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    Are you kidding? We’d just scored twice to convert what was looking to be a disappointing defeat, into a leading position. This via 2 goals within a few minutes of each other, in the last stages of the game, towards the end of an incredible season with the title in our sights, when every win is bringing the dream that bit closer, that bit more quickly. Not celebrate wildly? “You cannot be serious!” If you were, I’d have to wonder to what set of standards in your mind you hold players and fans - i.e. the people who make football a reality. If I were to be uncharitable I’d fear it might be a purely theoretical, academically generated framework with little relation or relevance to football - or human life - as they are actually lived.
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    My views exactly - it's a shame we can't calculate the points his great blocks/ interceptions have saved us!
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    I'm guilty of blurting out the occasional expletive. I definitely use Carrow Road as place to let out all my pent up anger; usually directed at the referee. It's easy to forget that it will have an impact on the people around us and, on reflection, it is not the kind of behaviour I want to demonstrate - especially in front of children. Thanks for calling this out. I think a lot of us on here could do with being a little bit more thoughtful in our choice of words.
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    Thought it was more to do with how well Reading played against us than the fact we didn’t have Buendía. We still created numerous chances and should have won the game but i can’t remember seeing a better containing and defensive display at Carrow rd than the other night. Took a special strike to finally get through. That said we are most definitely a better team with Buendía in the side and who knows, he may have been able to create something special earlier in the game to have got us level/in front and won us the game. Harsh on the effort and display the 11 that were on the pitch put in to say we only draw and lose because Buendía doesn’t play. POTS is very very close for me between Pukki and Buendía but I’ll vote Pukki as it’s true you’re only as good as your strikers and he’s been immense. Yes he’s had the best creativity in the championship behind him but he still has to put them away and his conversion rate is fantastic, not to mention his general all round play. Pukki Buendia Aarons/Zimmerman
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    Great OP, really well thought through and balanced. Good stuff, keep it up.
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    So we've moved on to Krul now, Marco will be relieved.
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    I too wish for the club to fulfil my promotion creams.
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    I sat in section G last night row EE there was a bloke about 2 rows behind us constantly shouting ,commenting on the game and shouting the F word and C word loudly , to his right there was a Dad and his daughter roughly about 10 years old ,I know it always happens but this was over the top .felt sorry for the family people in the stand .
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    I've been nervy all day again and it didn't help when I arrived at the swimming pool and some amateur combo were attempting to blast out "Yellow Submarine". I didn't know whether to take it as an omen or not but it definitely struck the wrong note The crowd were in good voice as you would expect and right from the off the boys were swinging the ball about with a bit of style. Reading were sitting back with everyone behind the ball and consequently all the early possession was with the home side. When the first chance fell, Pukki couldn't quite get enough on cross from the right after good work by Cantwell and Aarons. The visitors looked a much tighter outfit than QPR and despite having hardly any ball they managed to restrict the Canaries to very little in the opening stages. Hernandez finally tested Martinez with a typical run inside and a low shot to the near post which the Reading keeper did well to push for a corner. A breakthrough looked like coming at any time but the overworked Reading defence stuck manfully to the task as frustratingly half chances came and went. Hernandez then found spce near the penalty spot when Pukki cut the ball back but he didn't get ptoper contact and Martinez was able to spring to his right and make the save. As we came up to the half hour mark a loose pass from Stiepermann allowed the visitors space down the left and a quick ball in found Meite running onto it and hitting a first time effort from about six yards that flew past Krul before he could move. It was a typical bit of smash and grab and for the first time I began to think we might be in for one of those nights. For the remainder of the half City surged forward with an expectant crowd roaring them on but nothing would fall our way. Stiepermann tried to volley a bouncing ball from the edge of the area but again Martinez was equal to it. Then Pukki got on the end of a centre fizzed in hard and low from the right but somehow the ball ended up in the side netting. Cantwell then had a go at a rebounding ball as a corner was scrambled away but once more the ball bobbled a foot over the bar. Reading were defending for their lives as we came up to half time and City oh so nearly drew level. Pukki got a foot on Aarons cross but not quite enough as the ball sailed a foot wide of the far post with the keeper beaten. It was a bit of a sombre half time as we discussed possible changes. I thought Cantwell had done o.k. but it was impossible not to say that we weren't missing Emi. In any event a quick slurp of Jamesons put me back in fighting mode as the crowd got back in full song when the boys ran out. It was all one way traffic from the off with City trying to work openings down either flank. Trybull hammered in a thirty yarder that appeared to clip the outside of the post but a corner was given and the pressure ended with Aarons slamming one just wide of the other post. Then it really should have been all square as a ball came in from Lewis which Pukki powerfully headed goalwards only for Martinez to react quickly and turn it over the bar. There was a rare burst down the left form Reading and it was Miete again who this time thankfully pulled his effort wide. City were committing more and more men forward and Zimmerman had to be at his best a couple of times to prevent breaks going clear. Time began to tick away very quickly and Farke reacted just before seventy minutes by swapping Cantwell for Rhodes. City were now virtually camped outside the Reading area as corners were scrambled clear and shots were blocked. Hernandez almost caught Martinez out with a low shot but it went the wrong side of the post and yet another corner came to nothing. Now Farke moved again and Vrancic came on for Lewis with under ten to play. As we moved into the last five minutes I for one would have certainly taken a point and when Godfrey powerted forward onto the end of a return pass before rocketing a shot into the top corner, I doubt if I was alone in feeling a surge of relief. The crowd were going insane as City set about getting another and there was total mayhem in our stand when two minutes later Zimmerman's header arrowed inside Martinez's right post. It has been a long time since I've heard Carrow Road that loud and now surely the points were ours. Klose came on for Pukki as we moved into six minutes added and City looked well in control. Rhodes might have aced it a couple of minutes later but somehow headed straight at the keeper from point blank range. As we entered the last knockings Reading came forward down the right and unaccountably a player was left unmarked to lift a ball from about twenty yards past eberyone and into the corner for an unlikely equakliser. Oh dear. Dreadfully disappointing at the time but on sober reflection after the ride home, I would certainly have taken that point with five minutes to go. Over the last couple of games we've still gained a point on Leeds and held the gap to Sheff Utd. Five to go and still more than a couple of games clear, a bit unfortunate tonight but we look well capable of doing this IMO. The Yellow Submarine was depth charged but it never looked like sinking. Zimbo my MOM. Absolutely superb tonight.
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    True we’re in terrible form. Only 25 points out the last 27 available, what went wrong ?
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    I must admit that watching the game I was surprised at the incredible looking celebrations where everyone went over to the sidelines and players/subs/trainers etc jumping all over each other after the second goal. It was dramatic and it was fantastiuc to get those two goals, but it was only 2-1 and I can only think that the euphoria was there because we had turned the game round so dramatically - but it was only 2-1....
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    Gave us one of the best memories in recent times, with the play off final win but can't really say there was much more than that. KC is right about transfers... He was terrible at picking players and paid well over the odds for them! Perhaps more the board's fault for handing out huge contracts, but Neil oversaw these signings and we're still paying for one or two of them now! He seemingly had no ability to develop players and he didn't trust in youth, instead preferring seasoned veterans who, for the most part, were useless for us. One thing I will say is that he gives the most dull interviews after a match and always looks completely pi$$ed off whether his team has won or not... Take from that what you will!
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    They couldn't even get that right. I'm pretty certain it was white wine.
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    yes, I am, been brilliant this season and seems to be getting better and better
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    Sorry, had to check to see if I really do have any friends in Suffolk, I don’t!
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    It was a very good save, but who can say? I do recall Krul making an excellent double stop away recently (maybe Millwall)?
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    Just one of those games, like when we lost to Stoke. A few players off it/knackered & a determined opposition - according to their fans they've improved massively under Gomes but had a stinker defensively against Hull, which brought about a reaction on Wednesday. And, really, events couldn't have gone better for them on the day. That's football. You can't win 'em all. If you could, they'd be no point playing!
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    I did't say anything about complacency - and I was only talking about the last three or four minutes where we didn't see out the match well enough. I agree totally with your last senternce though.
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    In my opinion, he did very well when tasked with an existing squad, but struggled with recruitment and managing the bigger egos. Up until last season we were still very much suffering with the poor players on high wages that were brought in under his tenure. His other major error was to change his style of play after a defeat to Newcastle in the Prem - I think he lost belief in his own abilities at that point. That said, he was a very young manager when with us, so doubtless would have learnt from his experience. Odd choice for the Baggies tbh.
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    1. Pukki 2. Buendia 3. Aarons
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    Emi was missed in so many ways it was palpable I thought. Those players playing off him , like Stiepermann , Onel and Pukki suddenly didn't look so effective. It certainly wasn't all about Cantwell (although I doubt he will start against Wigan) but losing a quick footed, pacey, skillful player , absolutely brimming with confidence was always going to be tough. Games change on moments. Last night the game had a few big moments and for once , unlike for example Middlesbrough , they didn't all work in our favour. I reckon we need 6 points from 5 games . If I was to rank our chances of victory in the five i would say home to Blackburn most likely , away to Villa least likely. The others who knows. We have now lost to Preston , and drawn against Reading. Leeds have lost to QPR, and Sheff Utd lost at home to Bristol City. If we don't make it we should be shot. But anyone expecting to be promoted with 5 or even three games to go is deluded.
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    How about changing it to 'three stars on the shirt'?
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    Have to say that our run-in looks no harder than it did before, though - if we can’t get the necessary points from we don’t deserve to go up. It’s astonishing how one small setback (and only a draw, not defeat) is getting some people so vexed, as if we’ve never done anything but win. I can see lots of gnashing and wailing ahead if we - God forbid - get a draw (or worse) come Sunday...but we’d still be favourites and a minimum of 4pts from 3rd.
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    To be honest it was one of those false results that lower teams often pick up towards the end of a season. I was reminded of our 2-2 draw at Wolves last season. We were far superior and they had something to hold onto after the breakaway goal. Six or seven more points will be enough.