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    Paul Lambert proclaimed SUFC as the "best team they had played all season" . That's good enough for me.
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    The LMA committee is a bit of an old boys club (including Big Sam, who recently had a rant about ‘German reserve team coaches). Wilder has done an excellent job at Sheff U, on tiny resources (less than Norwich’s) and is tactically innovative. I don’t begrudge him the win. The real indication that these awards are bias is Harford getting League One award over Stendle. That makes zero sense.
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    Thanks, was completely unaware of this. Found this article which goes into in a bit and found it really interesting: https://medium.com/@Mase159/sheffield-uniteds-3-5-2-the-art-of-the-overlapping-centre-back-aed8c1110fe0
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    Would I rather Farke have won the LMA award and come second in the league, or won the Championship and not won the award? Ummm, I wonder...
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    Yeh, but that's nothing, 12 months ago we were below Ipswich..........................
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    I don't get all this hoping for a team to come up to fill one of the relegation spots. None of the 4 playoff teams are going to be worrying us for a Europa spot, so it doesn't really matter who comes up - we need to be more worried about Arsenal etc
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    Anyone got an account on there and can share the thoughts?
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    That's a fun post BF, but I think you'll find the way it's gonna work is that we leave on WTO terms initially, while we work on FTAs around the world. Yes, I know not enough work has been done in this area and it's shameful that three years have been wasted when we should have been much further down the road, but on the bright side it looks like the voters are going to sort this mess out as the politicians don't seem capable.
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    David Macdonald, who according to the ChUK website tops the list in Scotland for ChUK, has quit He only topped the list because Joseph Russo stood down after Guido revealed embarrassing tweets. Unconfirmed reports suggest Macdonald is joining the LibDems. He has deleted his twitter account twitter.com/davidchangeuk. More when we get it… UPDATE: The Scottish LibDems have released a statement and the above picture: “It has been an honour to be the lead candidate for Change UK for election to the European Parliament for the Scotland electoral region. This new party is genuinely a force for good in British politics and all of their supporters, candidates and elected members have played an integral part in trying to reshape the way in which politics is done in this country for the better. For my involvement within that movement I will be forever grateful. “After a great deal of reflection on the political landscape we are facing in Scotland at present, I have come to the point where I have realised that I must do what is best for the future of this country before anything else. If things continue as they are, the remain vote will split in Scotland and put at risk the representation that supporters of remaining in the European Union so collectively desire. “For that reason I have decided to end my candidacy for Change UK effective immediately. I am now calling for those in favour of remaining in the European Union, including all supporters of Change UK in Scotland, to do what is best for our collective voice in Europe and to support the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the upcoming European election to better ensure that they gain representation and secure a seat in these European elections.” This is absolutely joyous -- Never has a political party destroyed itself so quickly in such an amateur fashion -- The likes of Gavin Esler and Rachel Johnson actually thought they had a chance with these muppets. Too funny
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    The thread shows all the signs of rolling up deeply felt antipathy to the owners with profound ignorance of the way football works to come up with an answer the posters wanted. As the idea that we should take advice from someone who spent £200 million to finish 17th in the Prem just demonstrates
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    Just watched a video and there certainly is a player there that answers the questions we have in wide areas. We need pace, creativity at pace and strength. The close control and balance looks very impressive, which is so important when against premier League defenders. I can see why interest may be there, as if our chief scout says if Farke got another 15% out of player then he would be a good young addition. If the situation has changed since the alleged interest in January then it is worth checking again. I think we can agree Cantwell can play out wide but he is a player that drifts inside and is probably more suited in that number 10 role. He can advance his progress, but we do know we need pace in the wide area as a new option. As NCFC fans we love exciting wide players, so looking forward to a new addition.
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    Wilder’s overlapping centre-backs is seen as globally innovative. Coaches from across Europe have been to watch Sheff U play to study it. Norwich play great football, but it is grounded in the Pep’s style (which is influenced by Cruyff and Bielsa) and is a variation on what several other Premier League and Championship clubs attempt to play. Farke has been the most successful in implementing it in the Championship.
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    That's an impact of the vast financial disparity between the Prem and the Champs, you almost exclusively have to get a team promoted to manage in the Prem - as clubs see the financial risks as too great. Case in point, Sean Dyche would never have been given a Prem job if he hadn't got Burnley promoted.
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    In all walks of life these sort of awards are largely down to who's mates with who, discussions/lobbying in the background & general BS. Football isn't exactly immune to that sort of thing, let's face it. You can make good arguments for both Wilder and Farke, in the end who really cares ?
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    I'd imagine they have a much smaller wage budget.
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    Come on ICF, that's a given. They are reigning Champions of Europe and won this League in August. How can they possibly fail? Again.
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    West Brom really have paid for their lack of discipline in the last few games. Robson-Kanu and Gayle would have been important options in the second leg and probably penalty takers. WBA were well in control of the second leg before Brunts silly tackle and most viewers would have backed them to win without him going.
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    Hahahhaha. Just 1/3 of a position between us and it includes their 'glory' years too - that is straw-clutching. They can slide this timeframe backwards and forwards as much as they please, the only table worth counting is this one...
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    Leeds fans on the BBC feed saying they are glad its gone to extra time so they will be up against tired legs in the final. The Final being in two weeks. Ehh.
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    What annoys me is the whole race card gets brought up every time a black manager loses their job. Brighton and Us fans can both contest that he sucks the life out of football. Like was previously said he is a dinosaur who hasn’t evolved with the game. Those 2 seasons he was in charge were some of the worse games i have ever had to endure as a fan. Ok we beat some top teams but the style was so deflating i no longer looked forward to saturday. Having to watch that style of play killed me inside.
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    I understand they're saving up for another statue. Outside, the place is already like a museum. Perhaps they could hang a few paintings inside.That's what's important to them. They don't understand that football is about now. I treasure our history but that's for my memories. Match day is all about now. I'll be quite happy if we remain statueless forever.
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    I do find it all pretty depressing to be honest. Most of what you lot are saying on here about people my age could be seen as stereotyping but in my experience most of it is spot on. I agree with what king canary has said as well and in my experience of not having that mindset is that you're made to feel like a weirdo. People look at me funny when I say i don't have snapbookchat or whatever, i know pretty much nothing about any celebrities personal life, I don't care how much money I make as long as I'm not homeless, I don't feel the need to flaunt a car or designer clothes to people, I hate most methods of online communication, I hate taking and looking at other people's selfies, I hate how everyone has to photo diary social occasions to show all their online friends how cool and popular they are, I hate the online dating aps - pure hollow vanity etc. I so don't fit in with the generation I've grown up with. I'm not proud of that either, despite how it may come across, i don't particularly want to be relatively unique in this way, I'd much rather most others were like me. What made society get into this state? Started with the natural human instinct of greed and self interest, things kicked up a gear with neoliberalism which basically told people to embrace their worst instincts and it's all been exacerbated by countless other factors, mainly the explosion of the internet and all that brought and the 2008 economic crisis. The solution? There isn't one, or one big one anyway. A slightly fairer economic system and Rupert Murdoch and his ilk finally kicking the can would be a good start, but ultimately i think the horse has bolted and things are on an unstoppable downward trajectory.
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    If we were going for a keeper then I feel we ought to jump in our Carson and go far and wide in our search. Even though we are geographically challenged, perhaps one of the better places to go is in the Westwood you believe, but probably on currant form, I'd go for Mark Bunn
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    No word yet on Fabio Quagliarella then?
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    Strangely it isn’t the clangers, all keepers will make one or two a season and that’s normal. It is certain things I’ve seen consistently over the season, I don’t think he’s s hopeless keeper and if Norwich were remaining in the Championship I’d be perfectly happy for him to stay first choice. What I have seen is regular handling errors, spilling shots into danger areas rather than getting them clear. This often comes from the long, low shot, something that is Krul’s biggest weakness. When Krul first came through as a keeper his big strength was his agility and ability to get to shots quickly and explosively. He has some great showreel saves due to this, t is also why van Gaal brought him on as a penalty specialist. This ability to make big diving saves and cover a large area of his goal always compensated for his slightly iffy positioning - if he had both he’d have been a world class keeper. After the horrific injuries he’s had, he has lost a lot of this explosive agility. You can still see he can make a great close range, high reaction saves, but when stuff comes from distance and low his poor positioning and lack of pace to get down means that some stuff gets past him that really shouldn’t, or he is getting to it later. This means he often pushes it away rather than holds onto it. I think his ability on crosses isn’t great, although not awful. He also struggles at set pieces with claiming stuff above attacker and defenders, another symptom of his injury. I think he has improved a bit as the season has gone on, but regular small errors are still evident. I also think if you go through Norwich’s first team, player by player, he is the stand out one where you can say ‘this is a position that could be improved on, without spending £10m’. This is partly due to him being a little off the pace and partly because keepers tend to be cheaper than other positions.