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    Just read this: https://www.fansnetwork.co.uk/football/queensparkrangers/news/50073 and thought it was very funny. There but for the grace of god and all that. Very complimentary about us but absolutely damning about the Rs. My favourite passage: “...my absolute favourite bit of Saturday, the absolute classic of the QPR away from home collapse genre, was in the 21st minute. Jake Bidwell, absolutely all over the ****ing shop, tried to deliberately commit a foul after being skinned yet again and ended up injuring himself. While prostrate on the ground clutching his leg, his friend and colleague Joel Lynch approached the resulting loose ball and in attempting to clear it downfield completely miscued it and sent it fizzing along the ground at two million miles an hour straight into the side of Bidwell’s head. With the full back now both injured and concussed, and the ball back with Norwich who had an extra man, and Lynch out of position, the Canaries set about us again. Panicked, Lynch vacated his position altogether and came charging out to the man with the ball, committing himself with a big lunge which Buendia was able to calmly sidestep and move onwards with the ball towards a penalty area that now contained half the population of Norwich, two QPR defenders and one goalkeeper. The QPR defenders who were left then, for reasons I daren’t even begin to imagine, decided to creak that ****ing offside trap into life again. Now the penalty box contained half the population of Norwich, all of them onside, and one goalkeeper. Hernandez, almost too easy for him, tried an outlandish chip and missed.”
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    Had a look at their thread about it and someone on there was saying that Ipswich wanted to give Leeds 5,000 tickets, but a certain Paul Lambert vetoed it because he didn't want to "give Leeds an advantage in what could be a crucial match in Ipswich's bid to stay up".
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    Again, we all understood it. We just think its stupid.
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    No, Maddison really wasn’t. Too many people actually said we’re better off without Maddison which is ridiculous. He was one of the good things in a struggling season that was all about transition but it was because he’s that good that he still shone through whilst the club was going through the massive changes. Selling him was a necessity unfortunately but no doubt had he stayed, we’d still have togetherness (that comes from Farkes leadership), we’d also still have bucket loads of goals and probably a smoother start to the season. To compare him to those that clearly didn’t fit in the group (Oliveira) is disrespectful to what James brought to the team and club last season, a model professional who will reach the top of the game.
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    ... I suspect the temptations of Kimberley might have ended my footballing ambitions ...
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    "And even if you don’t care about any of that, even if you hate all of those people in that away end because they’ve dared to have a moan when you’ve punted the ball into touch under no pressure again, even if you never liked QPR in the first place and don’t give a stuff about all the great and not so great players that came before you, even if you think they’re all twats and it’s a tin pot club and you can’t wait to be out of here, aren’t you supposed to be a professional athlete? You’ve presumably toiled long and hard all the way through your childhood and teenage years to get to this point where you’re paid ridiculous sums of money to play football for a living. While all your mates were out drinking and shagging, you were in your parents’ house sleeping. When your peers went home from their day at school, you got in the car every night and drove miles and miles to some poxy training ground for some wannabee Jose Mourinho in an initialled tracksuit to yell and scream at you about pattern of play and moving through the thirds and all sorts of **** like that. You did your maths homework by the flicker of motorway lights on the backseat of your mum’s Volvo. You ate nothing but chicken and pasta when everybody else your age was eating McDonalds and Kimberley from second set Geography. You sacrificed loads to get to this point. Did you really do all that so you could amble about and ****ing embarrass yourself, your club and its supporters like this? Was that what it was all for? Did 14-year-old you always dream of being a professional footballer so you could phone in ****ing non-efforts like this and pick your money up regardless? If so, then you probably should have just gone and hung around outside the chicken shop with all the other pencil-dicked, pimple-faced, useless little **** that will never amount to anything either. If not, then what in the name of absolute **** are you playing at?" Love it
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    Well...there's 40 minutes of my life I'm not getting back
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    attendance above having ground only half full removing bush from roof Paul Lambert to not say fantastic at a press interview season ticket sales into four figures Matt Gill to confirm he made the right decision
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    No, the whole point is to go batsh it crazy at that point. It is to get carried away with it, just as I did after our third goalon Saturday. I fact I was thinking of six or seven by the end. Bsed on what ? How we had played in the first half, that's what. Of course a piano could fall out of the sky and squash the ref so they game might be stopped. It is up to each supporter how they react as regards optimism, blind faith or serious delusion. As far as my belief is concerned on this matter it is one of having watched some of the consistently finest play I have seen a City team play. From last years tippity tap to this years rippity rap as they tear opposition teams apart. And as certain as I am about us being Champions I am also certain that nothing I do, or anything else anyone else on here does, will make a blind bit of difference to how things turn out. They say you should not look back with regrets about what you might have done - well if we do fail to get promoted then I don't want to look back and think I could have been as happy as a pig in sh it during those weeks leading up to that failure, so I will continue to believe we will be champions as either way it turns out I will have had had some great weeks celebrating it, come what may
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    There's definitely something with him. I'm all for laughing at the fat bloke holding the microphone who's a bit of a k n o b, but not the bloke talking or IpswichCrazy. I don't particularly enjoy laughing at special needs.
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    Still understand, still stupid.
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    Not at all. They have handily managed to turn defeat into victory. By some quirk of their limited thought processes they have now managed to convince themselves that our promotion is a negative thing because we are destined to be on the end of hammerings next season and are therefore certs. for relegation whilst they will enjoy their season more because Lambert will lead the blue and white army to certain promotion from the third tier at the first attempt. Yes promotion to the Premier League, the very thing that most of the Championship sides dream of at the outset of each season and an achievement which they have managed to avoid for the best part of a decade and a half is a bad thing. Believe. This surely takes the biscuit even from a support that has had years of practice in dealing with adversity and having to make the most of it. Promotion or not, that debt of theirs is bound to get bigger next season and it cannot be allowed to grow forever before something gives. Relegation or not, we will still, if the worst comes to the worst, enjoy that lovely parachute money. Incidentally they despise the parachute payments as being unfair, suitably sidestepping the fact that one of the prerequisites of being relegated from the top table is actually gaining a place at it in the first place ..... a feat which they look unlikely to ever achieve.
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    This is all very well. What you failed to mention is that there isn't a strong link between the supporters and Manchester.
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    Supporters, to not keep banging on about their history.
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    Very good. We have the internet to thank for this level of relatively up-to-date, in-depth grassroots-specialist game analysis. You just couldn't get anything like this in the past, unless you had a pal who was particularly football-clever. It illuminates the game in the way that the commentators, pundits and reporters of the traditional media don't / won't / can't do.
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    Haven't seen this mob before. I thought Marco was popping up out wide more than usual ... https://footballbh.net/2019/04/08/norwich-qpr-championship-tacticalanalysis-analysis-statistics/
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    Todd is Decent, but not on the same level as Vrancic or Leitner. I’m confident I’ve seen enough to suggest Todd’s level is championship at best, whereas Leitner and Vrancic will not look out of place in the Premier League. My feeling is that Todd will have a similar career to Chris Martin, and that Norwich will probably outgrow him. Possibly Webber feels the same, considering the contract situation.
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    Congratulations Mr Apples! Congratulations Parma! It's great to have some money in the pot already!
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    I'm probably just still bitter. I also cannot see any logic in him getting manager of the year over Farke. They spent marginally more than us in the offseason (transfermarkt predicts £6 million outlay, largely thanks to big money signing Egan, and us at just shy of £5 million). Okay, they lost Brooks but we lost James Maddison and Josh Murphy so had bigger holes to fill in the summer than they. He started the season with a team that had finished 10th and only 6 points off the playoffs, Farke started the season with a team that had finished 9 points further back in 14th and a whole 15 points off the playoffs. So, on what basis has anyone come to the conclusion that Wilder, whose team currently sit 7 points behind Farke's, has done a better job? I know they've spent a bit more, but you could argue that even Bielsa has done a better job this term than Wilder.
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    People used to blame Morty for this ..
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    Great result Parma! Cheers for all the great suggestions, it was a cracking set to choose from! I'm now off to put my order in for an embroidered gold star... Apples
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    "You can't win anything with kids." –Alan Hansen, 1995.