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    So what you’re saying is that we’re not guaranteed to go up yet? Asking for a friend.
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    Always thought Maddo would be Erikson replacement once he leaves Spurs, but as others have said Leicester was a shrewd move for him , playing every week in an established(for now) premier league side. He is on view to all the 'big' clubs. doing himself no harm whatsoever.
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    No, Maddison really wasn’t. Too many people actually said we’re better off without Maddison which is ridiculous. He was one of the good things in a struggling season that was all about transition but it was because he’s that good that he still shone through whilst the club was going through the massive changes. Selling him was a necessity unfortunately but no doubt had he stayed, we’d still have togetherness (that comes from Farkes leadership), we’d also still have bucket loads of goals and probably a smoother start to the season. To compare him to those that clearly didn’t fit in the group (Oliveira) is disrespectful to what James brought to the team and club last season, a model professional who will reach the top of the game.
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    They are down there for a reason and Nelson won’t be playing Easy 3 points grow a pair everyone
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    https://twitter.com/NorwichCityFC/status/1116015489661018113?s=20 Even the social media team are killing it this season. Brilliant effort
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    Jesus, Pete! Did any of that first paragraph make sense in your head before it all dribbled out over the keyboard and onto our screens in glorious stream-of-consciousness-o-vision? Even the thread title is afflicted with it! I agree with the handful of observations and sentiments I was able to extricate from the passage, though (ooer!) I do love the prospect of fulfilling promotion creams, though. Made my day, that one.
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    Should help to lubricate the process of 'going up'.
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    ****ing hell, LDC being negative and Westcoast downplaying stats what a time to be alive.
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    I quite like his trolling to be honest. Especially when he winds up Savage. I'd take ol' Chris over Alan Shearer / Michael Owen (also known as The Boring Brothers) any day.
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    Long long time reader first time poster. But imo I don't think Farke will allow us to underestimate anyone. The way we have gone about are games is nothing short of confidence and professionalism.
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    Nothing is easy Though time gets you worrying My friend, it's OK Just take your life easy And stop all that hurrying Be happy my way When tension starts mounting And you've lost count of the pennies you've missed Just try hard And see why they're not worrying me They're last on my list Nothing's easy Nothing is easy You'll find that the squeeze Won't turn out so bad Your fingers may freeze Worse things happen at sea There's good times to be had So if you're alone And you're down to the bone Just give us a play You'll smile in a while And discover that I'll get you happy my way Nothing's easy
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    You can't win every game, just look at the recent record for Leeds & Sheff U.... The great thing is that even if we lose tonight, we'll be 5 points clear of 3rd place and 4 points clear of 2nd, with just 5 games to go. And if you'd offered me that at the start of the season....
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    Yes, but that is a separatist issue....
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    Don’t know but I reckon his other 2449 posts are in the brexit thread
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    Can't see Brum beating Leeds and Sheff Utd. We only need to worry about our games though. All out attack from the off and don't let Reading get settled and organised. Strangely I think Leeds beating Preston will help us keep focused and not be complacent. We need full vocal support from the fans tonight as it won't be as easy as the truly shocking QPR. Battle stations!
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    Hi NMNLHHI, Indeed and fair points all. Mostly intrigued by the suggestion of Rhodes switching to defence. That would be a coup if it worked! akin to what DF did for Stiepermann's position, and what Stringer did for Chris Sutton.
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    Lol. I am optimistic we will win every match including this one. My only concern was people thinking anything was going to be easy from here on in. However, win tonight and it will appear a bit easier, which is why a win would be brilliant.
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    I have to say, I quite like listening to Simon Jordon. He's very honest about his experiences in the game and rarely holds back. It's natural that somebody of this mindset would clash with other people in his position at other clubs.
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    We need to keep the pressure on Leeds and Sheffield Utd, we must be relentless, three points tonight, don’t give them a sniff
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    When Preston played us they looked like world beaters, they play these no mark tin pot teams and don’t bother turning up. Raised their game in their cup final against us.
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    You did though , didnt you?
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    It’s even worse than that if you’re an Ipswich fan KG. They *know* it will be sh*t.
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    And Graham Dorrans on the left of midfield to put the crosses in for them.