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    They don't but they didn't increase capacity in order to have seats empty. Some of those clubs shut whole sections to reduce match day costs. I'd love to be in a stadium full of 35,000 or even 32,000 but I'm not convinced there is a demand. OK for half a dozen games in.a PL season but the stand won't suddenly have a relegation clause like players contracts. When I ran Bayer Club for all those years I soon realised that it was folly to run the business on the strength of what people said they would do. Talk is cheap. Much better to make decisions based on what people actually do. So forget the chatter right now while the sun is out and look at the evidence of seasons past. 2017 FA Cup v Southampton. There was outrage because the tickets were priced at £25 for adults £10 for U18s and £5 for u12s. Attendance 12,000 2018 FA Cup v Chelsea. Lesson learnt and prices dropped to £15 adults £5 U18s. Attendance 23,000. 2019 FA Cup v Portsmouth. Prices £10 adults £5 U21 and kids for a quid. Attendance 23,000. So looking at what folk actually did shows that it was all about price. And yet those Southampton tkts that were too expensive were much cheaper than seats in a new stand would be.
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    Delia? I'd forgotten about her. She only ever seems to appear when we're losing.
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    I will shortly be pitting Norwich's last 32 squads against each other in a knockout competition. Matches will be selected via random draw. All you have to do is assess the squads of each team in each match, and then pick which you think will win. You vote by 'reacting' or liking the squad of your selected victor. Comments welcome but will not contribute to the the overall vote. First round will run Saturday 15th June
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    Thanks I voted - it must have taken you ages to post all that!
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    Apart from some exceptions the better supported clubs by attendance are more successful in the long term. It really beggars belief that the debate is around 31 - 35000. We should plan for and budget for the biggest capacity we can afford. Yes we may not fill it every week or every year but to have the capacity opens up lots of options for commercial and multiple use- concerts etc.There are also other funding options which can be explored eg. A new share option/ A loan investment/Corporate sponsorship/Retail outlets. Unless we think like a big club we will never be one.
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    In retrospect quite probably. Though doubt I would have been able to commit to daily posts. Certainly would have been less laborious on my part and probably attracted less moaning, but hey, I dont have all the answers. We live and learn
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    I had better not change the words around.
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    Logically it should be easy, our best season in terms of position in the league system since that glorious 92/93 season but I've voted with my heart and gone for the last ever Division One Champions. That was a great team and a magical season; Huckerby's loan signing, the will-he-won't-he-sign culminating in that Boxing Day on pitch announcement, Iwan's last ever game in the yellow and green. That season has burnt several memories into my psyche that I will take to my grave. I'm struggling to recall too much from the other season, beyond the scraped and slightly fortuitous victories against Arsenal and Man United.
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    Wouldn’t it be great if the club gave us a vote one season on some kit options
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    I have added polls to the first round posts meaning there should be no problem with voting now as the reactions idead proved problematic. Poll a lot more straightforward than I realised
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    Yep it doesn’t compare with men’s football but as you say it shouldn’t. I like watching women’s golf, it appears to me their swings are so much more controlled than some of the men and for the comparative strength they get huge distances. Most amateurs would probably benefit from modelling their swing on a professional woman rather than a man. Watching ladies footy I compare it to youth football, that’s not meant to be detrimental, it’s just you start off with different expectations and can still enjoy play that is high standard in the context of the game.
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    Maybe introduce the threads at a slower pace and try to create a poll on each one instead?
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    Amazing isn't it how Hanley was seen as a colossus early last season and we wondered how we'd manage without him when he was injured. Now he can't get a sniff of the first team.
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    I'd react but I've run out of reactions!
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    That could get very expensive for some of us
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    I liked your idea but I fear it is too big and cumbersome. The fact that we still don't know what our quota of reactions is doesn't help either. Good idea, needs tweaking
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    So he’s having yet another pop at Sadiq Khan. This time over the murder rate in London. It’s a good job that the USA doesn’t have a murder rate that outstrips any other developed nation by a multiple of ten, and gunmen shooting up schools every other day.... Otherwise people might see him as a populist bull****ter who says things for attention and effect and have no substance behind them. How do the thickos like jools keep lapping this stuff up when it’s so transparent?
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    Trying to get the worthwhile threads back on the front page rather than all that nonsense that has been posted. Also, the Sun have Norwich linked to Nuno da Costa. A Cape Verde international who plays for Strasbourg in Ligue 1. Can play out wide or as a striker, very quick and always puts in a shift. For £5m he’d be a very good back up option to Pukki as well as someone who could offer something different out wide.
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    Well somebody has got to pay for the sanitary towels in the ladies.
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    Commander Cabbage......
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    Maybe we need something similar to what I believe the Watford owners do, and have other clubs that we can use as a proxy? Leeds worked as a feeder club before and they’d probably be glad to get some attention from a genuine big club.
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    Mario Vrancic vs Blackburn Rovers