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    The reasons people felt he was the next big thing at Dortmund don't vanish because he played second fiddle to a Czech international right-back worth millions and an incredible English talent whose fans fear could be snaffled by a Champions League side. I've no idea if he'd be a good signing, but if Webber and Farke think he can do a job then I'll be pleased we've filled a need position with a free transfer. But the idea he should be discounted because he couldn't usurp two quality, quality full backs from their starting berths in the previous two seasons is a nonsense.
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    Nonsense. A guy on a message board knows much better and all he has to do is look at a teamsheet to instantly understand the incredibly complex nature of group psychology.
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    Isn’t that effectively what I said?
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    If BD were willing to sell him for a mill then he could be a good punt. We need cover for Aarons, Passlack knows the club and the set up now and i for one dont hold his lack of height against him. Could do a lot worse imo.
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    Because Kane needs half a decent chance and he’ll score. He didn’t get half a decent chance. Nobody else did either really, so nothing to do with Kane vs Moura or Llorente, everything to do with Spurs not being good enough in the build up. 65 per cent possession but only 8 shots on target, 7 of which were after the 80th minute. They didn’t make Becker make a save until past the 70th minute. Kane was on the pitch for the full game. In 80 minutes with Kane they mustered 1 shot on target, in the last 10 minutes with Kane still on the pitch they managed 7. Kane doesn’t sound like the problem...
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    I preferrred the Archie McCauley days when you couldnt even get Radio Luxembourg.
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    Remember that you can always tell a Londoner........................but not a lot.
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    It certainly worked better under Chris Hughton
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    I think lack of match sharpness after three weeks off mixed with the heat over there has a lot to say for it. Also think the penalty/goal had a big impact too; Liverpool’s midfield was extremely unadventurous - because they could be. Win the ball, get it out to the full backs and put crosses in to the middle whilst the midfield stays solid and protects the defence. That’s how to kill a game when you’re 1-0 up and you’re not fully match sharp/too hot to play your usual way. If it had been 0-0 after twenty minutes I dare say it would have lead to a much more open and exciting game.
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    You’re right, it’s not rocket science. Look at the results (and performances) once Kane got injured. Didn’t win in the PL playing with a false nine (3 losses) yet won all (bar the final games 2-2) with a central striker on the pitch (Llorente). There was a very good performance against Dortmund in the CL but took the introduction of Llorente and Moura moved to his more suited position to spark the comeback against Ajax. So no, not rocket science at all that Kane came back in, sensible decision unless he was going to start Llorente and that really would’ve been controversial.
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    Delia and Michael. Except when it loads straight away then it's Webber....
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    A club with no internal debt. A club with no external debt. A club that could and did meet all its financial responsibilities. A club connected well enough to the supporters that a multi-million pound bond issue was sold out within days, with would-be investors missing out. A club owning its ground. A club owning its training ground. A club with a Category One academy. A club with a scouting network and the kudos to get stars in the making such as Maddison, Aarons, Godfrey and Lewis. If those crucial essentials had not already been solidly in place Webber would not have joined the club, and he would not have been able to address the less fundamental problems there were.
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    Unlucky Wacky. It was a strange game and certainly didn't work out how I expected. We're back again after the weekend for the England game on Thursday. Icecream, Fuzzar, Branston, Herman, Canary73, Kick It Off, Fromage, Nuff, we will need you guys to help us.
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    Jan Molby came on as an 84th min sub at Heysel in 1985....
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    If we're including the cup winners cup....Steve Bruce and Mike Phelan , Mark Robins on the bench , Man Utd vs Barcelona 1991 ....Bryan Gunn, sub for Aberdeen v Real Madrid ..1983
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    Another one! Peter Crouch and Bellers! In the same game. All dredged from my memory of course and nothing to do with wiki.
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    UEFA cup Cully & Bowen have winners medals as non playing subs v Andelecht
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    Peter Crouch & Craig Bellamy were subs for Liverpool in the 2007 final. Crouch came on but Bellers didnt
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    And if you count playing in a final and becoming a canary and then an ex: Martin Peters, John Sissons, Ken Brown played in West Ham’s 1965 Cup Winners Cup winning team. Martin Chivers May also played in European Finals for Spurs, two I believe
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    Sutton played in (but lost) the UEFA cup final with Celtic (which Mourinho’s Porto won).
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    Maurice Norman was in the Spurs team that was the first from England to win a European trophy.
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    If the couple of months after the loan and before he signed counts as being an ex and if being on the bench is sufficient - Mo Leitner.
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    Absolutely, unequivocally, categorically no