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    Watch the Pinkuns shows ‘The champions’ for a full comparison to Gunn (and Ruddy). Yes Krul has had more errors leading to goals (however as mentioned, in a much more attacking side)but in every other area, Krul comes out on top. Has had a fantastic season, crucial to our success in many ways and was free. Not sure what fans expect. He also knows the PL, has a full season of football following a long spell out, will get a full pre season and is at a perfect age for a gk.
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    Just eff off you dozy Pr*ck.
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    Trump knows, he is very cunning and he wants that to end. He doesn't want a trade deal as much as he wants the UK to be subservient to US corporations particularly those in food, healthcare & technology. After Brexit the UK will will be weak, vulnerable and desparate. At that point he will strike.
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    I can't recall us paying 15 million for Krul either, which is what we'd have to pay to eradicate those mistakes, regular or otherwise.
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    Congratulations Tim! Should be coming into your prime now, good news all round!
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    Indeed we will but just thought i would join the other 50 or so wannabee managers and coaches who post on here.
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    Will let the management team decide this one.
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    As a player I can understand the argument (though I still think Rhodes is better) but after everything that’s happened, his attitude on the pitch and the fact he was frozen out completely from a squad that then subsequently won the league as a unit, not as individuals, Oliveira has no place anywhere near the club.
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    Currently we are 7th largest supplier of goods to US, worth $60.8 Billion ($40m State visit looks a great investment) up 14.6% from 2017. Services sold to US were $60.4Billion up 6.1% on 2017 We will have a massive trade deal with the US because it will unsettle the EU - who Trump hates - and will provide food for thought to countries like Ireland, Italy, Poland and Hungary who will look envious at the deal we will make. This will shake the EU to its very core and hasten the end of that evil organisation. You can expect the Brexit Party to dominate UK politics for the next decade while Labour withers to its anti-semitic rump.
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    1975 referendum result Yes(remain) 17 378 581. 67.23% No (leave). 8 470 073. 32.77% Britain's voted by an overwhelming majority to remain in the common market. 2016 referendum result Leave. 17 410 742. 51.89% Remain 16 141 241 48.11% Wow!!! Considering there were over 8 million more voters remain actually got over a millionfewer votes!!!!!! WHY? WHAT CHANGED? The people of Britain are in favour of being in the common market and against being in a political union. That's all you really need to know. This is what we would get Leavers Will see us out of the political union, out of the common agg policy, out of the fisheries policy. Payment to the EU will be significantly reduced and we should make the payment from the over seas aid budget as aid is what it is primarily used for.this would enable us to spend each year the amount written on the side of the Boris bus. For the remainers You would keep free movement, single market access and be part of a customs union. You could also be fully involved in other pay for access projects such as space or sciences. Common market 2.0 is where we belong,it gives both sides something. It won't be like leaving, more like a coming home remember a united team is a good team So why aren't we doing this? Indicative vote on common market 2.0 For 261. Against 282. Abstained 95 Well we know the Tories are scared to death of the brexit party so they bottled it!!but also over 20 labour,the independent group, the DUP, some liberals and a green!!!! The SNP abstained!!!!! This should all be over, but we've gone into extra time that gets evermore divisive and for what reason? If we get a full hard brexit we will p I ss off half the country. If we get no brexit we will pi ss off half the country. THERE IS ONLY ONE INTELLIGENT OPTION LEFT AND THAT IS COMMON MARKET 2.0
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    First signing Borussia Dortmunds Felix Passlack who played a key role in Norwich Citys promotion to the Premier League.
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    Thanks. Duly corrected.
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    I just wrote a piece on the Idah thread exactly noting this issue. I believe it was Alan Pardew who said you need 4 strikers in the prem., I would agree. The modern premier League teams first 11 also includes the rotation of many of the extended squad. Therefore If Srbeny was sold, and Oliveira left as we all expect, it would not be a good position to be in. So for me I cannot see him moving on at all. I do not think you shoe horn Roberts, as I have seen some mention on this board, in to the striker position. Srbeny is going to be here as 3rd or 4th striker. We need a player to challenge pukki who will actually get more game time than we think, as Farke is going to need 2 very capable strikers. The third could be a loan from a prem team or a hidden gem from overseas. I do respect the view of not changing a winning team, but it is a squad game and we will need goals from our number 2 striker too and Srbeny may get his chance with injuries, suspensions etc. Let's not forget Lambert bringing in Steve Morrison and I believe he and grant Holt had 20ish goals between them. I think we need the same situation this upcoming season.
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    Did really well coming on against Birmingham in the first match, playing deeper and his direct running caused some problems for their defence and definitely helped us towards getting the result we did after being behind. Chances limited after that of course, but did ok when called upon and seems like a player who will give his all.
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    Pardew played with 2 strikers, teams that only play 1 don’t need 4 in the squad. That just leads to having a Becchio who never gets a game, costs decent money and grumbles.
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    A lot will depend on what kind of loan move Norwich could potentially find for Idah. I can’t imagine any Championship clubs will want him, and debatable if a League One club would take a risk on him. Would Idah gain much from going to League Two or the National League and getting kicked about for a year? Maybe he should go to Dortrecht as their seems a good link there. As he only turned 18 a few months ago, I don’t think another year in Norwich U23s would be the worst thing for his development. A bad loan would certainly be worse.
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    Lots of wriggling from Billy boy last night, I’m sure he’ ll be back to explain why the application for Judicial Review failled and then produce his special exit Poll. He has been having a tough time of it recently, poor old fella.
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    They could go up at the first attempt as many relegated clubs have in the recent past. It is probably an easier ask than Premier league survival for a newly promoted Championship side. Neither is it beyond the bounds of possibility that both clubs meet in the same division again the season after the next. However whereas they can then expect a return to mid-table mediocrity at best and a struggle with relegation again at worst, NCFC, newly enhanced with a squad of PL experienced players and bankrolled by a season at the top-table and parachute payments can expect to be challenging once again at the top end of the table. The last season was not "just for Christmas" as they say and the on-going benefits to be gleaned from our success as opposed to their own version of a complete disaster will effect the fortunes for both clubs for some time to come. That famous gap will need some considerable time if it is ever to be breached. There seems to be the usual deluded element among the binmen that PL can do a repeat of his Carrow Road days and be the figurehead in a club renaissance back to the big time. Conveniently ignoring their manger's subsequent lack of any real success since leaving our club they seem blind to the fact that he had far more going for him at City than he will ever have at Portman Road, and I am not just talking about the Culverhouse/Holt/Hoolahan talents that were behind him. Average attendance of nearly 25, 000 after quite a few seasons in the doldrums as opposed to just the 12, 000 season ticket sales achieved by that debt laden, transfer money bereft club speaks volumes when considering the future prospects of the respective clubs when dealing with the trials of a season in League One. Whatever happens next season the dominance of this particular rivalry is set in NCFC's favour for some considerable time to come, and may be for evermore such is their perilous situation.
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    Ross McCormack was released today - what a combination they'd be. Berahino would have to pick up McCormack for training though - he has a bit of trouble with his own 'Bad Gateway'. I wonder if he lives at number 502?
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    surely no one can agree with that Bill ? well actually they do - "Chlorinated chicken is an emotive subject, and a slightly misleading one: as disgusting as it sounds, the chlorine itself is not the problem. American chicken doesn’t taste like a swimming pool. Most of it tastes a bit like chicken. The problem is that the practice of chlorine washing (though sometimes other chemicals are used) is said to be a poor substitute for the hygiene measures that should take place earlier in the processing chain, but, in the US, are not legally required. For this reason, chlorinated chicken has been banned from the EU for 22 years. If and when Brexit happens, the UK may well be obliged to accept chlorinated poultry as part of any separate trade deal with the US. Agricultural exports are a priority for US negotiators – it would be difficult to make an exception for chicken" https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/jun/03/the-truth-about-chlorinated-chicken-review-an-instant-appetite-ruiner " But the numbers speak for themselves: US rates of campylobacter infection are 10 times higher than in the UK. The US records hundreds of salmonella deaths a year; the UK has in recent years recorded none. " Vote brexit......and let US companies take control of what you eat
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    I'm surprised the European Food Safety Agency ever passed chlorinated-washed chicken for safe consumption.
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    What do you call a judge with no fingers, Justice Thumbs!
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    Exactly. Although it does perhaps suggest that what I thought was likely (we would sign a youngish goalkeeper who we would be looking to make first team in a couple years but also a potential immediate option if Krul has a rough patch) is more likely than an immediate number one replacement.
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    Agreed. McGovern as one injury away from our starting lineup is suicide. Not even good enough backup for the Championship. We need a backup / starting competitor keeper. No question. Prudence is the sensible avenue. We need to and will invest decent money in players but we need to do it in a prudent, sensible, and sustainable manner. I do not think, without blowing a significant portion of our budget, that we can improve the GK position. If we were to buy Gunn or equivalent, which, would improve this position, it would cost 10m at the bare minimum (probably more), if we did that and then couldn't afford a decent striker to compete with Pukki or midfielder for Trybull / Tettey, it would be much worse. Still need backup though.
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    If BD were willing to sell him for a mill then he could be a good punt. We need cover for Aarons, Passlack knows the club and the set up now and i for one dont hold his lack of height against him. Could do a lot worse imo.