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    You need to watch/listen to this folks, I’m dying!
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    Beating the money - both us and the Blades winning promotion without "buying" it.
  3. 4 points
    It was my daughter's first season as a season ticket holder.
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    Bought myself a fancy new 60" smart UHDTV today in anticipation of the Championship playoff final. Took it out of the box only to find there were no bloody Leeds.
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    She doesn’t look quite so good from the front
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    I have to have another too, similar to this. It's my 6 year old sons first season of real interest in Football. Experiencing and sharing this season with him has been the best football experience of my life. It also has him hooked on City, hopefully permanently. As we live over 200 miles away from the City, he has friends trying to influencing him to other teams. They have failed.
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    I still can’t stop laughing at that Bonnie Tyler recorder solo, I reckon I’ve played it about 40 times now with tears streaming down my face
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    In the wake of Jeremy Kyle being cancelled following the suicide of a guest, Sky Sports will no longer be showing Leeds matches.
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    Rename them "We are Champion Chokers of Europe"?
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    5th and 6th in the final - I do feel a bit for WBA and Leeds, Derby 20 points behind us, Villa 18 points. For the first 2/3rds of the season, they did play some great stuff. Could be a bit tasty next season if, as I expect, FLDC don't go up - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48293097
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    I'm not quite sure what this actually is but I'm betting they achieved it at the final whistle...
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    Another season not being in the same league as Fulham.
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    Farke's on the pitch celebrations with the fans after wins.
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    I want to give this more laughs. Absolutely golden.
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    I expect it to be confirmed next season who the best is and I’ve no doubt it won’t be a gritty Englishman.
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    That. Is. AWESOME.
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  18. 1 point
    If somebody wrote it you'd say it was too far fetched to be believed.
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    That’s really disappointing. Those elephants are disgustingly abused to break them in to allow people to ride on them and then their spines are deformed by the practice of lumbering tourists around. I’m really sad that Onel has supported that. Martin Clunes is all over the press atm for similar. There are various sanctuaries that actually support the elephants to live humanely so it’s easy to get up close, without propagating the abuse. I stayed at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai and saw the elephants that had been in the trekking camps up close (ENP is a sanctuary where they rescue elephants from trekking camps).... elephants who had been shot in the face, use of bull hooks and chains, deformed spines etc. Sorry Onel, I’m sure it’s ignorance but there is no excuse for this. Massively disappointed in his judgement here.
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    It's an absolute nonsense, don't really understand this whole "I can see why he was awarded it". The teams started the season having last time finished 10th and 14th with a 9 point gap. In between that finish and the start of this season Norwich saw, in financial terms, significantly more talent walk out the door than Sheff Utd. And Norwich spent less on incoming talent. Yes, our wage budget was higher, but it dropped significantly whilst theirs almost certainly rose and a lot of our wage budget was going to players Farke had no access to for various reasons. The result against that backdrop when looking at the two in isolation? A massive 14 point swing in Norwich's favour. This is a manager of the season award, not a manager of the last three years, which undoubtedly belongs to Wilder and Wilder alone. He has done a remarkable, unbelievable job in those three seasons. But in the last season he has been utterly eclipsed by Farke, by any rational, objective measure. Jingoistic blinkers has won Wilder the award, not merit or worthiness.
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    Now he'll really be livin la vida loca
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    It's amazing how we sign players who are good enough to get us up in the first place then.
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    Ricky Martin appointed as West Ham United’s new Academy Manager....... https://www.whufc.com/news/articles/2019/may/14-may/new-west-ham-united-academy-manager-ricky-martin-looking-forward Well done Ricky, onwards and upwards.
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    5 posts and no mention of the Asics kit
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    Just how much credit is due to RM for the fact that we now have Lewis, Aarons, Godfrey and Cantwell regularly starting and the club on an even keel financially with the aid of money secured through the sales of the Murphy twins and Maddison? If it's as much as I suspect it might be, I hope our current talent spotters are equally good. Genuine question; I haven't enough inside knowledge to do anything more than guess.