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    It's a **** version of Big Brother, full of no mark tosspots trying to be famous by being tosspots. Epitome of everything wrong with society today. None of them are coming over well because they're all self-obsessed ****wits. The only way any of us win is if Kim Jong-Un nukes the entire island.
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    They shouldn't be putting anything up at all in a season where our income has increased by nearly £100m. Certainly not for the sake of raising £300,000. If we are doing ok and they wanted to put ST's up by £20 or so then yes I would have grumbled because again its a drop in the ocean so seems unnecessary (most comparable prem clubs have cut season ticket prices for fans in recent years or certainly have them available cheaper than ours) but I doubt it would have been much more than a bit of grumbling from us usual suspects. Football clubs may be a business but we all know they are not like normal businesses and fans are not like normal "customers" as it takes an awful lot for us to walk away. Fine if that's how they want to operate but lay off the hypocritical, community club b**locks and the bleating about the greed of the premier league and bow badly the fans are treated. Bottom line is they have targeted 5,000 of their most loyal supporters to make a quick buck at a time when they didn't need to. That should open some people's eyes about how things are.
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    It wouldn't be a close season if Jimbo wasn't having a meltdown rant about something.
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    He was a key cog last season.
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    Well I must say the meeting notes released by the various fans groups are very disappointing. My reading of it is: 1. The Club are sorry for not consulting but don't appear apologetic for exploiting the fans for commercial gain. 2. The message is this is what you are going to get as we are "self funding." The alternative would have been increasing the costs of season tickets (£20 on ST's would have been fairer in my view (plus £35 instead of £30 for casual fans) although I don't accept any increase is justified). Wonder when Norwich City fans will really clock that "self funding" = we foot the bill whilst increasing the value of the owners asset for them, paying to rebuild their academy for them etc. If they meant what they say about being custodians of the club for the fans they would give a large chunk of the considerable (and currently very valuable) equity they have accrued in the club to a supporters trust when the time comes rather than passing it on to Tom. In the meantime we all pay more than other prem fans but will be told we cant compete financially. 3. The club no doubt thinks they have taken the heat out of the situation, banked the cash for this season (£300k if we've sold 6000 as they say) and can now move on and bring in some changes next season when they would have had to change it anyway. 4. The stats from the FtC notes are particularly damning. Show the club knew that they have 4600 fans in the 4-9 away game bracket who would be hit by this and who would undoubtedly buy the away memberships. when you add in the 750 in the 10+ bracket in my view it shows that the club have cynically targeted its 5350 (in the main) most loyal supporters here to make a bit of extra cash which is really a drop in the ocean in premier league terms. Its rank hypocrisy. The fact it was signed off by the whole board is damning. I could have been more forgiving if this was someone new on the commercial side of things overstepping the mark trying to make an impression by generating revenues but the fact this was signed off by the whole board is in my view disgusting unless the board members were in some way shielded from some of the details.
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    And tame our instincts to spend?
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    You have to follow it up with "Norwich will finish 3rd"
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    Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man 104 Members 104 1,947 posts Report post Posted 16 minutes ago OK, stadium debate aside, I just want to say how someone of Ricardo's vintage using this phrase made me smile The phrase "What's the beef" has been around since the end of the 19th century. N.B. I am not suggesting that Ricardo is that old
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    That isn't always the case, though. Man City finished top of the Premier League in each of the last two seasons, but you can make a case for other managers doing better jobs based on the fact that they have fewer resources and lower expectations. This isn't the case with Farke and Wilder though: I'd say they started off the season on a similar footing. Ultimately you could make a case for either of them being manager of the year as the jobs they did were both equally fantastic.
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    You do realise that Norwich City are a business don't you Jim Smith? Every business 'exploits people for commercial gain' as you put it, because that's what businesses are set up to do. In my opinion the rest of your post is way, way over the top.
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    It doesn’t smack of that at all - it smacks far more of Farke being overlooked as he’s not British/English. Our side came through largely unexpectedly and won the title - for the manager/head coach of such a side to be so consistently overlooked is rather weird. Of course Wilder did a good job, but he finished second.
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    I can categorically deny that it is me.
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    I've seen better things the last time I had raging diarrhoea, and the s**t probably had more brain cells than that lot on Love Island have, put together. My other half watches it, and she loves it though. Crazy times, but she gets wound up for it
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    No, I think it is very early days on this. It seems Norwich are exploring whether he’d even be interested in coming. I would guess the fee would be small, because Farhmann has quite a long (2022) and quite an expensive (€35k - €45k a week) deal at Shalke, which will be the major issue if Norwich do try to sign him. It could be that Norwich are only interested in a loan deal for a season as Farhmann’s contract is a big problem.
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    Deano, our mantra is ' not how much we spend, but what we spend it on'. I sincerely believe that there are players out there that would improve us, but not at the silly prices that feature in the press football rumour sections. Don't ask me to name them, I am not a Scout or expert but have great faith in our current recruitment policy. Our opinions and angst will have no bearing on what the Club decides. The Club is building something .
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    With the bizarre way world politics is going it feels like we are currently living in an experimental reality show. The only trouble is that we regularly vote to keep the twats in rather than kick them off.
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    Which is why nobody knows what the potential is..... except that it's way over 26,000.
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    God it's a slow time in football.
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    Nor does Brexit . Plus it’s more interesting.
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    Interesting that lots of people saying they see us in for a number 10 to challenge Stiepermann and that may well be right but am I the only one who thinks long term that might be Buendia's best role for us. Most of the things he makes happen tend to be when he drops more centrally. I know that to a degree he creates that space by coming in off the flank but long term I've always seen a potential role for him playing more centrally with two quicker wingers out wide.
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    I'd be disappointed to lose Tettey this summer. OK, he isn't going to play much, but he's good for cover and good to have around the place. Also, loyalty works both ways. He could've left on a free last summer and we begged him to stay, so he signed a new contract. Unless he actively wants to leave, it would be a classless move to discard him now.
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    We’re doing it the only way we can - we aren’t in a position to pee money away a la Fulham, nor would most supporters want us to - and IMO it’d be as likely to fail as to succeed. What others like Villa do doesn’t/shouldn’t really concern us, we’ll go about things in a relatively low-key/quiet way as per usual.