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    I'd rather have Jim Bowen... (Can't believe three pages of this and not one of you did it )
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    He does live in Cumbria so quite high I reckon. However the probability of them returning him within 5 minutes is much higher.
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    Evens. He will or or he won’t.
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    I think we all need to acknowledge that we love the current Norwich team and the players, but also be open to the idea that there are better players out there who could go on to do even more with the club. I like Onel a lot, I’ve always been one for a pacy, tricky winger and Onel has been that guy for Norwich. Bowen isn’t that type of player, but he’s someone who scored 22 goals, from the wing, for a mid-table team and on top of that, he’s 22 and English. If it wasn’t for Hull’s mismanaged at owner level, he’d be a £20m+ player. If Norwich can get him, using Marshall as a makeweight, then it would be a great deal and an improvement to the starting XI. Last season Norwich lacked options from the bench in wide areas and Onel did have ups and downs over the season. I’m not suggesting Onel is cast aside but Norwich have to assess EVERY player in the first team and see if there is an improvement that can be made - that is how you progress.
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    With so many new contracts being signed recently, I thought I'd collate them all. Green dates mean that the contract has been signed since our promotion was confirmed (ie. they will be on a Premier League contract). Grey/italic players are players who are surplus to requirements or out on loan. An orange 'H' before the squad number denotes that the player is homegrown. Feel free to point our any oversights or inaccuracies, and I'll update it. We've done well to tie down so many of our heroes to new Premier League contracts; of last season's squad, only Heise, Hanley, Tettey, Srbeny, Thompson, Lewis and Leitner are still on contracts agreed before we became an EPL club. GOALKEEPERS 21 Ralf Fahrmann (born 27.9.88, age 31): signed on loan until 2020 (contract signed in July 2019) H 1 Tim Krul (born 3.4.88, age 31): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) 33 Michael McGovern (born 12.7.84, age 35): signed until 2021 (contract signed in April 2019) H 38 Aston Oxborough (born 9.5.98, age 21): signed until 2020 with club option to 2021 and on loan to Wealdstone until January 2020 (contract signed in April 2018) DEFENDERS H 2 Max Aarons (born 4.1.00, age 20): signed until 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 3 Sam Byram (born 16.9.93, age 26): signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 6 Christoph Zimmermann (born 12.1.93, age 26): signed until 2023 with club option to 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 4 Ben Godfrey (born 15.1.98, age 21): signed until 2023 (contract signed in June 2019) 15 Timm Klose (born 9.5.88, age 31): signed until 2022 (contract signed in May 2019) 16 Philip Heise (20.6.91, born age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in January 2019 and on loan with 1. FC Nürnberg until summer 2020) H 5 Grant Hanley (born 20.11.91, age 28): signed until 2023 (contract signed in November 2018) H 12 Jamal Lewis (born 25.1.98, age 21): signed until 2023 (contract signed in October 2018) Sean Raggett (born 25.1.94, age 25): signed until 2020 with club option to 2021 and on loan with Rotherham for 2019/20 (contract signed in August 2017) James Husband (born 3.1.94, age 26): signed until 2020 and on loan with Blackpool for 2019/20 (contract signed in July 2017) MIDFIELDERS 24 Ibrahim Amadou (born 6.4.93, age 26): signed on loan until 2020 (contract signed in August 2019) 8 Mario Vrancic (born 23.5.89, age 30): signed until 2021 (contract signed in July 2019) 19 Tom Trybull (born 9.3.93, age 26): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 17 Emi Buendia (born 25.12.96, age 23): signed until 2024 (contract signed in July 2019) H 14 Todd Cantwell (born 27.2.98, age 21): signed until 2022 (contract signed in July 2019) 23 Kenny McLean (born 8.1.92, age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) 11 Onel Hernandez (born 1.2.93, age 26): signed until 2023 (contract signed in June 2019) 18 Marco Stiepermann (born 9.2.91, age 28): signed until 2022 (contract signed in May 2019) H 34 Louis Thompson (born 19.12.94, age 25): signed until 2022 with club option to 2023 (contract signed in October 2018) 10 Moritz Leitner (born 8.12.92, age 27): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2018) 27 Alex Tettey (born 4.4.86, age 33): signed until 2020 (contract signed in May 2018) FORWARDS 35 Adam Idah (born 11.2.01, age 18): signed until 2023 (contract signed in July 2019) 22 Teemu Pukki (born 29.3.90, age 29): signed until 2022 (contract signed in July 2019) 20 Josip Drmic (born 8.8.92, age 27): signed until 2022 (contract signed in June 2019) H Carlton Morris (born 16.12.95, age 23): signed until 2021 and on loan with Rotherham for 2019/20 (contract signed in May 2019) Finally, here are all the squad members listed by year of contract expiry, with (+1) indicating we have the option of an extra year: 2020 Fahrmann (loan), Oxborough (+1), Raggett (+1), Husband, Amadou (loan), Tettey 2021 McGovern, Vrancic, Morris 2022 Krul, Klose, Heise, Trybull (+1), Cantwell, McLean, Stiepermann, Thompson (+1), Leitner, Pukki, Drmic 2023 Byram, Zimmermann (+1), Godfrey, Hanley, Lewis, Hernandez, Idah 2024 Aarons, Buendia
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    Just seen the training clip on YouTube and noticed how big Idah is. He's certainly big enough to handle himself. Also saw Ralf palm a few away, must ask them to record him catching one or 2
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    Tough luck for him, but equally means we will have one of Klose or Hanley back in for the start of the season which could be an important thing as well with the experience they have
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    Also not having to play next to Russell Martin all the time might have helped.
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    Would have had the operation as soon as the issue was identified. Either testing when the players returned identified it, or he did it in the first few training sessions - which are usually endurance stuff and the most physically demanding. We know that Farke’s training methods are very tough and pre-seasons have seen quite high levels of injuries. Hopefully there won’t be (m)any more in the next few weeks.
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    Y'know, this entire time I never ever realised 'Scary Spice' was wearing Jim Bowen's face until now.. Thanks to you!
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    You mean this guy? "Yer BASTURDS yer"
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    Was my POS last year. Hope he gets back to full fitness asap!
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    Too twee for me - like Clive Dunn's 'Grandad'.
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    Must have been the cape. Saddened he won't be around for the beginning, but we have good enough replacements.
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    I will wear it and you can try it on for size as long as you promise not to stretch it.
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    reading this thread, I´m glad I took pure and applied maths at A-Level....none of that stats shít
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    It’s a great summer, not signing anyone of huge amount, but a decent enough keeper and winger on loan, a free international striker with potential, adding superb quality to our youth ranks and extending contracts to all key players..... I’ve not been so content in a summer for a long time, Webber & Farke both deserve a huge pat on the back for a great job in convincing the key players to commit to NCFC future, great job........
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    And as I said earlier, it's an accumulator, not 3 separate events. As the challenge was to throw 17, three times in three throws. I don't get why some can't grasp this and have tried to cloud the issue with blather.
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    I dunno, I thought he was moving downhill fast while he was here. Was a captain of Grimsby aged 19, signed for good money from Peterborough, but never really seemed to perform consistently enough. A lot of the stick he was getting towards the end of his time with us was relatively justifiable from what I was watching. Sometimes a change of scenery, different coaches and philosophies, can make a big difference to a player's momentum.
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    It does. But that’s for an individual roll. The OP was talking about it happening 3 times in a row. So, the odds of that happening multiply. The odds for each individual event, as you state, remain constant and are in no way influenced by the previous event. So while the chance of rolling three in a row are cubed, once the first two have been rolled, the odds of rolling the third are the same as rolling the first one was originally. However, before the dice is touched the odds of rolling 3 consecutive same numbers are (21x21x21)/1.
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    We could throw plenty of money at this and still not improve the team. We're a better team than too many yellows think. Relegation would be more of a surprise than staying up! COYY...OTBC
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    Thanks Generation A47 for your good wishes for the season Nutty take 50 off again as Tilly is making an appearance now Had a couple of private messages asking if we're running our ncsfc super 6 competition again & yes we are. We will launch that as soon as Sky open entries and every penny of your entry money will go to our charity the CSF which helps disadvantaged & disabled children & young adults. Hope to see some of you at family day with your kids or grandchildren or just yourselves