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    Paul Lambert proclaimed SUFC as the "best team they had played all season" . That's good enough for me.
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    The LMA committee is a bit of an old boys club (including Big Sam, who recently had a rant about ‘German reserve team coaches). Wilder has done an excellent job at Sheff U, on tiny resources (less than Norwich’s) and is tactically innovative. I don’t begrudge him the win. The real indication that these awards are bias is Harford getting League One award over Stendle. That makes zero sense.
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    Thanks, was completely unaware of this. Found this article which goes into in a bit and found it really interesting: https://medium.com/@Mase159/sheffield-uniteds-3-5-2-the-art-of-the-overlapping-centre-back-aed8c1110fe0
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    Would I rather Farke have won the LMA award and come second in the league, or won the Championship and not won the award? Ummm, I wonder...
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    Yeh, but that's nothing, 12 months ago we were below Ipswich..........................
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    I don't get all this hoping for a team to come up to fill one of the relegation spots. None of the 4 playoff teams are going to be worrying us for a Europa spot, so it doesn't really matter who comes up - we need to be more worried about Arsenal etc
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    Anyone got an account on there and can share the thoughts?
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    Farke and Wilder proclaimed Ipswich we’re by far the worst team they played all season
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    That's a fun post BF, but I think you'll find the way it's gonna work is that we leave on WTO terms initially, while we work on FTAs around the world. Yes, I know not enough work has been done in this area and it's shameful that three years have been wasted when we should have been much further down the road, but on the bright side it looks like the voters are going to sort this mess out as the politicians don't seem capable.
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    The thread shows all the signs of rolling up deeply felt antipathy to the owners with profound ignorance of the way football works to come up with an answer the posters wanted. As the idea that we should take advice from someone who spent £200 million to finish 17th in the Prem just demonstrates
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    Just watched a video and there certainly is a player there that answers the questions we have in wide areas. We need pace, creativity at pace and strength. The close control and balance looks very impressive, which is so important when against premier League defenders. I can see why interest may be there, as if our chief scout says if Farke got another 15% out of player then he would be a good young addition. If the situation has changed since the alleged interest in January then it is worth checking again. I think we can agree Cantwell can play out wide but he is a player that drifts inside and is probably more suited in that number 10 role. He can advance his progress, but we do know we need pace in the wide area as a new option. As NCFC fans we love exciting wide players, so looking forward to a new addition.
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    Who sez it was in jest?......I was absolutely serious I never joke on this message board.......So there!......
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    Willock was and is a great talent. He’s only 21 so still has a lot of developing to do. Would be a really good signing for Norwich and is a very different type of player to Cantwell, Willock is a bit more of a traditional wide player and is rapid. A good option to have off the bench and would probably push Hernandez hard for a starting place in the team. Would also allow Cantwell to go on loan and get the 30 odd first team games that he really needs.
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    This. And yes, the point is nothing to do with Old Men in suits (surprising for a Football Committee it must be said) because the league managers association members (ie the managers) vote for this. Seems to me that that the two managers have got over the bus being late at Bramall Lane , and have since been complimentary about each others success. SUFC and us have done amazingly well. You only have to see West Brom and Villa last night, with very expensive loan players , battling it out to finish 4th and 5th. The salaries of Mings and Abrahams alone would knock a hole in our wage budget.
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    I'd imagine they have a much smaller wage budget.
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    Come on ICF, that's a given. They are reigning Champions of Europe and won this League in August. How can they possibly fail? Again.
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    West Brom really have paid for their lack of discipline in the last few games. Robson-Kanu and Gayle would have been important options in the second leg and probably penalty takers. WBA were well in control of the second leg before Brunts silly tackle and most viewers would have backed them to win without him going.
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    Hahahhaha. Just 1/3 of a position between us and it includes their 'glory' years too - that is straw-clutching. They can slide this timeframe backwards and forwards as much as they please, the only table worth counting is this one...
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    Leeds fans on the BBC feed saying they are glad its gone to extra time so they will be up against tired legs in the final. The Final being in two weeks. Ehh.
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    I think Hughton did a good job at Brighton. I’m not a fan of his very conservative approach but that’s his style and the fact is that he won promotion and kept Brighton in the Premiership and Brighton is a very small club and minuscule by Prem standards.Hughton may turn out to be their most successful manager ever.
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    I understand they're saving up for another statue. Outside, the place is already like a museum. Perhaps they could hang a few paintings inside.That's what's important to them. They don't understand that football is about now. I treasure our history but that's for my memories. Match day is all about now. I'll be quite happy if we remain statueless forever.
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    I hated almost everything about the two seasons we had Hughton in charge. I'm astonished he got another job after what he turned us into - he is a dinosaur who has no clue about offensive tactics and his time has gone, like some others - including Warnock, Pellegrini and the old geezer pundits like Souness, Lawrenson etc. The game has moved on and they haven't. Only Hodgson of the "old" brigade has still got a bit about him. Shame in a way because Brighton probably won't struggle next year now.
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    If we were going for a keeper then I feel we ought to jump in our Carson and go far and wide in our search. Even though we are geographically challenged, perhaps one of the better places to go is in the Westwood you believe, but probably on currant form, I'd go for Mark Bunn
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    No word yet on Fabio Quagliarella then?
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    Shame. Couldn't happen to a nicer Club