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    If Jordan Rhodes is our 2nd choice next season I will be seriously concerned.
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    Some now saying he’d be coming on another loan deal. That would probably be the most sensible option if Norwich are keen to bring him back.
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    The Gary Gower’s tweet is a joke, so I don’t think the situation has changed since the other week. Norwich want Rhodes, but only if the price is right. What Norwich consider to be the right price and whether he would be third or second choice is the crux of the matter. If he’s cheap and can be signed on a shortish contract, then I’m happy for him to come in and be third choice. If Norwich sign him over a Drmic or even a da Costa, then I’m not particularly happy. There is running this transfer window with one eye on whether the club is relegated, which is the sensible approach but signing Rhodes as 2nd choice would be as if the club was never promoted.
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    I see Skysports news are reporting that the most arrests at grounds were by Leeds and Millwall fans. Now there's a shock ! Why don't the fans leave it to the Police to do the arresting?
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    Webber said in that interview recently that they were willing to revisit players contracts regularly and reward performance; Ben being a clear example of having a new contract that probably wasn't anything incredible and then the promise being kept of a new one with the next step up, its also locks him in and adds Value if the big clubs do come calling next year. It frustrates me that Cantwells people seem to be trying to hold out for a bigger contract when it seems like Webber is sticking to the principle that if you sign a small improvement offer, play well the following season, they arnt going to wait till a year left to go before you get a new offer, its going to come well within your contract time. Ive got a lot of time for Todd, he broke into the squad, but simply put he didn't have the same impact as Godfrey, Arrons or Lewis who all made the position theirs. Hope they can work it out, but wouldn't be the first time in football something like this saw a player move on.
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    It was a stupid conclusion to end up at, so naturally as a stupid person that is exactly what RTB did. Incidentally, I had to cleanse myself this morning as I actually found myself warming to Rory Stewart. However, a brief look at his track record and voting past quickly put paid to that. Putting someone who is a bit a c**t in a room full of utter c**ts does not stop that someone being a c**t. It's a bit like this thread; there are occasions where you start to think VW might have an IQ higher than Ipswich Town's points total this season, but then you realise it's only because you've been reading posts from Jools, paul moy and RTB.
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    Dj11, the consensus in the EU is that if anything the Withdrawal Agreement was too generous to the UK, but it could have been dictated by the ghost of Leon Trotsky for the relevance it has to the impasse May created. There could well have been a Commons' majority for the WA. I don't think any of the opposition parties have a problem with it. Labour certainly doesn't, and many Tory MPs would have voted for it. Only the DUP is implacably against. What kept getting rejected by MPs, and this was certainly not written by Merkel or Trotsky's ghost or anyone else bar Theresa May, was the Hard Brexit political declaration she linked to the WA.
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    Once again, the whole point seems to have passed you by.
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    Indeed. I'm thinking of starting a poll to get it removed.
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    Not to mention a lifetime ban for whoever started it...
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    Why is the EU thread there !
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    Really can't decide...nearly all the goals were superb in some way or other. Can't get Rhodes' second goal against Villa out of my mind though, still not really sure how he did that, or which foot he used. Ok, it's his left....I think....
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    Is overhearing something in a pub, going to replace that they were spotted in ASDA?
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    I remember that Villa game where he was at his best, standing in for Pukki, taking responsibility and winning us the match. If he can be that kind of player again to come on and deliver after hardly playing at all, we will be lucky to have him.
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    Thanks on behalf of our DS boys and girls and the CSF. You're a star
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    Thoroughly meh for me but I trust Webber and Farke have their reasons if true.
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    I went up on the train for that one LDC, with one of my school mates. Neither of us were quite fourteen and we had no adult with us. Amazing now when I come to think of it. I remember buying the train tickets from George Wortleys in Charring Cross. Funny how that sticks in my mind. That match was a terrible crush with over 65k at WHL. It's the only time I've been frightened for my life. When the crowd surged forward I was tight up against a concrete barrier. Very scary at the time. I was level with the penalty area at the end where Cliff Jones equalised in the last minute.
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    Yes lots, I can still remember the opening game against Crystal Palace, that I stood with my cousin and uncle in the South stand (although it was called the ground then because it wasn't segregated from the River End). It was all open to the elements in those days, only the Main stand and Barclay were covered. I believe we won one nil and my favourite player, Johnny Gavin scored. Ralph Hunt was centre forward and it was usually either Oxford or Nethercott in goal. After a decent start things rapidly went downhill and I think we went something like 26 games without a win until Millwall turned up in March and we finally won 2-0. I stood in the enclosure in front of the main stand for that game. It was a season when the club nearly went bust and we had to borrow £500 quid off Kings Lynn and Eastern Counties newspapers had to to pay the players wages. I can also recall men walking round the ground at half time with big white sheets held open while fans threw shillings(5p) in to keep the club going. I remember being worried that we wouldn't get re-elected but my dad said we'd be ok because in those days the other clubs would always re-elect teams that had good attendances. That was because back then away teams got a percentage of the gate. Funny old times and a much different experience compared with today.
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    The closest it came after they turned professional and entered the third division south was 1956/57, with them top and us bottom. They were promoted to league 2 and we had to apply for re-election. One might feel that by rights we should have been relegated, and the two divisions gap would have happened. But - rules are rules. As I have mentioned before, quite how Ipswich got elected into the third division south after being only third in the southern league in 1938 (displacing Gillingham, and ahead of Guildford (5 points clear) and Plymouth Argyle II (ok presumably a reserve team - but our team II came 5th that year) is a bit of a mystery, possibly explained by the Cobbold family's legendary hospitality. So I'm not losing much sleep over accepting the rules back then. I was always aggrieved as a young lad that Arsenal got a dodgy promotion to the top division ahead of Spurs, Barnsley, Wolves and Birmingham after finishing sixth in 1914-15 (although apparently they were actually fifth and someone got their sums wrong) and have never been out of the top flight since. But the very presence of the Binscum in the Football League is an offence against natural justice. 1956-57 was a tumultuous season for us - any memories from the more senior members of the board?
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    I give you Ignasi Miquel!
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    The forward line-up for 92/93 wins it for me.
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    Remember the two lesbians who got punched on a bus by a gang of youths? Remember the outpouring of sympathy they received from all quarters of the country? Well it seems our sympathy was somewhat misplaced as these young women demonstrate the worst kind of entitled victimhood that the Labour Party feeds upon. Read what journalist Brendan O'Neil has to say: Talk about ungrateful. Brits, and people around the world, offered empathy and solidarity to the two gay women who were battered by thugs on a London bus. And yet now one of the women has turned around and told us we only care about them because they are white. It’s only because they are ‘two attractive, white, cisgender women’ that so many people and organisations gave a damn about them and tweeted about them, apparently. Thanks a bunch. We offer our human concern for your wellbeing and you tell us we’re being racist. We’ve reached peak identitarian ****. The woman in question, who goes only by the name ‘Chris’, has written a piece for the Guardian. Natch. The intro lets us know what we’re in for: ‘The photo of me and my date went viral – but only as we’re white, feminine and cisgender.’ Translation: you racist, transphobic idiots wouldn’t have cared half as much if this had been two bloodied and bruised black women or trans women. The ‘commodification’ of ‘my face’ came at the ‘expense of other victims whose constant persecution apparently does not warrant similar moral outrage’, says Chris. What is most striking about her piece is that she flagellates herself for her privilege. Yes, this woman who last month was badly beaten allegedly on account of her sexuality is now beating herself up in the national press over her privileged identity. She says she has ‘evaded much of the violence and oppression imposed on so many others by our capitalist, white-supremacist, patriarchal system because of the privileges I enjoy by dint of my race, health, education, and conventional gender presentation’. What a strange, self-hating mindset it must take to be victimised for your sexuality and then to say: ‘God, I’m SO privileged.’ Chris even does us the service of providing a list of people who are far less privileged than her and who us phoney empathisers should finally start noticing. It is ‘open season’, she says, on ‘people of colour, indigenous people, transgender people, disabled people, queer people, poor people, women and migrants’. This is classic virtue-signalling. She is engaging in the Oppression Olympics while making it clear she doesn’t deserve any gold medals in said Olympics because she is white, educated, cisgender, etc. A masterclass in identitarian showboating. Ironically, while bemoaning her privilege, Chris and her partner have exercised the key privilege of our age – victim privilege. Witness how the liberal media have fallen over themselves to solicit the women’s opinions on political matters. They think Boris is unfit to be PM, one headline tells us. Commentators claim the attack on them shows how ugly Brexit Britain has become. What this isolated assault has got to do with Brexit is anyone’s guess, not least since the alleged perpetrators are teenagers who are not even old enough to vote and probably couldn’t care less about politics. Why are these women’s political opinions being sought out, anyway? We don’t ask victims of armed robbery or knife crime what they think of Boris Johnsongetting into Downing Street, so why ask victims of a physical assault on a bus? It’s because they enjoy identitarian privilege; they are on the oppression scale and thus their views matter more than other people’s. This whole affair confirms how ugly and divisive the politics of identity has become. This nasty new politics makes solidarity impossible. Even the offering of solidarity to two victimised gay women is treated as suspect, as being motored by racism or transphobia or privilege. In the identitarian sphere, where everyone is reduced to their race or sexuality and neatly ordered from Most Oppressed to Least Oppressed, solidarity cannot even be accepted by victims of assault anymore. ‘Why are you sympathising with me? Is it because I am white?’, Chris is effectively asking, like an identitarian Ali G – ‘Is it cos I is white?’. No, it’s because you are a human being, and while sections of the virtual left might have disappeared up the fundament of the anti-human, anti-solidarity politics of identity, the rest of us have not. In that photo, we saw two human beings unfairly abused and assaulted. Nothing more, nothing less. Stop imputing malice and prejudice into our humanist urge to empathise with other people.
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    Easy one, this. Expecting a whitewash.
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    That was w@nk, by the way. Appreciate it might take some of you guys a bit of preparation.