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    My views exactly - it's a shame we can't calculate the points his great blocks/ interceptions have saved us!
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    I'm guilty of blurting out the occasional expletive. I definitely use Carrow Road as place to let out all my pent up anger; usually directed at the referee. It's easy to forget that it will have an impact on the people around us and, on reflection, it is not the kind of behaviour I want to demonstrate - especially in front of children. Thanks for calling this out. I think a lot of us on here could do with being a little bit more thoughtful in our choice of words.
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    Thought it was more to do with how well Reading played against us than the fact we didn’t have Buendía. We still created numerous chances and should have won the game but i can’t remember seeing a better containing and defensive display at Carrow rd than the other night. Took a special strike to finally get through. That said we are most definitely a better team with Buendía in the side and who knows, he may have been able to create something special earlier in the game to have got us level/in front and won us the game. Harsh on the effort and display the 11 that were on the pitch put in to say we only draw and lose because Buendía doesn’t play. POTS is very very close for me between Pukki and Buendía but I’ll vote Pukki as it’s true you’re only as good as your strikers and he’s been immense. Yes he’s had the best creativity in the championship behind him but he still has to put them away and his conversion rate is fantastic, not to mention his general all round play. Pukki Buendia Aarons/Zimmerman
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    Great OP, really well thought through and balanced. Good stuff, keep it up.
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    So we've moved on to Krul now, Marco will be relieved.
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    I too wish for the club to fulfil my promotion creams.
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    I sat in section G last night row EE there was a bloke about 2 rows behind us constantly shouting ,commenting on the game and shouting the F word and C word loudly , to his right there was a Dad and his daughter roughly about 10 years old ,I know it always happens but this was over the top .felt sorry for the family people in the stand .
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    If we get promoted, it would be great if someone could mistakenly post our fixture list on their forum.
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    I can think of someone that definitely didn’t vote Steipermann
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    It was a very good save, but who can say? I do recall Krul making an excellent double stop away recently (maybe Millwall)?
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    I did't say anything about complacency - and I was only talking about the last three or four minutes where we didn't see out the match well enough. I agree totally with your last senternce though.
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    Krul wasn't at fault for either of the goals. Godfrey had time to get across his man, but clearly thought Meite was going to take a touch, and Steipermann gave the ball away in a terrible area. It was an extremely good finish, and unless Krul has developed a sense of telepathy, he had very little chance of saving it from 6 yards out.
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    He was supposed to be watching from the stands, but came down at half time and told Phelan to sling his hook, and went into the dugout for the second half to take over from the sidelines. Seems more a determination to win and innate competitiveness, more than 'ego' to me, but that's what happened.
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    It’s very simple... If either Sheff Utd or Leeds lose tomorrow, and we beat Wigan on Sunday, then we will have either a 9 or 10 point gap with just 4 games to go. Our rivals would only be able to get 12 points maximum from the remaining games. The unstoppable Buendía will be available for the last 3 games too. Just think about that for a minute. I am not in the slightest bit concerned, we will be promoted, it’s our season!
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    History tell us we will be promoted as champions. Looking back at the last 30 years of this division (any further back and we had less than 24 teams, so points are not as easily comparable), there has only been one occasion where a team that was leading after 38 games (let alone 41) was not promoted (3.33%). In other instances, it was the title for 90% of teams (27/30), auto promotion for one (3.33%) and play-off promotion for one (3.33%) Taking into account the number of points we lead by, no team with a lead of more than 4 points failed to win the title from this point. Basically, we would be setting ridiculous records if we don't go up from here. I am not worried. I think if the team wins 2 games out of 5 we will be up as champions.
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    Yes canaryking ONLY not worried like the rest of posters. Draw one game and we are fckued
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    You've obviously played in goal at a high standard and never conceded a soft goal , saying that they werent soft goals. Both very good finishes
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    To the tune of '3 Lions on the shirt' : They’re going down, They’re going down, They’re going, Ipswich going down Noone seems to know how to score, Their build-up play’s a bore They just know, They were so sure, That Hurst was gonna save the day, In some miracle way, But he didn’t know how to play, 'Cause I remember Donkeys on their shirts, Lambert f*cking steaming, Relegation certs, 10 years now and counting. So many jokes, so many sneers, Cos Marcus Evans’s arrears, Will keep them down, For years and years, But I still see that hat-trick by Holt , And Johnson’s thunderbolt, Pukki belting the ball, Hernandez scoring Donkeys on your shirt, Portman Road is empty, Your pitch is made of dirt No hope of returning. They’re going down They’re going Ipswich going down
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    Can’t believe the sudden loss of confidence on this forum. Hope the squad’s made of sterner stuff Our form is incredible. 8 consecutive wins and a draw. Last 14 games, 11 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. A 79% win ratio and 35 points out of a possible 42. Including a win at second place Leeds and a draw with 3rd place Shef U. Disappointing as it was to concede at the death, it was due to farcical injury time. Reading we’re very fortunate and these things happen. We’ll be fine.
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    Yes, but this season we've done the same and we're... wait for it... six points clear at the top of the f*cking league. Most teams set up to allow us possession, and we beat most of them because we're the best team in the league. It's not like Reading kept us at arm's length all night, we had 25 shots on goal! Pukki missed three good chances, Rhodes missed a sitter, Hernandez pulled a great save out of the keeper, we had two excellent penalty shouts turned down (Trybull first half, Pukki second half)… and plenty more besides. And we didn't try anything different for an hour because it was working. Even not playing near our best, we were still creating chances and raining shots down on their goal. And this off the back of having employed the same system, and ten of the same players, for eight consecutive matches, all of which we won. And your Stiepermann fetish is quite disturbing.
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    He is a potentially world class centre back. At the top level he is a tall, fast, two-footed, calm, ball-playing, strong in the air, highly competitive, level-headed, English Centre back. A rare - and therefore highly valuable - commodity. He will command - by some distance - the highest value of any of our players. What may occur upon promotion is that Klose signs a new contract and - when confronted by superior teams - we play with 3 centre backs, allowing Godfrey the slightly libero role. Godfrey would be wasted in midfield. There are many other players who can be found, bought or used at CDM, it requires positional discipline, but his gifts at centre back demand that he stay there. From a purely business point of view - we are self-sustaining let us not forget - our best asset must be placed in the best shop window. A fabulous player. Enjoy him now. Parma