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    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/mar/29/onel-hernandez-cuba-carrow-road-norwich-city-championship Thought it might be of interest.
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    Cmon pinkun pickers, keep them ideas coming in for Kiwi & myself, tough weekend, we need your help
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    Heaven for me used to be playing, but am in my late fifties now, gave up playing in an over 30s league at 51. Am proudest of winning an u30s tournament at 42..... the losers complained I shouldn't be playing cos of my age, a bit like Ipswich complaining that it was unfair to play us when we had parachute payments....a drowning team will clutch at any straw. Westo..... Wouldn't 22 bags of wind kicking around a player ( pick any of Tim krul, Russ,even steeps last season) be more of an apt description of this forum? Agree though that his story is an interesting one, surely they enter a footy team into the Olympics ....will have to check on that. I always used to cheer on the Cuban boxers since I saw a peice on how they were amazed at the quality and variety of food available at the games, those boys were tough, as it seems is Onel.
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    This is as big a game for Boro as it is for us. Derby, Villa and Preston all have winnable games and will overtake them before we kick off at 5.30, so the pressure will be on them to regain their place in the top 6 and avoid a 4th successive defeat. Their home form isn't that great, although they don't concede many. I can't see there being many goals, but I think we'll win.
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    He could be ‘back in Cuba playing with the birds’ - sounds alright to me!!!
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    I notice Sky have not yet chosen any Championship games for the Blackburn weekend, and I thought they had to do so at least four weeks beforehand? The obvious game for them is Leeds vs Aston Villa, but that might not prevent them choosing us as well. It would be nice if we had one 3pm on a Saturday match left...
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    Morning all. I shall go with Aarons to score anytime in the Norwich bet. For my selection I shall go with GILLINGHAM v Rochdale - HOME WIN
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    League 1 for me and a home win for Bury v Swindon is my pick for Kiwi. For Diane think this is going to be a tough game so going for a 1-2 win. Best of luck, and safe travels to those heading up North.
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    Actually we haven't "been here before", ever. Previously we have always followed the traditional British model of club management which has short-termism built into it, along with near total upheaval in staff and squad with every managerial change and hence no continuity in playing style (making consistent development through all levels -- youth teams, U23, first team -- more or less impossible). To say there is no such thing as "long term" in football is simply to project the entrenched short term thinking of too many British clubs and too many fans onto the game itself.
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    This all sounds great, but we have been here before you know - several times. Walkers team had "no stars" but a great team ethic - when he went, it went with him. If Farke or Webber go, it'll go with them too. Enjoy it while you can - there is no such thing as "long term" in football. There is no guarantee that we will be able to source good players or youngsters again like we have this season and that they will then win games. If it was as easy as you all think everyone would be doing it.
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    Pukki doesn't need a rest - he's flying. Did you not see the assist he got for Finland - a backheel, a sprint for the return ball and a cross/shot for a tap in. Absolutely superb. Footballers don't need a rest when they're winning games.
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    I think it’s probably more to do with the tactics than the midfielders themselves. What you’ll often see at bigger clubs when they have one (or both) of the wing backs bombing forward regularly is that you’ll have a midfielder who is comfortable dropping back and effectively becoming a third centre half. Fernandinho at Man City, Dier at Spurs, Busquets at Barca, Fabinho to an extent at Liverpool, De Rossi at Roma. They will usually have one player whose first thought is to drop backwards into defence. Our holding midfielders both tend to push to close down rather than one dropping into the back line. Probably because none of our midfielders have the positional sense to slot into a back line. Godfrey, having played in both positions, could perhaps do that. Him dropping deeper with Trybull (or Tettey) doing the pressing could be effective and give us that extra bit of cover. In some ways, I think if we go up that might be his better position - although he’s been good at centre half this year, I think he might get caught out a bit too often in the prem. As for ten million - if we go up, no chance we sell for that. If we stay down though, it wouldn’t need to go up much more before I think we’d be considering it quite seriously.
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    Evening all and good Luck everyone. My pick is Freiburg -v- BAYERN MUNICH AWAY WIN For the match bet BTTS.
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    A very good evening to you Nutty and good luck to KiwiScot and Diane not forgetting all you other lovely PUPs out there. A HOME WIN for ASTON VILLA v Blackburn. For the City game Hernandez to score two or more goals.
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    going for an outsider, one of our rivals getting a draw Sheffield United at home to Bristol City Norwich to win 0-1
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    I'm off to Greece this week for KiwiScot Olympiakos v Atromitos Home Win And for Diane I think... Norwich to win 2-0
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    Lincoln City home win against Macclesfield. For the Norwich game, Pukki to score first. Good luck.
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    FC COPENHAGEN v Esbjerg HOME WIN Good Luck Kiwi and all you Lovely PUPs For the Norwich bet, H/T Draw F/T Norwich, best of luck Diane.
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    "One of the worst penalty kicks I have ever seen" Couldn't have watched us much this season then...
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    Hi PUPs, I'll go to Croatia this week with Dinamo Zagreb vs. Inter Zaprešić (home win). For the City bet I'll go for a Boro HT/City FT with Hernandez to get his scoring boots back on. Good luck everyone! Apples
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    Looking for a little value and came up with this one.... Aston Villa v Blackburn....Home win. Good luck to KiwiScott and all involved this week.
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    This, we have as many fickle fans as any other Club in the Country. DF/SW have outlined the plan going forward and most are on board, until we stop winning, the moment we lose or sell a player, it's all doom and gloom. Sack the Board, Delia, Webber, the list goes on. It's been happening at regular intervals for the 50 years I've been following Norwich and I don't expect it to change.
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    Whether these two sign or not in does confirm the direction the club is going ie developing young players rather than buying 'off the shelf' proven players. We have certainly had a fair degree of success with developing non UK players who may not have been heading in the right direction. However the home grown rules will dictate that we cannot continue too much with that latter option, given that it does often seem that one or two on the bench are perhaps only there to ensure we have enough home grown players for each game. Though having seen three of our own youth players step up exceptionally well to the Championship, it is debatable at this stage if we have any in the 'pipeline' who could step up to the PL next season. So any future 'stars' will be looking to play in the Championship at some point when out on loan. So I expect we will have a kind of stepping stone that sees players loaned to Yeovil looking to be able to progress through the leagues with the PL requiring a higher standard of development. But when we can find players like McLean for the relative peanuts we supposedly paid then we won't be solely dependent upon the young 'uns.