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    Shut up ya Jessie Top of the league on Friday night That'll show 'em
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    Last season we beat the champions of europe (*according to WACCOE) away, see no reason why we can't repeat it this season.
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    "Norwich is the club in eastern England. We have a big fan base. Besides us, there is Ipswich, but they are not so cool and have no fans," he said. https://www.pinkun.com/norwich-city/canaries-timm-klose-reflects-contract-extension-1-6102787
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    My First post, so yes I'm plastic (started supporting city in the mid 70's). Yes I'm a binner also . No I can't spell or punctuate properly. With that out of the way, I'm not a fan of the new system. Tho' I shelled out £181.50 yesterday for my son and I to have the privilege of being in some form of lottery for tickets when I saw the availability drop from very good to good. Only to go back to very good later in the day? However, I am fortunate that I work from home so should be able to get in the queue for tickets. Yes in that respect I'm lucky! To me this is quite simply a money grab by City, pure and simple. With no (announced) cap on membership sales the club is using this to cover the cost of the £30 tickets at Carrow road, both home and supporters alike. So the supporter, who are classed as 'casual' are footing this bill. I suspect sales are going much better than the club expected, as all the publicity about the scheme will have encouraged other 'casuals' to buy ar miss out completely. Why was this not announced earlier? If it had been there would have been time to formally complain to the club, have a REAL consultation, do the club want that ? I think the club are going to just keep their heads down and wait for the dust to settle on this.
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    There's one from Aug 9th until May that is even better# We ain't here to make up the numbers, so let's start off on the right note
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    I use an ad-free paid for subscription service. Has all the Sky, BT and presumably all the Amazon games will be on. Loads of other non-sport channels too. After nine months very good so far. Probably shouldn’t advertise it on here so send me a PM.
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    Sky has the most games by far. If you're only going to want it for Norwich games though you may be better off using Now TV day passes (£8.99 a pop). Sky works for me as I use it for football, cricket and NFL.
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    I feel for the exiles and family men above, they've been properly shafted by this. I'm out of work at the moment and struggling to make ends meet, but I've paid for my away membership as one of the 'panic buyers'. It definitely benefits those living in Norfolk over and above exiles and those with family commitments/multiple family members/kids who go to the match. For the first time in a while, the club has dropped the ball a bit and has a bit of PR spin to do in order to keep the fans on side.
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    I'm in a similar position in that I'd hoped to get to 6 or 7 games this season- 3 or 4 at home, 3 or 4 away if possible. Now if I want to have much of a chance of that I've got to fork out £100. I hadn't even thought about the family aspect for some people who take their kids to occasional games too. It's unfortunately one of those decisions that gets worse the more you think about it. The two tier system essentially has been rendered pointless as I've not seen a single person mention buying a standard membership. A couple of things they could maybe have done to make it work... Made premium memberships £30 each Keep them at £50 but offer a joint premium one for say £75 Offered family memberships for a similar price- maybe one adult and one kid for £75 or something along those lines I think the club has been so good in its relationship building with fans of late that they deserve the benefit of the doubt over motivations. There is a sense that they knew this wouldn't go down well though so have released it the day before the fixtures so it gets buried with that.
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    I can very much relate to this. I've not bought a membership for the first time since it was introduced which leaves me a little sad, but £100 for possibly no return is not on. I'll take my chance I can get the odd ticket here or there. PL or no PL, to go from a single membership price of £25 to a double one costing £100 doesn't seem right, on any level.
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    My dilemma exactly DCB except I'm up north and my lads are grown up. It probably means in total the 4 of us won't be able to get to the fewer away games that we usually would go to. Maybe there will be casual tickets but it feels unlikely. I guess this is the price of success. Welcome to the EPL! Yet I'm quite sure no-one is going to miss us! .....But it makes me no less a supporter and fan (since I've been following actively for 50 + years). I do feel sad having looked forward so much like never before to this coming season but I know one can still be a real fan. NCFC takes up far too much of my mind as it is to be really healthy!
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    As a father of three children, who cannot get to every game due to a combination of work commitments, living in Kent and financial consideration- this has just ensured my boys will no longer watch Norwich live. We tend to go to three or four games a season- at Carrow road when visiting grandparents and at London when away. I would now need to fork out £400 just to be in the hat for a ticket - disgraceful.
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    I've got a feeling we might hear about a new contract for Todd He has posted a picture on Istagram of him in his Norwich kit with "pending - stay tuned...." I assume that means he's about to announce a nee contract
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    Spurs away 1230 on Sky (Really hope so) 1500 Games; Bournemouth vs Sheffield United Palace vs Arsenal Everton vs Newcastle Southampton vs Chelsea Watford vs West ham 1730 on BT Sport Burnley vs Liverpool Sunday 11th Aug (Both on Sky) 1330 Aston Villa vs Leicester 1600 Manchester United vs Brighton Monday 12th Aug (Sky) 2000 Wolves vs Man City We shall see tomorrow
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    There is a really important run from September 21st to Boxing Day that looks like a good chance to pick up quite a few points.
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    I love that you came on here at roughly 5am to say that!
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    Welcome Steve, good first post - I agree with all of it, and I suspect many others do too. The area of biggest concern for me is the cap not being announced; therefore we have no way of knowing how much 'priority' our money will buy us.
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    Maybe he's off to work at Jarrolds, that's what the tease was about...
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    Well they are either a casual home supporter or a casual away supporter. Why should one have any effect on the other? There is no system that everyone is going to agree with. If it affects you adversely you will think it's unfair, others will think differently. Whatever the club comes up with will not satisfy everyone.
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    Also, a little retraction to make. Earlier on this thread, when Jonny Williams name came up, I said I liked him when he was at Derby. I was, of course, thinking about Johnny bloomin Russell. Got my johnnys muddled up... Not for the first time... wahey!
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    Akin to Splendid here, given where I live (Adelaide, South Australia) I visited Martindale Hall about three or four years ago. This is an estate about 2 hours drive north of Adelaide, in practically the middle of nowhere. We parked up with about four or five other cars strewn across the car park I was wearing a Norwich top, and as I got out of the car someone yelled "On the Ball, City!" Couldn't believe it. Side note - I was holidaying in Hamilton Island (a chain of Islands off the coast of Queensland) in 2009. For our anniversary, my wife surprised me with the latest NCFC shirt, which I wore with pride (even though we were League 1 at the time). We stayed in one of several self contained villas. Turned out we were staying next to a couple of East Anglian lads, one a City supporter, the other Ip****e! So I guess I display the memorabilia in odd places?!
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    FWIW, I quite like women's football, sure, it has different qualities, but I liken it to youth football, it's more open, there are more errors and a bit of naivety that makes it all the more entertaining. From what I've seen (not a great deal admittedly) the standard has improved over recent years and looks likely to continue, power to them.
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    ah yes, that one strand of thought that supposedly represents all feminist thought and is one that if you had a clue about you would not have posted (from you favourite resource), as your earlier post suggests that in every case men's abilities are better than women's, whereas the above states that there can be other causes - which rather contradicts your guff 'The problem is there's a feminist ideology that says women's abilities are no different to men'. you would do well to understand your brief before spouting out your bigotry - then not being able to defend it
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    Which as you say is very little, which means your knowledge is very little. Which your comments demonstrate time and time again. Inverse to this, I have watched/written a lot about women’s football, so by your own measure I must know a lot more about it than you. Or are you claiming that despite not actually having much knowledge you are in a great position to comment on it? You have an agenda and you seem to be trying to push reality to fit that - when it clearly doesn’t. Women’s football is gaining in popularity, especially televised women’s football. The 6.1m people who watched the England game on Sunday is hard evidence of that. That is a larger TV audience than every televised Norwich game last season combined. Those people obviously wanted to watch the match, despite your derogatory comments about the quality. The professionals that play football will, by and large, say they don’t want it compared with men’s football as they know there are differences between the two and women’s football should be enjoyed in its own right. It sounds like it isn’t for you, fair enough, but your insistence that no one actually likes it and it is all some conspiracy that it is even allowed to happen is weird. I think you should stop worrying about feminism, it isn’t going to impact on your life. Greater gender equality/equity is actually likely to improve everyone’s quality of life through a stronger economy.
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    I wouldn’t take the risk I would sell him now before he can leave on a much reduced fee eg under23 development fee