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    My word we have come along way up market since 2013 when Lee Camp was briefly on the books.
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    This wonderful community never ceases to amaze me. Thanks so much guys. I'm in for a tenner too
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    Great gesture Bill. £10 winging it's way over from here too.
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    Perhaps his actual words could be posted on twtd - I'm sure that would raise £3.15p Assuming you accept 5p in the pound as others had to when the binners previously weaselled out of coughing up what they owed ps I'll start the ball rolling by sending over £10 to help cover their sh itty behaviour
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    Has he not offered 5p in the £ NN?
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    I know it's your game GMD, but, really, the 15/16 over last season?
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    Apparently, Ricky van Wolfwinkel's nickname in Portugal was 'Nuno da Goalo!'
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    Don't worry, we're in the queue behind the St. John's Ambulance, 1p5wich Town Council and the Inland Revenue.
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    On the face of one tweet, yes. But it’s the same source that said he was coming last year before anyone else had any suggestion of it, according to Gary Gowers.
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    Doesn't sound like the most concrete of sources
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    Looks like a pitch invasion by Gryffindor
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    Not me mate, always been June. So when did you get the name Ricardo, June? Happy Birthday by the way.
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    Yes lots, I can still remember the opening game against Crystal Palace, that I stood with my cousin and uncle in the South stand (although it was called the ground then because it wasn't segregated from the River End). It was all open to the elements in those days, only the Main stand and Barclay were covered. I believe we won one nil and my favourite player, Johnny Gavin scored. Ralph Hunt was centre forward and it was usually either Oxford or Nethercott in goal. After a decent start things rapidly went downhill and I think we went something like 26 games without a win until Millwall turned up in March and we finally won 2-0. I stood in the enclosure in front of the main stand for that game. It was a season when the club nearly went bust and we had to borrow £500 quid off Kings Lynn and Eastern Counties newspapers had to to pay the players wages. I can also recall men walking round the ground at half time with big white sheets held open while fans threw shillings(5p) in to keep the club going. I remember being worried that we wouldn't get re-elected but my dad said we'd be ok because in those days the other clubs would always re-elect teams that had good attendances. That was because back then away teams got a percentage of the gate. Funny old times and a much different experience compared with today.
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    I'm not taking that laying down....
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    Guess negotiations with Vrancic are harder than other players due to his age. He’s just turned 30 and I doubt Norwich want to give him a long contract, while Mario will be keen for something as long as possible as this is the last big deal he’ll get.
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    I am not sure that is entirely correct, the South Stand rebuild added 4000 seats which took capacity to 25k ish. Then we had the McNally added seats - extra rows put in various parts of the ground which added another say 2000 seats, plus I think we got another couple of hundred more when the new fire break between home and away support was brought in replacing the old material covering that took out several columns of seats. So in the last 15 years or so the stadium has expanded by around 25% which has already absorbed quite a bit of latent support. I really would like to see the Carrow Rd expanded through an enlarged City Stand which would give the ground more balance but only if those seats are occupied. I recall having the debate in the past about growing future support which is really really important. I also understand your point on payback periods. However I still remain to be convinced that there is the demand to justify an expansion project. It is only 12 months ago that the debate was around whether the full season ticket allocation would be taken up. We are now riding the promotion high which has brought this debate forward again. As such the current position is not the norm, and that is what the club needs to plan for.
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    Which wheel is bigger, that one or the one that will result in the Italians talking French? Your post is excellent, by the way
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    Was he tested on how to fill out tax returns, and did he do that with the lights out too? Apples
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    The shot in the dark might be usefull for a party GMD , but yes why not as a training technique if you can create the right conditions From a training perspective what does come out of it is yes, the guy is a magnificent athlete and has the right physique, (as clearly admired by canarydan) center of gravity etc to give him the best chance to be a great footballer, BUT, a lot of his ability comes from training and practice, his ability to predict what an opponent will do with or without the ball, from their movement and body shape, that's second nature to him now but it has been learned! A good lesson for younger players.
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    As I'm sure you all know, Jello Biafra's band The Dead Kennedys released a single called "Too Drunk To F***". Easy on the Peroni tonight!
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    I knew that ...lets hope we don't sign Sammy Starbucks or Pierre Pret-a-Manger anytime soon.
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    Happy birthday Ricardo - the Pink Un's answer to Lesley Welch.
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    Thanks - I couldn't work this out and was a bit confused?
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    17th June 1902, club formed...18th June 1902, first recorded utterence of "Club's in crisis/Club's a joke" and grumbles of dissatisfaction. Apples
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    we share our birthday with (amongst others): Edward 1st (1239) Igor Stravinsky (1882) Brian Statham (1930) The Republic of Iceland (1944) Ken Livingstone (1945) Jello Biafra (1958)
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    I believe it's a bad pun on Costa coffee (Nuno da Costa).
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    Selling Malky and replacing him with Simon Charlton? What was Worthy thinking?
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    not a second tier, but an extension higher and behind the original...like the top tiers of the Barclay and River Ends Foundations, new services and existing service diversion can be done without too much disruption to patrons of the City Stand, the bit that needs some thought would be removal of existing roof and construction of a new one. Get the timing right, and manipulate the fixture list at end of one season and start of next, and there is a four month window to undertake the work that needs to be done with no-one sat underneath...or potentially spread over 2 summers if it can´t be done in 4 months
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    I have heard the same argument made at AGM's stretching back into the dim and distant past. However for a full house match the prospective attendance now is no bigger than it was fifty years ago and I would argue that it is probably smaller. There are lots of factors involved in that and most of them can be linked to pricing in the modern game. Fifty years ago you could have a couple of pints and wander down to pay on the gate at a cost of barely more than you had paid in the pub. Yes, while in the Premier League they could cut prices but then what happens when they are relegated? It would be suicidal to commit funds to a long term project without the certainty of being able to meet the debt. The past is littered with example where this went wrong and one of them is just a little way down the A140. As for being uniquely placed, well in case I am much mistaken Norwich has not moved further from the larger centre's of population in recent years, however I would agree that communications are certainly better. During successful periods we could probably fill a 30k ground for the big matches and an overall average of about 28k might be achievable. Kids for a quid is a nice idea but it was introduced because gates were floundering. I can't see the club venturing on a £30+ million project just to sell seats for a quid, its not going to happen. The other point about increased capacity is that a large number of fans would see it as a better opportunity for casual attendence and thus obviate the need to commit to a season ticket. I repeat, I would love to see the main stand redeveloped and an increase to something over 31k and I am sure that the powers that be at CR would like it too. In view of the apparent logistical and financial realities I would have to agree that there is no pressing need for an early commitment to put this in place.
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    I don't think it works like that under Farke. All the players are treated the same and it is up to individuals to stake their claim in training and then whoever gets the nod then has the chance to keep their place in the team.
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    They’ve said it will be dispatched tomorrow, supplier issue. I opted for collection as not paying a crazy amount for delivery
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    Oh, it's a thread about a male footballer, I almost forgot...
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    That’s two of us, shades of p... up in a brewery
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    That is a great watch GMD thanks. Talk about somebody being able to do something with their eyes shut, the footage where he scores when the lights go out I find amazing.
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    As has been mentioned, the extra capacity would allow the Club to bring back kids for a quid or similar incentives. Which will secure our fanbase in the future, the fact that the Stadium is currently full means that it's hard to attract new support. I've heard that some people are taking their kids to 1p5wich just so they can watch a game, we don't want that to become a trend do we?
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    This one auto-ran. Also a good vid. If only for the jubilance they show at the start Is it against the rules to celebrate in front of the opposition? I'd have been tempted if I was Klose
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    The home kit that year had promise. I think they were going for the retro half and half look... However, clearly Aviva were not having it - so we ended up with that horrible tetris shaped home kit, thanks to the massive yellow block in the middle
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    Panic buy. Not good enough with the ball. Get rid. Cardiff, Forest, Derby must be interested.
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    Delia? I'd forgotten about her. She only ever seems to appear when we're losing.
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    He'll have a point that it cant be right we are away both first and last? also the Premier league admitted a while ago that they never pair two possible title contenders on the last day (although they've slipped up this season !!!)
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