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    "One of the worst penalty kicks I have ever seen" Couldn't have watched us much this season then...
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    Agree with everything that has been said here and the psychoanalyst in me wants to summarise why we are different from Huddersfield (if we are promoted) so here we go: We have a larger support base and better infrastructure (including academy) than Huddersfield Farke has a totally different football philosophy to Wagner - this is seen in our results as compared to Huddersfield's in the Championship We have a younger squad overall, with players who are constantly improving Webber and his recruitment/scouting team - honestly, this could be the biggest difference. When Huddersfield were promoted and Wagner performed a miracle to keep them there, while we languished in 14th a league below, I believed we had taken the wrong prize from the Terriers. How wrong was I? I also think that the realistic targets and goals and future plans for the club have been expertly communicated to fans by the management. I cannot think of a time when we have been promoted and I haven't thought "well, now lets consolidate in this league and establish ourselves, sure this will cost XX millions of pounds, but we are in the premier league now - we have to spend big to achieve big". Not this time. I would be totally fine if we were relegated straight back down, provided we didn't spend huge chunk of money on absolute s**t. If we give our young players game time and chances to develop - sure we will lose a load of them, but for whopping great fees. We could then scout and challenge for the Championship title again, as we have this season. Webber and Farke have assured me that the mistakes of the past will not be replicated and I, for the first time in a long time, am looking forward to a long and bright future for us.
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    If he'd scored he would have been praised for being so cool!
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    Do the decent thing and copy and paste the article for those of us who refuse to fund right-wing propaganda.
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    This, 100%. The move to be sustainable and get the club working as well as possible within it's means, is proving itself as we watch. So we are not super rich, but all the pant wetting about not having money to spend has been proven to be just that - pant wetting. The club is now on the kind of footing we are presumably all happy about - it is functioning at it's best in pretty much all departments. Maintaining that healthy situation is not going to be easy as we move forwards, but we look as if we have the next three or four years at least to develop things with the present hierachy in place. What happens after that is anyone's guess, Huddersfield have lost their way - but our stability as a club is strong and even if DS/MJW were to step aside, or if any of the management team move on, it looks as if they have in place a structure and ethos that will stand the test of time. One thing is for sure - money can be a help, but is not the be all and end all for having a successful club. Get the right ethos, the right kind of players and a belief that what you are doing can be successful and the sky is the limit.
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    The focus on money ignores factors that are just as, or even more, important, factors that have created a top of the table team out of, in monetary terms, a low value squad. Whether we can afford to buy higher quality is not the issue; it is how to best utilise whatever funds are available without destroying the real basis of our success.
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    So i suppose Greg **** wont get through the filter either. But fisting Norman Lamont did!!!!
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    Agree fully but just making the point that we're in a stronger position than Huddersfield all round.
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    It would have been a good pen if he'd kept it straight and hit it a bit higher and harder, or just rolled it to the right a bit. The reason for the comment could have been because the pundit was Allan Preston, ex-St Johnstone player...and sports management consultant/football agent/intermediary. Apples
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    Thank you. Was a brilliant read. A glowing article indeed.
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    Agree with nearly all of this. I would add that because of "larger support base and better infrastructure" together with a much better commercial operation, we are in a position to buy and pay more expensive players without threatening our long-term viability. They key as you identify is not over-committing. Our "core" non-TV enhanced revenue, is far higher.
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    Counterpoint- being willing to change your mind based on what you see is not fickle and much better than dogmatically sticking to one point of view despite everything.
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    You need to programme your Auto-correct DM. Fickle fans are the ones whose positivity and level of satisfaction waxes and wanes purely with results; they are identified by the speed with which they climb on the latest bandwagon, only to leap off again the moment it slows down. The "get it forward" brigade in contrast are not at all fickle; they know what they like and nothing will shift them. They like old fashioned centre backs, two up front, and view midfield like east coast US Democrats view the mid-West -- just somewhere to be flown over.
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    Just shows that in some peoples eyes we have no individuals just a team that's flying high in the Championship !
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    Whenever I type fickle on this board, it wants to substitute the words 'ignorant and impatient'...
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    I'm positive all of the time Trevor; in fact I'm a fully paid up Happy Clapper!
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    It does become a problem when fickle fans are sarcastically cheering the keeper and shouting “ just get it forward”.
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    This comes around from time to time, the discussion about increasing revenue for the Club. Do we increase ticket prices or increase capacity? I understand that more seating is a risk as we're unlikely to fill them when we're struggling like last year. However, only having 27,000 for a home game against the top six, when there is clearly greater demand is such a waste. A new stand would be expensive but should be seen as an investment for the next 30 or 40years.
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    Thank you Nutty and welcome from Glasgow! Very honoured to be choosing the six for the benefit of our CSF friends this weekend, as there nothing better than helping others live a better life. So hopefully we can add to the presentation pot so lets have be avin' yer picks. Any knowledge(many injuries etc) you got which makes your pick a good un feel free to share especially if its a risky one. I'll look to do the usual and post the selection late Friday. For Dianne best of luck and my Norwich bet is my Favourite. A penalty to be awarded. And missed. Oh what the hell. I'll do a Glasgae special. A tenner on a selection of bets of all sorts from Glasgow based clubs over the weekend. Thats Clyde(originally glasgow), Partick Thistle, Queens Park, Glasgow Celtic and the newest club to the scene here, Glasgow Rangers. The later two are playing each other you know. Let me know if you have a pick for that.
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    They should do, we've sent them enough fingers and ransom demands.
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    Can't we just take the money and stay in the championship, win it again next season by then we might have enough dosh to buy in improvements to what we have.. Seriously though, given the exponential rise in price as against quality, I believe we should not spend much at all.
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    Each time in recent memory we've gone the "spend big" route it's smacked us in the ****. I'd prefer to see us double-down on the current strategy, seek out talented youth and foreign players with a point to prove and integrate them into the team and bring them into Farke's way of playing.
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    Totally agree. Bournemouth spent their way out of the Chamionship. They spent big money and it simply wasn’t mentioned. The BBC lapped it up, spouting their usual liberal, cozy, PC crap, expertly delivered by right- on puppets like Linekar and Mark “Chappers” Chapman. Yet Harry Rednapp is constantly ridiculed for flashing the cash. Rednapp’s a class act. Just unfashionable with the likes of the BBC / 5 Live etc. Rednapp sets clear expectations with the board when negotiating his package. If the owners over spend, that’s the owners responsibility not the coaches.