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    Opinion permitted once again. Is he individually a more skillful player than those two, yes, probably. Does he suit our system, no, does he fit the ethos of the team, no, could his attitude / personality negatively impact the team, possibly. Therefore I - and most others - would suggest whilst ticking one box - skill - he misses virtually all others and therefore isn't better than the others, despite his skill.
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    You bring people in to challenge for a first team slot and Farke decides who he gives that slot to. I understand the sentiment but signing “backups” is mainly throwing money down the toilet, the bar has been set, you bring people in you expect to raise it.
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    The first ever time I got a players name and number on a city shirt, it was Darren Eadie. I remember him breaking onto the scene and watching in absolute joy at this somewhat diminutive winger (later a striker at times), that would seemingly have given Road Runner a tough challenge in a foot race, look like not only an outstanding young talent but potentially England's answer to the left-side dilemma they'd struggled with for too long. I was absolutely gutted when he got sold to Leicester, much more so than when we sold Sutton for a record fee, and truthfully, even more gutted when I saw he'd had to retire due to his ongoing knee problems. It's really hard to truly explain to younger generations of fans the speed and potential Eadie actually had. He may not have had the pure foot skills/dribbling of a Huckerby or Ronaldo, he may not have had the pure finishing of a world class striker, but there was something exhilarating in watching him play at times, and sadly YouTube footage of Eadie during his 17 goal season in 96/97 is seemingly nowhere to be found either. What's he's done since then in being open and upfront about the mental health issues he's struggled with for so long, is critically underappreciated, and the fact that like many people suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks and similar issues, he's put on a brave face, tried to remain professional, all the while being friendly and honest with fans gives him great credit. I certainly hope that he continues to be able to deal with his issues and that he remains a beacon to not just fans, but others in the sport and in truth in ANY field, in addressing the often horrible reality that mental health problems pose in even simple day to day life, and keeps spreading the message that it's not just ok, but often ESSENTIAL to ask for help, from both friends and professionals regardless of who you are or what you do. All the best Darren.
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    Leroy Fer exemplifies the saying that: "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard."
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    https://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/views/ex-norwich-city-footballer-darren-eadie-says-if-he-can-talk-about-it-so-can-we-1-6056889 It appears the poor man is struggling again with his mental health so i am sure every City fan wishes him well.
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    I spoke to a senior player at the End of Season dinner. The player said this. Nelson is THE most skilful striker he has ever played or trained with. Given the experience of the player in question I was amazed. Has it all , pace, strength , two good feet and so on. Also said that Nelson is a great bloke , popular and to quote the player "has a heart of gold and will help anyone" . Farke doesn't dislike him and when he is here , he trains well. BUT There is something that just means he cannot stay focused. NO doesn't keep a shape, doesn't adapt to a change in tactics and doesn't take information on board. It has happened to him everywhere he goes, and for reasons unknown he just doesn't make a good team player. This is why Farke lost interest in him. The reaction at Fulham was all part of the issue, and had been bubbling for a while. It was the same message that we heard when he signed for us. Looks very unlikely he will ever play for us again . It's well known that he uses the same Portuguese agency that is involved in Wolves (and Ronaldo) so will be actively looking again this year I imagine. Whether Reading will come up with a deal is unknown , but I would imagine that wages are an issue.
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    I assume it is more because of the wages they were on than necessarily ability.
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    Capitalism done the good way, where everyone benefits. Bosses, workers and customers. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/may/18/richer-sounds-boss-julian-richer-has-no-regrets
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    I realise opinions differ but mine is basically that next season, for a start off at least, we start with what we have. Clearly it would be foolish not to strengthen the squad, but deadwood needs to be unloaded first. I feel that it is imperative that any 'strengthening' does not involve massive fees and wages contracts. Being financially secure is the foremost requisite of our club, imo. Previous opportunities have been "pissed against the wall" apparently, but we must not that mistake again. We do need an extra, and probably expensive striker. We probably need defensive mid-field and 'keeper backup. Another wide player would not go amiss. That's my limit as long as we stick to the proven policy of very well researched and appropriate value aquisitions. However, we have a very talented manager, a well integrated squad who appear to be fully behind the cause and deserve to be appreciated at the highest level and the prospect of millions in the club's bank account. If it doesn't work then there is the next window. If that fails to work then we will surely be in an imperial position to rule the Chumps once again. I realise that I am a bit of an Ebeneezer in all this, but noises from the club suggest that they (Webber) think along my lines. We have won the lottery "Spend, spend, spend" is not for me. "Humbug."
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    Agree, on looking at the PL a bit more recently since we looked like we might get promoted, there is nothing there to get fearful about. Watford stood off Man City after a while and got punished for it - exactly what happened to teams against us when they couldn't maintain their work rate/desire. I don't go along with the hype about the PL or even the top six of the PL. If we can reproduce the way we have played this season, we will cause every team in the league problems, including the top six.
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    Bloody hell, Iceland sound like the Daleks!
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    It's weird logic though, Nelson is still on our books because nobody would buy him, and we've just been promoted to the Premier League, without him. So whilst I genuinely wish him all the best in his future career, I fail to see why people think should be with us? He had his chance, both him and Webber agreed it was best if he moved on.
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    I used to work with a Portuguese bloke who supported Benfica. He referred to NO as ‘The Eternal Promise’...his view was that he is very talented (You don’t get through Benfica’s youth system if you’re s**t) but very Portuguese... When I asked him what he meant by that he said he displays a lot of the negative stereotypical Portuguese personality traits - emotional, moody, slightly depressive.... Despite the views of most (all ) posters on this topic I would still get him back in for pre-season and see what happens. If DF can get NO’s head in gear I still think he is an asset...even @ prem level
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    However those games are usually played at the lower league clubs grounds, as in part, a way to support those clubs financially - so I cannot see how playing the paupers in Germany would help. Perhaps instead we could consider sending a City A squad down to poorman road to help raise a few quid for them. We could take the Championship trophy with us, that might add a few more on the gate, as most will not have seen a real trophy in decades
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    Any points against anyone will be a bonus
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    Pretty much lost interest in the FA Cup to be honest. Didn't realise the Final was today until I saw it in the sports pages this morning
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    What are you talking about? They beat Leeds. Err.. ok, maybe forget that one, looks like just about anyone can.
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    If he can stay fit I think Thompson could fit that DM role next season.
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    A lot of the success of the Brexit Party will come about because it really is made up of ordinary people from all walks of life (or chancers as you call them). They won't be slick careerist politicians and they will come with warts and all because that's just how normal people are, and that is the great appeal in the North to former Labour voters, and why I think Labour could get really hammered if there is a general election shortly after the EU vote. The two-party system has been around for a long time because the two main parties don't really have much in the way of competition up until now. The Chuk party now provides a Blairite option separate from the broad-left of the Labour Party, which allows soft-left Tories to attach themselves. They will, and are, failing as a party because they are no different to a social democratic party and they really belong in the LibDems. Maybe they will eventually end up there. The Brexit party, meanwhile, offer a real Brexit choice (and not the BRINO deal that May has been trying to force through). They will hoover up votes in the north of England because they represent real people. The Tories were always perceived as toffs and could never make headway, while Labour has lost its working-class roots and has become a metropolitan-based party. Just how far this has gone was outlined in a study by University College, London who described just how quickly working-class politicians have disappeared from the Labour Party. I quote a relevant section from the study: The report finds that career MPs, categorised as politicians that come from a background in politics or a closely related profession, are more likely to adopt policies for strategic political reasons to win over swing voters and win elections. In contrast, working-class MPs, categorised as politicians that have a background in manual and unskilled labour, are more likely to support policies that benefit working class communities Study author Dr Tom O'Grady, Lecturer in Quantitative Political Science, (UCL Political Science), said: "Political parties across the developed world, particularly European Social Democratic parties, once consisted of politicians drawn from a broad range of classes and occupations, including manual trades. Today, many political parties are dominated by middle-class professional politicians with little experience outside of politics itself. Working-class people find it increasingly difficult to enter politics. "Before Tony Blair came to power there was only a modest difference in working-class and careerists positions on welfare reform. But our research finds that during his premiership - the influence of working-class MPs dropped while there was a rise in the influence of careerist politicians. "The former had a stronger ideological attachment to welfare provision because it benefits working-class voters, whereas the latter's greater concerns for electoral success and career advancement meant they were more likely to support welfare reforms. The findings suggest that the large shift from working-class MPs to career politicians in the British Labour Party considerably weakened the representation of working-class voters' interests. Put bluntly, careerist MPs are much more likely to blow with the political winds." When the Labour Party first achieved electoral success in the 1920s, more than 70% of its MPs were drawn from working-class backgrounds. This has declined drastically from the mid- 80s and today just 8% of Labour MPs are working-class. Working-class have been replaced one for one with careerists, a rare phenomenon up until the 80s when career MPs made up just a 10th of the party. Careerists are now the largest occupational group, outnumbering MPs from public and voluntary sector, private and financial sectors and professional backgrounds. In other words, the Brexit Party now offers a choice to traditional Labour voters in the north and provides direct competition to the Labour Party. You only have to look north of the English border to see what happened when the SNP (a single-issue party much like the Brexit Party) also promoted strong socialist policies and as a result wiped out the Labour Party in Scotland (though admittedly in the last election there was movement away from SNP as services began to collapse). But it sows there is a precedence that voters are prepared to change allegiances when they see that alternatives do exist. The Brexit Party needs a quick GE as the momentum will be with them after the EU vote. If there is an election I predict they'll gain 100 seats, taking many former Labour seats with them.
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    Good post GPB, I think NO has been our most talented striker for a few years but something isn’t right with him-the player you spoke to has nailed it. I would love it if he sorted himself out and made a contribution for us in the Premiership but it’s not likely to happen. I fear it’s going to be difficult to persuade someone to take him off our hands though-we’ve been trying for long enough
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    I think we should go with the current squad. They've shown enough when played against PL opposition - & they've improved since then. It is impossible to overestimate the effect of the cohesion & trust built up amongst our players. It will be glorious.
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    We need another Ben Godfrey for the dm role. .
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    This. As was evident this year, Farke unites the dressing room so that everyone feels part of the team. The way he praised the bench warmers, Pinto, Hanley, Rhodes etc. for their behind the scenes work showed this and he definitely doesn't want one bad apple around, even if they can be good. Man United is a perfect example of what happens when you have talented, but disruptive influencers in the team. Get rid, cash in.
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    If we add to the squad you can be sure those additions will be an active part of the first team squad but nobody will come in and be an automatic selection. Farke uses his squad differently to any other City manager I've known. In fact every day of every week throughout the season is about the squad. Nearly to the point where the eleven selected is an incidental. He sets targets for the squad and not individuals. He charged Rhodes, Pukki and Srbenny with scoring 25 goals between them. And obviously credited them with the goals we scored which, again incidentally, most of which were Pukki's. The result of this is a happy squad all ready to step up when needed. We have to keep that mantra where all signings are neither more or less important than any other squad player.
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    Not a massive fan of Bakalorz to be honest. He has the reputation as a bit of a clogger in Germany and was pretty awful for Hannover this season. He played with Vrancic in the same Paderborn side that was relegated from the Bundesliga a few years ago. In that season he came to notoriety for a horror challenge on Marco Reus that injured him for 5 months. Bakalorz was at Dortmund previously and Klopp was very unimpressed with him. Wonder if this was someone Norwich were more interested in had they not been promoted. Certainly don’t think he’d be good enough to be a starter in the Premier League and at 29 he is the wrong side of the age curve.
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    Awesome Broadstairs, you managed to get "pissed" through the swear filter, good work!
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    Totally the wrong kind of striker, even taking his attitude out of the equation. He's a good striker for a team with no real passing ethos, who need someone to make something out of nothing. Every time he gets within 30 yards he swings his left foot through it trying to score a worldie - the exact opposite to Pukki, whose intelligent movement and awareness in the box have made him a lethal weapon. Additionally, Oliveira has no pace and can't play on the shoulder - in this system he'd just be dropping deep in the central channel getting under the feet of the AMs. Would genuinely rather have Srbeny in the squad than Oliveira (although naturally I hope we upgrade, and expect us to).
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    Togetherness of the squad and full buy in to our culture is the biggest asset we have, I cant see us risking that for anyone.
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    it is a much loved favourite with our rustic neighbours as well, I believe as is this other last minute equaliser 2min 15 secs "we've done it, surely..."
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    I wonder if in years to come they will regard being in the Championship for 17 years as their glorious history times when they were rubbing shoulders with clubs that had once played in the PL, when they did not have to join the FA cup until January and they did not compete in the Johnstones (?) Paint Trophy those were the glorious days when poorman road was sometimes more than half full, and having a bush on top of the stand was a novelty not a shrubbery protected by a tree preservation order days when they were occasionally mentioned on Look East and About Anglia, and the players did not use a car sharing arrangement to get to away games when a big mac and chips on the way home care of the owner meant one each for the players, not just one shared among the whole squad and a big number 2 on their badge indicated they were in the second tier of English football, and was not an expression of what their grubby little club amounted to happy days..........................I think
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