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    Even better.... I could have him drive me to the game and then collect me. That way he gets the personalised match report immediately after the game and I get to enjoy a few beers win win 🥳
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    There comes a day when your children have to stand on their own 2 feet and fend for themselves and get their own tickets, and at 4 years old, I think that time has come for your son. P.S I am please you have installed the work ethic in him at such a young age
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    Tell your wife that love is a very strong word, that you're very fond of him and will provide a full match report on your return.
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    Leeds are not going to overhaul an 11 goal deficit on us in 2 games. We never lose by more than 1, if at all and even if they beat scum 6-0 they aren't winning by 3 goals v Villa. Relax and enjoy the day!
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    Yep, totally agree with how attractive a proposition we must be to talented youngsters. I think what’s happened under Farke and Webber can only massively enhance our chances of signing young players whom perhaps a few years ago would have opted for a Chelsea etc. I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for the future of our club. People laughed at Delia when her and Michael presented their simple sustainable vision for NCFC, but my god, they are getting it right big time thus far! Credit to them both for their part in our honourable resurgence
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    Do you need us to contact the police? Obviously a gun must be pointed at your head forcing you to click on all this transfer gossip.
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    Actually I'm genuinely shocked by L1pswich. I've seen them twice versus us only....they lack such quality. SU defence is strong and this game is now over. Cannot see anyway whatsoever that they can score 1 goal or even get a corner to force a situation. Turning off now and waiting til 7.30.
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    Absolutely will be watching. It's the definition of win win. Ipswich nick a point and we can win the title tonight at home. Ipswich get battered.... speaks for itself. Pure comedy value.
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    Whilst I expect the scum to lose 4 or 5 nil today it will be because they are complete and utter sh1te. With luck, it won't be too many seasons before Lowestoft Town is their local derby.
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    Don't fancy doing any transfer negotiations with Cardiff.
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    It's a 'no' from me.
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    and my mind has wandered to 1p5wich possibly being 1 League away from Solihull Moors next season.
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    I remember that young lady Bolton supporter who did that blog when we played them, very nice and intelligent fan, got to feel sorry for them.
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    About as much chance of that as I have going to bed with Kylie
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    Either that or on a plane with a one way ticket to Switzerland.
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    You might also end up in a care home prematurely when you’re older!
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    There’s a couple of those down at Portman road
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    Whenever I watch Leeds they don;t create many clear cut chances and their play is always so predictable that goalkeepers know exactly where to position themselves to save. Every chance seems to be a cutback to in or around the edge of the box coming in at pace. It takes a decent amount of skill to put those away and as they produce that passage of play so often it becomes predictable to defend against. They do it at such a pace and high tempo it always troubles teams in this league but these seem to be hard chances to bury. Even in the highlights it's not like they're missing open goals or the keepers are often pulling off world class saves. They are extremely well coached to produce the passes of play they do but I Championship level forwards are going to struggle to consistently finish these types of chances. It probably shows up well in the stats and things like xG but watching live their problem is blindingly obvious to me and it's not poor finishing.
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    Surprised Til hasn't put up a picture of the pair of them in a hot tub.
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    This is the image that springs to mind for me...
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    Ipswich could play for 2 days against a Sheffield utd five a side team and not win. Blunts will smash them comfortably tomorrow.
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    Yesterday we had posts accusing the players of bottling it. Today we get this rubbish. Farke is the bravest manager we've had in my time. These young players are the bravest we've had in my time. The older players are the most supportive we've had in my time. Yes there have been games we've won comfortably during the season. QPR the latest. But most of the season has been like the last four games. And that's regardless of whose personal favourites have started.
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    Then so have the other 2 as in the last 6 games Norwich have gained 10 points, Sheffield United 11 points and Leeds 9 points. We are the only unbeaten team of those 5 and are in the longest unbeaten run in the league. Looks like it’s falling apart Farke out, Webber must go and we definitely should not have blooded those youngsters.
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    chuck a game ? how will we know the difference ?
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    Still getting it . Both mobile site and pc. Pain . Bit bit ironic when you can’t get onto a thread about a bad gateway , because you have a bad gateway. This season couldn’t get any worse .