/City 1st, Hermoan and the 'others'......will just fade away.......and turn into dust........... Brexit is a non-football topic......I don't care if there was uproar from the political dullards and certain individuals who get 'off' on personal spats concerning remain or leave concerning the brexit thread - and their fearing of its relocation to non-football ......It's now after 3 years become very, very tedious from those who consistently bang on about brexit - it's from when they arise until they retire to their soiled scratchers......What they hope to achieve by squabbling and attempting to point score is way beyond me......? Sad giffers......
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    This subforum should be football chat only. The Brexit thread being left here for long has simply encouraged people to go off topic on tangents everywhere. Apply the rules to all threads and posters please, no exceptions! If I want to read the other stuff I'll visit the other subforum!
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    I find it strange that Pete moved the threads about cricket and cycling, left brexit on here and has then done nothing about threads on Norwich pride, where to stay on your holidays and, as you say, love island. Some consistency would be good
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    On here today there are topics which most certainly have nothing in the slightest to do with football. If there is anyone acting as a moderator here, and if so why aren’t these removed? I am certain most true Norwich City and football fans would agree. Frankly I don’t give am dam about Norwich Gay marches or who the hell won bloody love Island!
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    Finally got around to buying some replacement sofa cushions last week. Had to take all the cushions off to measure up. I actually found 2 of the old £1 coins wedged down the side. Wish they were newer, to be honest, could have paid some way towards the new cushions.
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    This strikes me as a philosophical question. Does a non-football thread exist if nobody reads it?
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    I shall be wearing mine as a cravat.
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    I'll give £3 for every place we finish below top of the league.
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    ....sorry Nuff, how careless of me. What I should have said was, Patrick Roberts' black boyfriend wearing speedos. ....they think it's all over, it is now.
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    I'm sure there used to be a section for local lower league football.
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    Normally I go for a YFB - You fat B***ard But this season I need A YFFB...
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    Bill with the most predictable post of all time.
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    The biggest weakness this time round, no Luis Saurez! 11 goals in 5 games against us..........so that’s 2.2 goals we won’t have to score.
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    There is a reason we have a non-football section of the board, but it appears that it's just far too much effort for many to post non-city threads in there rather than in the NCFC section. I personally don't mind tenuous links that are somewhat City related per se, but the sheer amount of stuff that clearly should be in the non-football section recently is a bit much IMHO. I kind of get the point that some people don't have a lot of spare time and that when logging in to a football forum, they may not have the inclination to have to wade through ambiguously titled threads that turn out to have nothing to do with the club with said limited time. Is it worth making a song and dance about - not really, but is pointing out that a number of threads really belong in the other section actually making a big deal about it anyway?
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    Overloads are a fundamental part of the modern game, obsessively loved by Guardiola for example. It involves creating 2v1 in your favour in small areas anywhere on the pitch. In possession Guardiola will take any number of tactical risks to create such scenarios, indeed one could easily argue that this single ploy is the essence and result of all of his other tactical nuances. I used reverse overload to explain what Napoli did, which is to (unusually) load the support in defensive areas - deliberately abandoning and vacating other areas of the field - to ensure dominance and continued possession of the ball in the deep build up areas, thus being able to escape he key Liverpool tactical weapon of the high press upon which much of their tactical efforts - and success - has been based. The Italian papers made much of this interesting tactical ploy by Napoli because - as Guardiola himself has admitted - it is highly effective weapon that Liverpool use a lot and has been hard to combat for many teams. Parma
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