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    Yeah, but where does reality and common sense get you? I've panic bought a premier membership, and anyone who doesn't is clearly a binner.
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    Dear Michael/Paddy/David or wherever else may be reading this forum. In their justification for the new membership scheme the club has said it "looked at what other premier league clubs do" before deciding on their new system, implying that they are bringing their practices into line with other premier league clubs. Obviously our lovely club would not lie to us so this must surely be the case? Might I suggest that an helpful and informative piece of local journalism might be for Archant to "check what other premier league clubs do" to see how Norwich fans are being treated in comparison? I've looked at the websites of most of them and have yet to find a single club that has an away membership system separate to the home membership, or (other than Spurs' premier membership) who charge more for membership (even though you only have to have the one membership), or who don't have a priority/loyalty points system for away games which is very similar to the one just ditched by Norwich City. Just thought it might make an interesting article for fans to read particularly if it transpires that we are the only club in the premier league who are taking away a slice of the benefit given to away fans due to the £30 tickets. Of course if it turns out they are all doing it then that is a different matter.
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    Please please let this happen the humiliation of them playing our kids will go down in history
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    I heard Ipswich had requested for a preseason game, their first team play our U21s. However, the club pulled the plug on it stating "a crushing defeat would potentially ruin the season ahead for some of our young players." NCFC have so far not responded...….
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    For an 18 year old, playing every week at Celtic would be a considerably better way of developing than Norwich U23s. Celtic are a big club. They aren’t in a great league, but you only have to go to Celtic Park on a match day to realise how big they are. It would be a fantastic experience for most players, especially at a young age. Money will always be a focus, especially for a player who has yet to make much. It’s a bit of a cliche, but it is true, he could get a career altering ACL injury and then massively regret not taking the huge wad of cash available. Especially when it also means playing more football in a fantastic environment. There are obvious connections for Irish players also. Playing at Celtic has helped a lot of players develop, including Pukki, and shouldn’t be sniffed at.
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    I've written a letter which I am posting this morning (they are going to get a lakey lecture) - Dear Delia and Michael, I am writing to you to express my utmost dismay of the new membership scheme which has left me - and many others, it seems - in no doubt that we are not valued supporters of the club. The scheme affects nearly everyone who follows the club and has upset so many people, basically ruining a lot of the goodwill that has built up towards the club in recent times. I am bewildered as to how anyone at the club would think this scheme is in any way sensible, let alone justifiable. What price loyalty to those that have been going to matches over the difficult years? We are now being asked to pay a significant amount of money to be in a lottery with those who will just try and jump on the bandwagon because we are in the Premier League! Also, how can charging £100 for a home and an away membership be fair, when total priority membership was only £25 last year? And why on earth are there two memberships? I could have understood a single membership at £50, or even a combined one at a reduced fee, but to have to get two £50 memberships to join some kind of ticket lottery is just horrendous - especially for families who have to buy multiple memberships. Where is the benefit in being a member now anyway? Because of reduced ticket prices? That is no use when you cannot get a ticket in the first place! The scheme could easily have recognised ALL those who have gone to matches in recent seasons and given a priority for having been ticket buying supporters, but it looks as if this scheme is only going to encourage those who are interested in seeing the big clubs....in other words those that are more interested in seeing Liverpool or Man Utd than seeing Norwich. Those of us that are real die hard supporters - whether we are season ticket holders or just go to matches when we can - look like we are being treated very badly. I am at a loss to understand the reasoning behind this new scheme - or should I say 'schemes' - and to many of us, it looks like a money grabbing exercise and does not offer any loyalty to everyday fans who have followed the club through thick and thin. It wouldn't matter to me if we were in League 2 - I would still try to get to matches.....but priority is now available to anyone at all, whether they have been to matches recently or not. Also, there is a clear callousness in the way this scheme was introduced, just hours before the fixtures were announced. I am shocked that the club can so easily risk throwing away the goodwill it has engendered in recent years - and for the first time since membership was introduced I will not be buying one. I may still get to a game or two if there are any tickets left on general sale, but there has been damage done to the club's relationship with it's fans today and it is upsetting that after such a fantastic season, that the anticipation of the new season has been spoiled by such a badly thought out scheme. Yours sincerely
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    Hey NCFC Tom, I think Villa need to spend, their better players were on loan and they need to also build an ethos and cohesion. They can buy players but they don't have the ethos and cohesion that we have, with a promoted squad without any departures. They also can afford to spend and it is no surprise to see them try and buy their survival. These players may have match winning moments, but can they build the cohesion up quickly. I think we are ahead on cohesion, ethos and have a team. I think we need that defensive midfielder, second striker, attacking midfielder, right back cover and potentially a second string keeper. But these are not players to build a team around. The key additions are defensive midfielder, then second striker and attacking midfielder for the number 10 role. I think we will see them spend a lot of money but they have to build up that team ethic, they like us will have winless runs. I believe we have been built to understand that may happen, I wonder about villa and their newly built team. I think we can handle winless runs and stop the rot after a few games. TBH I think we will not have long runs of losses because the way the group will stick together. Yes we will have losing runs but I feel we can also have winning runs too.
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    Can't see Spurs going to general sale , even if its midweek, the lure of a new stadium will attract people.....we took 9000 to Arsenal a couple of years ago, the first 5000 were sold in 2 hours
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    ‘Paki’ has never been used as a non-offensive term for people from Pakistan. The word ‘Paki’ was created by far right groups in England as a derogatory term.
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    Does the priority scheme kick in?
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    Can one use one's season ticket to see these friendlies or is there a separate membership scheme for these games?
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    Looks like he's found a new place to keep the rest of his shopping
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    You haven't got your money back because the ticket would only cost you £30 regardless of membership. Its a premier league rule that the clubs have signed up to. Norwich City are not subsidising that £18!
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    Lakey may i suggest that you include the fact that families are expected to fork out £50 for kids which will endanger future generations being lost.
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    I thought you were going to be linking to this one which I was there for, unfortunately sat in the family stand and in my attempts to stifle the cheer managed to lose some chewing gum into the hair if the lady sat in front of me
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    Good letter Lakey. I too have made a slight adjustment (in red), for balance purposes only, to your letter. My advice would be to print it out, shred it and send as it mentioned by Fuzzar. That way, they will not only have to pay postage, but will be spending all day gluing the strips together to make head or tail of it.
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    If you want to see EVERY Norwich game look into an NBC Sports account. They show all Prem games at 3pm on a Saturday. You'll need a VPN but that's all. As you will have a genuine account it's not illegal (I think)
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    Excellent Lakey - have corrected a couple of typos (in green) for you. Don't put a stamp on it - that'll teach 'em. And do you need the address?
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    The point is that clubs receive a huge amount of TV money and the fans are supposed to benefit from that with reduced ticket prices. The amount of money raised from membership schemes will not be huge enough to make a big difference to the overall income of the club and they could have been more he;pful to fans by keeping membership cost down. To try and offset any small loss from the £30 ticket rule by asking so much money for membership schemes is unecessary and frankly vindictive. As a casual I would have been as happy to pay one lot of £50 for overall membership, but to be asked for two lots is way out of order.
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    The point really is that they could have introduced a fair system, easily, without charging. This is a hypocritical revenue raising scheme from a club that holds itself out as a community club, taxing the clubs most loyal fans who will pay more for away tickets than any other premier league fans.
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    Exactly this . Great post
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    I'll have you know that I only bought my season ticket for the thousand points it was worth to me for away tickets. Now all those who didn't renew, because they thought Board/Webber/Farke/Players were rubbish, can spend £50 and jump the queue. What a world......
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    I'm sorry, I thought you spent lots of money and time going to watch a game of football. I wouldn't do all that traveling without some interest in the game I was going to see. The accumulation of points is a product of that, I'm not sure that it's meant to work that way.
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    Another vote here for the police dog show...There used to be a staged scuffle in the old river end penalty box and a bloke with a heavily padded right arm would leg it down the pitch to be brought down by a slavering alsation before the Barclay in front of an indifferent crowd . In my shoddy memory it used to be every other home game alternating with a marching band of various kinds....
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    My preferences: Marching bands - who refuse to divert around subs having a kick about. Schoolkids relay race - one in each corner / half way line. Or aren't kids allowed to be competitive now? Police Dog show - I'm sure I remember that from when I was a kid in the 70s/80s. Crossbar challenge / skill game - especially when the participants are wearing leather soled brogues and have been in the hospitality suites for a few hours.