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    Byram has really missed out on all of Leeds' success since leaving. Some career highlights he will be gutted at missing out on include: not being promoted in 16/17, not being promoted in 17/18 and let's not forget not being promoted in 18/19.
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    I forget who we currently wish we were, but I bet they'll have much, much better cables than us. Club's a joke. Apples
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    And this is some heavy abuse of the word literally.  But he has done well as a sub when called upon - he's not been called upon often, but the two occasions that come to mind are the Birmingham away game where his impact brought about our equaliser and also his goal against QPR(?). Not to mention his performances and goals in the cup games. Not many thought Stiepermann was going to do much last season after his first season, so you never know.....
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    Good, as the OT was a thinly veiled attempt at Virtue Signalling by LDC. pretending he wanted to discuss Players diets , when all he really wanted was to let us know that he'd reduced his intake of animal products. He'd got a bit of a hard time the last couple of days, so i figure this was a distraction technique.
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    I knew some people would be excited by these pictures.
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    Why are we installing a circa 1960 manual telephonic switchboard?
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    You gotta hand it to RTB... This last bit is pretty funny
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    Got to hand it PP they know how to get attention.
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    It was possibly one of the more stupid comments i've seen on this forum, a sweeping generalisation that has been proven wrong across a multitude of clubs over a number of years..
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    I believe our 4 signings make us stronger overall than last seasons squad Farhmann > McGovern Byram > Passlack Roberts > Cantwell Drmic > Rhodes How many of those improve the first XI is debatable, but I'm not sure how many players we could sign that would walk into the first team with the budget we're reported to have?
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    4 kids under 7? No wonder your Wife wants a holiday
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    Anyone else agree that Fairhaven water garden at S Walsham is something of a hidden gem? Bite size but enough for a half day and slightly magical in an understated English way
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    Indeed, this is why I believe we’re far stronger this year without the big money signings. These young and experienced hungry players have been together for a full season, grown together and learned a hell of a lot from last season. I’d hate to think how much we’d have to pay if we wanted to sign Emi, Aarons, Godfrey, Lewis, Pukki to name a few.
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    Each to their own but Horsey is free, and you can watch the seals at your own leisure. Totally free, and a nice walk amongst the dunes. I did Blakeney as a kid, and I do remember enjoying it, but I really like Horsey
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    Aaron’s contract announced! Like I said, good time to stop speculation
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    His total dismissal of this club and the time he was here
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    First met Blackpool away in 71. We had travelled over night. She and others were waiting for the City coach to get comps. I remember her talking to Keelan and her having a voice like Peggy Mount. Always saw her at away games, big bar scarf festooned with enamel badges. Was the beneficiary of a lift back fom Orient in 78. Fell asleep on the B'pool coach and so missed the B'pool lights. Just hope someone sits her down to write a book about her times following City. That would need a volume or two.
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    Announcements for contracts often don’t happen straight away, if they did Norwich would have announced a whole bunch at the same time. They are doing.m a ‘drumbeat’ media campaign with it this summer - dropping regular small bits of good news produces a better narrative for the summer. Keeping a good narrative and happy fans drives up the sales of kits and memeberships. Which is the main purpose of the club’s media team. The deal is signed.
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    Brilliant band! Saw them at the Arts Centre a while back. My friends are in a band called Mammal Hands. Check them out too, if you haven't heard them before. Absolutely brilliant!
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    and vegetarian restaurants
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    Fair nuff, Nuff Said!
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    If LDC was virtue signalling, what is RTB doing? Argumentative tw*t signalling?
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    Agree on both of those. I think the point he was trying to make was that Byram left Leeds not for development but for money, don't think he's having a pop at us. Let's be honest, as far as Danny Mills is concerned he only credits one club in his career and that's Leeds. Very average ordinary player who is a great example that in those days you didn't need much talent to get a career out of football. He would be championship level at best if he was a player now.
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    Now known as a LDCM (lynchpin central defensive midfielder) As opposed to a Lake District Canary Monologue
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    Well, he's factually correct but the reason wasn't because he left Leeds, it was due to injuries. Danny Mills is a complete c-unit anyway.
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    God you're weird. Most restaurants offer vegetarian options because it is commercially sensible. Enough of the population is vegetarian that catering for them makes sense as they'll often get mixed groups of meat eaters and vegetarians. Vegetarian restaurants don't offer meat options because there is enough of a market of vegetarians who would prefer to eat in a restaurant that is free of meat. It isn't about being intolerant, it is about what makes commerical sense. If there was a demand for restaurants that didn't serve veggie or vegan options they'd exist. People who like you who enjoy being **** for the sake of it are in a small enough minority that they don't need catering for. I'd imagine your veggie friends probably don't enjoy going out for dinner with you that much.
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    Trouble is, he was serious.
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    I don't know because I'm not a weirdo who doesn't check people are OK with the menu before booking somewhere to eat...
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    I don't know what kind of vegetarians you know (I'm leaning towards 'imaginary ones' at this point) but every time I've been out for dinner with a mixed group the vegetarians have never been in 'uproar' about going to a restaurant that serves meat as long as there are decent vegetarian options.
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    Wells is great for the beach, especially with kids. If you go in the Summer you do need to get there by about 10.30 if you want to park near the beach cafe - this makes it much easier to get your stuff and children on the beach. The town at Wells is also nice, fish and chips on the quay are good. Mundsley is a great beach. You can park behind the shops and it is a short walk down tot he sand. There is a cafe on the beach that does okay food, handy if you haven't brought what you need. You can rent deck chairs for a reasonable fee, so that might save some carrying. The sea is safe for the kids to swim in and there are life guards. Holkham - the estate is lovely and normally costs about £3 to park during the Summer. They have a good play area and lots of grounds to wander around. One the other side of the road is the beach, this is smashing but probably going to be a bit difficult if you have four youngsters. It is a 15 minute walk to get to the really sandy bit and that might be a pain with the kids. Brancaster is my favourite beach in Norfolk. Long sandy beach, relatively quiet, but there aren't life guards and when the tide goes out it can be a 10 minute walk to find it again. Brancaster is really close to Hunstanton so we tend to work up an appetite on the beach and then go to Sunny Hunny for Fish and Chips ('fishers' on the green does a really good meal). Cromer and Sheringham - Cromer is my preference but very similar. Nice towns, good beaches, very convenient. In terms of more organised places: Bewilderwood - as mentioned above. Good for a day, walkways int he trees and slides etc. Will keep the kids going and they will be knackered come the end of it. Banham Zoo, Amazonia, Africa Alive - as the names suggest, all animal parks. Not my thing so I haven't been but the wife and kids have and they enjoyed it. Sea Life Centres (Yarmouth and Hunstanton) - I have only been to the Hunstanton one, was good. What can you say, fish and penguins and that. Norwich Castle and Cathedrals - Check what is on but they are well worth a visit. The castle is really good and has a museum attached. The CofE Cathedral is near the river, good pubs and a nice walk. Some interesting shops. The RC Cathedral is at the top of Grapes hill. Nice part of the City too, little shops but quite pricey. Good if they are doing tours because you can go to the top - might be a grind with the kids though. I am sure others can add to this. Good luck and enjoy, the coast is bloody smashing!
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    1) Because carnivorous food is the default in restaurants in British society. How many tines have you gone out to eat and thought “I want to eat meat but there’s nowhere that serves it”? Once, and you were in a vegetarian restaurant at the time? 2) Because the restaurant you were in specifically advertised itself as vegetarian. Do you go in a seafood restaurant and ask for steak? Or an Indian restaurant and demand Chinese food?
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    I can see them surviving (with us). I liked what I saw of them last season and they were, in my opinion, probably the best team to come to Carrow Road. They have a noisy passionate crowd behind them and have recently popped up from L1 which will provide incentive. They had few players on loan and similar to us a number keen to show the footballing world what they can achieve. Wilder, whether you like him or not is clearly a motivator and with a good wind behind them they could push on. A proper team. However, I am really looking forward to seeing how our season unravels and secretly expect us to finish comfortably in mid table with some really eye catching displays. I honestly can not wait. Our style of football (which has been the hall mark of NCFC for years) will be lauded. Mark my words.
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    This is one of the more unique forms of trolling.
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    Found this out a few years ago when I took the girlfriend back to the home county, so she would fall in love with Norfolk. Hunstanton is the only place in the UK you can see the sunrise, and the sunset, over the sea! I bought her a photography course that started at Holkham beach and ended at Hunstanton.
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    It's going to be fascinating to see how the season develops. I think we will hold our own and see no reason that we can't make a real impact on the division. We have quality right through the squad, a great way of playing and a management that want the game to be enjoyed and not stressed about - and that could be a real benefit in a league where so much rests on clubs being desperate to stay up. Sheff Utd will be good, but not good enough, Villa will struggle imo, as will Newcastle again. Brighton, Wet Spam, Southampton and Burnley too. Heck I even think Chelsea and Man Utd will not be a major force next season. The world is our lobster.....
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    People can eat what they want as far as I am concerned and if they want to go vegan then I don't stop them. But most of them don't have a reciprocal attitude to carnivores. Recently, I was in a vegetarian restaurant with my vegetarian sister and her husband and the server handed out the menus. I asked him what were the non-vegetarian options and he pointed to a list of vegan choices. No, I said, I mean the meat options. But this is a vegetarian restaurant, he replied. Well I knew that but when we eat in other restaurants there's always vegetarian and vegan options and gluten and lactose intolerances are catered for. So I asked why they don't cater for those who want to eat meat with a couple of options? Well the server got quite snotty as though I'd suggested I wanted to butcher a goat on the dining room floor or something, and he suggested I go eat elsewhere. If a server said that to a vegetarian in any other restaurant there would be a massive public outcry.
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    Wells mate. Big beach great walks through pine forest to Holkham, penny slots, French’s fish and chips, terrific sunsets from the beach if you’re lucky, Vic at Holkham for the adults... get the weather and it’s fantastic for kids.
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    Wimbledon. Rolex needed a new man after theirs messed up in the Final
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    You also have to be careful, when not eating meat, to avoid catching Vaginitis
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    I think what's really encouraging for me is that Webber and Farke have both talked about the requirement this season to focus not just on the physical conditioning but the mental conditioning too. There are clearly going to be times next season where we may be taken apart. It was refreshing to hear Webber speak about "mental recovery" and that there is clear psychological training happening this Summer to prepare the squad for "positive recovery".
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    Don't know what to do. Have to admit I really don't like that green bit on the bottom which is a shame as the top half I quite like. It should be all yellow imo. Feel we've lost a little bit of our identity and can't help thinking it looks like another clubs away strip.
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