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    Anything above 18th would be acceptable on a financial level, but I can't in all honesty predict us grovelling around at the bottom of the table. Imo the PL is overated with two teams dominating, the rest are there to get pioints off - so pushing towards the top for me. Actually, for me anything below 10th would be a disappointment - I think we are going to be better than quite a few clubs, so I'll say 4th, pushing 3rd. Yes, it'll be way too optimistic for most people, but no sense in being timid about what is possible imo. The aim should be to win every game, whoever it is against and with a policy of belief in ourselves, we can do very well. Third place in the PL this season was 72 points and that imo is achievable.
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    Always good to aim high but I'll still view 17th as a big success if that is where we end up.
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    Can you post me what you're taking - I need a pick me up as my usual isn't working. Thanks.
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    Interesting comment from that Spurs fan:- "Get him now before he becomes a £60m player after one season in the Premier League for Norwich." Although there was seemingly little choice at the time and although the money has been used very wisely a lesson must be learned from the Maddison sale and his impending/reported move on for Leicester's demand of £60m. It is imperative we hang onto our youngsters this Summer, not only in order to keep the squad together and have a better chance of surviving that first season but also for the economic benefit of getting them a Premier League season under their belts and onto their respective cvs . Godfrey, Aarons, Lewis and Buendia at least are surely destined for the top. Later rather than sooner as far as NCFC are concerned.
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    Put a quid on it now, and you'll still be £50 in pocket if it happens (250/1 on B365)
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    Thanks Herman. I love these and honestly think we could end up with all five. I've placed them to our best advantage and we have: - BTTS Netherlands. £2 Bet 365 9/2 £11.00 Over 3.5 goals. £2 Bill Hill 5/2 £7.00 Under 4 cards £2 Bill Hill 21/20 £4.10 Sterling first goalscorer £2 Bet 365 6/1 £14.00 Depay to score anytime. £2 Bill Hill 9/5 £5.60 This will add interest to tomorrow's game for the posters of this wonderful message board. Good luck Herman and all you PUPs
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    I predicted 12th last season, so I'm predicting it again (In the hope the same thing happens !) For the attention of splendidrush and Aggy the bit in brackets was a bit of tongue in cheek,wishful thinking !
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    No thanks not good enough for us
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    Thanks for the honour of doing this and thanks for the tips. BTTS Netherlands. Over 3.5 goals. Under 4 cards. Sterling first goalscorer. Depay to score anytime. Spread evenly, cheers Nutty, good luck everyone and come on England
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    15th. Will pay £20 to PUPs funds for every place above 18th. Parma
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    I'm going out on a limb here and suggest Todd will be in and around the first team squad. Farke is not afraid to give him an opportunity and I think he will next season too. Last season he played for the best side in the Championship and I see no value in sending him out on loan next season to that league. He'd gain nothing other than keeping fit.
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    Man.C away. Lewis with a surprise hat-trick and Lineker making another end of season bet with the viewers. What odds?
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    Keep out of the bottom 3 and i will be happy.
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    16th. I know we've got a good side but I remember people talking about us challenging for Europe after we went up with Worthy and we all know how that ended up. Congratulations also to LDC for making the most ridiculous prediction in a thread where someone said we'd finish 21st in a 20 team league.
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    I'm thinking either 15th or 21st, it really depends on how our brand of pass oriented football stands up to the athleticism of mid and lower table teams. It could go well, or we could be outmuscled every week.
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    You basically assume Norwich are behaving beyond reproach and that the nasty horrible agent is being greedy. You have no knowledge of info on what is being offered or said. Maybe the club are offering a well below market rate to Todd, know that as a fan he may be prepared to accept that. Maybe the club are saying he won’t play much but they won’t let him go on loan, so that would be a massive hindrance to his development. Webber has made the comments about Cantwell’s contract public to place him under pressure to sign a deal he may not be entirely happy with. That’s probably not in Cantwell’s best interest either.
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    Is Todd still on his first professional deal? I don't believe he will have got a pay rise with the extension clause. I wonder if his agent is using Godfrey, Aarons and Lewis' contracts as a benchmark for salary expectations? Unfortunately for the agent, those three are each one of the first names on the team-sheet - whereas Todd has another step to take first imo. Webber presumably thinks the same. I am firmly in the he needs a full season in the championship camp - he has loads of potential, but will not get the football he needs next season.
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    Well said, remember that PL season when we had Alex Neil where we lost against Crystal Palace at home after Jerome's strike was ruled out. A few games later we changed our style and it was all downhill from there.
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    The difficulty of the league is what makes it so exciting for me - plus the pride I have as my club test themselves against the best in the country. I want to see all these fantastic players up close - the Salah's, Kane's etc of this world.
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    A season loan to a championship club willing to give Cantwell a starting spot and full season would do him wonders. Get him signed then loan him out.
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    The PL is a crock. We all know it, but that's where the club wants to be. Just got to cherish those little diamond moments that happen invariably. I think we'll do OK, stay up just, the second season is always the worry.
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    It doesn’t take a lot of reading between the lines to work out that either Todd or his agent are asking for more than we’re prepared to give. Hugely short-sighted, a season in the U23s isn’t going to do much for his earning potential.
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    Possibly a facile point to make, but spending money isn’t everything. Fulham blah blah...
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    Norwich have a good team. The problem is, there are 19 other good teams in the League. Some of which are very, very good. Next season looks like being one of the highest quality Premier Leagues ever. It is going to be a very, very tough battle and if Norwich really aren’t planning on spending much money, then it will take a good slice of luck to stay up.
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    Good to see that you are back in form LDC
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    He should stay. Our status at the end of the PL season won’t depend on him, it’ll depend on whether Pukki and whomever is his backup scored enough goals. So I suggest we focus on that question - who’s our number 2 striker?
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    I had to zoom out for this one...
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    Loitering with intent to use a pedestrian crossing. Coughing without due care and attention. Wearing a loud shirt in a built-up area during the hours of darkness. Looking at me in a funny way Walking on the cracks in the pavement. Walking around with an offensive wife. (Big thanks to Not the Nine O'Clock News!)
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    Wanabees ? When I looked after an under 12s team they won five and drew three out of the eight matches they played
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    Indeed we will but just thought i would join the other 50 or so wannabee managers and coaches who post on here.
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    No place for sentiment as we move onwards and upwards with forward planning for life in The Premiership so time to move a very very limited footballer on.
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    I know this wont happen....but in premier league circles I'd actually rather have oliveira than rhodes...and obviously srbeny
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    Don't see any major reason to move him as I doubt he is on much at all. He has proven useful from the bench. That said, we desperately need to sign another striker or two. If Srebeny is third choice in the prem, then I think we're in trouble.
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    Pardew played with 2 strikers, teams that only play 1 don’t need 4 in the squad. That just leads to having a Becchio who never gets a game, costs decent money and grumbles.
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