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    From nowhere to EFL young player of the year in 9 months surpassed all expectations. Fantastic for Max and our great club I wonder who's next
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    I'm probably just still bitter. I also cannot see any logic in him getting manager of the year over Farke. They spent marginally more than us in the offseason (transfermarkt predicts £6 million outlay, largely thanks to big money signing Egan, and us at just shy of £5 million). Okay, they lost Brooks but we lost James Maddison and Josh Murphy so had bigger holes to fill in the summer than they. He started the season with a team that had finished 10th and only 6 points off the playoffs, Farke started the season with a team that had finished 9 points further back in 14th and a whole 15 points off the playoffs. So, on what basis has anyone come to the conclusion that Wilder, whose team currently sit 7 points behind Farke's, has done a better job? I know they've spent a bit more, but you could argue that even Bielsa has done a better job this term than Wilder.
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    "Most of the article" is NOT" about Billy Sharp; did you stop reading when it got to the other divisions and awards? And as regards Sharp, becoming the EFL's all time record goal scorer is actually a more notable achievement than Teemu's outstanding performance for us over this season. Why can't people bring themselves to give proper credit where it's due? Sad display of narrow mindedness; but then what do I expect, it's football fans after all ........
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    Gracious? Or mind games? I'd prefer Sheff Utd to go up over Leeds. Both sets of fans are pretty vile to be honest, but I suspect Leeds are more likely to splash the cash. Bielsa is clearly a good manager and I suspect he would take to the Premier League quite well. Wilder has the potential to be another Warnock and find himself out of his depth and I doubt Sheff Utd would open the chequebook quite as wide. Consequentially, Sheff United are more likely to take up one of the three relegation berths than Leeds would be. That's the only reason I want them to go up, because it will probably be better for us next season.
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    People used to blame Morty for this ..
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    As a self-confessed pedant, I was always impressed he placed the apostrophe correctly. Maybe his probation officer helped with it.
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    Borrowed from WOTB: Some more Leeds seethes Bolton equaliser! Norwich are the elf man utd , play till you win 3-2 in the 13 th minute of injury time Bolton 2-2 Norwich to win 6-2 **** norwich ****ing Norwich I don't f**king believe it. There it is Norwich 3-2. **** off. Norwich are officially bastards Norwich c**ts Norwich seem to have scored a last minute winner every single week for the past ten years. Will someone f**king take points off the farmer spaz c**ts And they always seem to be playing someone s**t every week too. Norwich are the jammiest bastards around. I honestly thought I'd only have to live through one spell of Norwich f**king City being a set of annoying c**ts, but it's come round again. I think I hate norwich more than any other team to be fair. Next three league fixtures: Rotherham (H) Havant & Waterlooville (H) Steps (H) I'd happily finish second to them to get out of this f**king league. We'll re-establish ourselves in the PL and they'll get relegated and we won't have to worry about them again. deflated like f**k after coming out of ER and seeing that Pukki winner **** off Norwich - 90+3 again the c**ts! not sure what will happen next week when Norwich turn up at the Reebok expecting to play them for the seventh consecutive week. Norwich actually make me hate my own life i hate them so much...
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    I think this is fair comment, to be honest. Sharp has been outstanding for many years, plus he's had to overcome the tragic death of his baby son. Much as I dislike Sheffield United, anyone who can't offer some magnanimous congratulations to Billy Sharp is a pretty poor sport. Deserves all the praise he gets, and then some. And the way he graciously 'big-upped' Pukki was a classy touch.
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    Apart from that rant last season Wilder has been complimentary about us and Farke, it's about time we recognised he appreciates that we've got where we are on merit. His comments last night at the EFL awards were gracious and I'd like to see him in the Premier League next season along with us.
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    I genuinely think he looked back on last season and realised he looked a bit silly. He has been much better behaved this season and has certainly been very complimentary towards Farke. Will also give him his dues. Sold their very talented young player (Brooks) to the premiership and still progressed this season largely off the back of low cost experienced players. Very different way to ourselves but has been very effective.
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    Well the three match ban has been confirmed. No surprise there. Perhaps bizarrely I also think Todd should come in, despite not being quite at the same level as Mo or Mario because, as has been said, he's a more direct replacement in the team's structure. He's a completely different player to Emi but, just as you'd replace Pukki with Rhodes, it's who's beat for the position that matters. It also involves less shuffling around of players which potentially disrupts overall rhythm & balance. But let's face it, whatever decision Daniel comes to will be the best one. In Farke we trust!
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    "You can't win anything with kids." –Alan Hansen, 1995.
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    Lots of well deserved credit for Farke at the moment but important to remember what Webber has done considering some of the stick he was getting not long ago. The team that started last night contained seven Webber signings and three academy grads who weren''t in the first team picture before he arrived. Only Timm Klose is a ''pre-Webber'' player. This is made all the more impressive with the financial results released today. Man has worked miracles so far.
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    I think people get sick of you patronising them tbh. You’ve gone with the contrary view and stubbornly dug your heels in when everybody has said you’re talking rubbish. But of course it’s our fault for being excited about promotion (and everybody’s fault when they’re negative too)
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    I love to think this was genuine. Farke is too cool for mind games anyway whereas some managers get worked up too easily...
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    They need to sort out the Premier League pronto. The NFL would never put up with the fourth biggest city in England not having a franchise. Time for the administrators to get this done, so that big teams like Leeds and Villa can take their rightful place. Get rid of those poxy wannabe's Bournemouth, Burnley and of course Naarwich. And get rid of relegation from the PL too while they are at it.
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    I agree that the most logical answer is to minimise the change. Its therefore Cantwell for me as he is the most mobile of the three in question and plays across the pitch in Buendia style. In the unlikely event that we struggle then use the alternatives available. As to the sending off I have noticed on a few occasions if he has been badly fouled he tends to seek " a bit of revenge". Understandable for a young player, particularly as once again he received little protection from the ref.
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    The key to the season has been the squad. EVERY setback we’ve faced, an injury to a key player or a loss has seen us come back stronger. I dreaded games without Leitner in the starting 11 but he is rightly being kept out of the team. I then couldn’t see how Vrancic wouldn’t come straight back in the team but McLean has won and justified his place. Same goes for Klose and Tettey. Other than Pukki, the spine of the team that got us to the top of the league have missed games through injury yet we’ve not missed them and are they’re now having to wait to get back in, Yet again, ‘big compliments’ to Farke, for having any of the squad all ready to slot into the side when needed and, if anything, improve the play but also to have the balls to keep them in the team. Wonderful man management that we’re reaping the rewards of.
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    Did you watch any of the first half of the season? Tettey was pivotal to performances and results. He was also a leader on the pitch getting us through some tough games to begin the run that took us to the top of the league.
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    Clearly one for the prawn sandwiches brigade
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    I still think it will be Todd. I've never known Farke to use anything but the direct replacement. I certainly don't think he will move others around or change the system to facilitate fitting in someone else.
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    this with a model of poorman rd below
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    Surely it's better if they are further behind, than being no closer to us?
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    What a strange time to bring up such a negative reference to Russell Martin (who played his part in many of our better moments over the years) and the majority shareholders, who finally seem to have got things right. Pretty pathetic really, especially as the misery card is only relevant to ITFC supporters at this precise moment in time. The scapegoating niggles me. The sense of entitlement infuriates me.