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    They should do, we've sent them enough fingers and ransom demands.
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    This, we have as many fickle fans as any other Club in the Country. DF/SW have outlined the plan going forward and most are on board, until we stop winning, the moment we lose or sell a player, it's all doom and gloom. Sack the Board, Delia, Webber, the list goes on. It's been happening at regular intervals for the 50 years I've been following Norwich and I don't expect it to change.
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    The club's objective, according to DF in a recent interview, is to become "a fixture" among England's top 25 clubs. That is what we all need to buy into, not the far less realistic aim of becoming "established in the EPL". In DF's words, becoming established among England's top 25 clubs means seasons in the EPL and seasons in the Championship but, when in the Championship, always being in a position to mount a realistic challenge for promotion. That's NCFC's interpretation of "yo-yo club" and a perfectly sensible and attainable goal to adopt. My only comment would be to ask why it has taken so long for our club and supporters to adopt it, when Robert Chase forecast exactly that future for us twenty three years ago.
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    Each time in recent memory we've gone the "spend big" route it's smacked us in the ****. I'd prefer to see us double-down on the current strategy, seek out talented youth and foreign players with a point to prove and integrate them into the team and bring them into Farke's way of playing.
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    While Pukki may look like he isn’t tiring, the recent run of games and travelling will place a higher risk of him picking up an injury. Norwich need to manage that risk carefully and make sure he isn’t overloaded. No player in the Norwich squad has played more minutes than him this season when you combine league and international fixtures and if Norwich can give him a break then they should look to do so.
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    That seems rather like a ‘northern’ team of the year to me - barely anyone outside that region - even the lad James was due to be at Leeds on loan from January....
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    Whenever I type fickle on this board, it wants to substitute the words 'ignorant and impatient'...
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    Isn't this the definition of Raimond de Waard & Fernando Derveld?
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    No.Not at all. I learned my lesson.
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    I’m afraid we haven’t got the best defence in the Championship, let alone the Premier League. We do still concede a lot of goals.
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    Never mind fickle Canary fans as a whole, I'd love to see your list of fickle Pinkun posters SR (I mean just to see if it coincides with mine)
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    Completely agree - as soon as there are a couple of defeats, the knives will be out. Even a misplaced goal kick and subsequent punt up field brought sarcastic cheers from the uninitiated in the River End recently.
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    This comes around from time to time, the discussion about increasing revenue for the Club. Do we increase ticket prices or increase capacity? I understand that more seating is a risk as we're unlikely to fill them when we're struggling like last year. However, only having 27,000 for a home game against the top six, when there is clearly greater demand is such a waste. A new stand would be expensive but should be seen as an investment for the next 30 or 40years.
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    Fair point Nuff, but if he went to Man Utd and had a career ending injury in his first game... ? Lets be honest, either yours or my scenario is highly unlikely. The sensible thing would be to continue to make your name playing first team football in hopefully the Premier League. I’m sure he’d sooner be playing week in/week out against the best teams rather than playing likely U23 football with Utd (for a while at least). That’s 3 of our 4 starting defenders being linked with the biggest clubs in England. That tells me that in theory we will have a top drawer defensive line up in (hopefully) the Premier League next season. I really hope for once we can keep our best players and see where they can take us as a club collectively. What Leicester did a few seasons back has to be the yardstick.
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    Unfortunately I think the “ get it forward” brigade will soon make their feelings known
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    One of Huddersfield's main issues, I would imagine, is that Webber had left before they got to the Prem. I believe they were quite close to it at the time but his recruitment skills would have been missed and perhaps we picked up some gems they were looking at, even. Although many of us (myself included) have likened our potential in the Prem to that of Huddersfield's, we've seen a sharp decline in their fortunes and they haven't been able to keep up the excellent work from their first season in the big league. I am thinking our smart recruitment, coupled with the passion of our academy players and current crop will be a big bonus for us when (if) we go up. Farke plays a different style of football to Wagner (we've seen more of that now compared to last season) and I am quite certain, if we try and stick to our attacking principles and possesion game, we could be a surprise package.
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    If (hopefully when) we do go up, I hope we don't panic and demand Farke's resignation when we get a few defeats. A bit of patience is needed. We're not going to be able to cope with the billionaire clubs, and our destiny next season will be defined by games against the lesser clubs and the occasional surprise result against the so called big boys.
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    I'm not so sure it was entirely down to the relegation clauses not being robust enough, but the negotiation position of the players in the first place , and of course their subsequent worth. Naismith doesn't appear to have one , that's the inference from Webber . It may also illustrate why it took a while to get over the line. If you have a player you really want it is unlikely they will sign a contract with a 50% drop in wages. You then have the issue of whether you can sensibly offload a high earner - and we have examples of where you could (Jerome) and where you cannot (Olly) . All differing scenarios. Throw in a long term injury (Jarvis) and it becomes increasingly complex. The accounts do show a fall in wages on relegation, but not enough given the income. I honestly feel that it is very difficult to get good, wanted players to sign contracts with significant relegation clauses.
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    Been following Pukki for a long time myself and watched most of the matches that had stream available in interwebs when he played in Celtic as well. Based on that, I'd actually say that main reason why he failed in there was the sort of football that is played in the league and that Celtic playmaking was rubbish. Pukki was not as aggressive and physical back then, which also contributed. However, if you look at matches back then, the Celtic team was unable to play key passes on attacking quarter and lacked team capable to open very deep lying opponent defenses with passing at all. The passing pace was extremely slow and their way to sort out the matches were solo runs and long shots from the midfielders and of course tossing high balls to the goal. I'd say it was exactly that kind of game where even current version of Pukki would not be that suitable. Don't know if SPL has evolved from that though and how Celtic plays these days, but it was really good for his career to move to Denmark and get to play better football. Having watched lots of both Scottish and Danish football, it is pretty easy to say that the quality of football in Danish Alka Super League is a lot better than in SPL. So in that sense, it is true that lots of kudos goes for the coach and system, as it was in my opinion the main reason why they didn't get that much out of Pukki was the poor teamwork and unsuitable playstyle.
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    I can't agree with this, despite not scoring for a few games, Pukki's hold-up play and running in behind has been better than ever imo. He's gone from Mario Gomes type performances at the start of the season, where he would do pretty much f all all game and then score out of nowhere, to becoming someone who carries the team forwards and a willing runner when pressing the opposition. I think he is a vital cog in our team at the minute. Yes the goals have dried up slightly, but he does not look low on confidence to me - he's still working himself into good positions to shoot from and has been regularly providing assists, its surely only a matter of time before he gets his goal again! I appreciate he could probably do with a rest given the schedule he's had but until that becomes evident on the pitch in terms of his contribution then why rest him! Rhodes is a good finisher but in no way can he offer anything like Pukki can when it comes to everything else! I'm sure if he were to get a start on Saturday this would be evident! That said, it is not like Farke to rest players (remember when Tettey used to only be able to play once a week?), and especially don't think this will happen considering we've got Boro away. Maybe more feasible in the following week, against QPR or Reading at home? Still can't see it mind! I think we may be more likely to see him subbed off on 60-65 mins if we've got a comfortable lead in any of these games?
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    It looks like Jakes forward to Mr Holts book will be a series of tweets written by the fans.
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    Maybe a little controversial, but I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing him get a rest against Boro on Saturday, and starting with Jordan Rhodes. I really think it would benefit him and us to get a weeks break to freshen him up for the final games, I’m concerned these frequent internationals on top of relentless league matches must surely be coming at a price now, that’s the indication I’m getting now anyway, and I would rather he got a week or 2’s rest to refresh and recharge for those final crucial games than lose him to injury for the vital last leg of the season. He’s a great player for us even when he’s not scoring, but I think a little break could do him the world of good, and I have faith that Jordan would not let us down despite Teemu’s phenomenal form this season. Fingers crossed Pukki doesn’t play 90 minutes tonight, it’s time to give him a short break for the greater good.
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    It’s all a bit hazy what will happen. If the deal is agreed, their is a transitional period until the end of 2020 and EU players will be able to still enjoy freedom of movement to the UK and thus won’t need a work permit. If it is no-deal then it will be up to the FA and the Home Office what happens. The default position will be that all players that don’t hold an British or Irish passport will require a work permit. Currently the Home Office will give a work permit to any professional player, who earns over £42,000 a year if they obtain a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE), from the the FA. The FA current run a points based system to determine whether a player qualifies for the GBE. Points are awarded based on a set of criteria that takes international apperances, wages and transfer fee into account. If the FA don’t change their criteria then the amount of overseas players coming into the UK will dry up dramatically, the BBC did a study that found that over 300 players in the Premier League, Championship and SPL who signed on EU passports would not get a work permit. How the FA react to a no-deal scenario will be interesting, they have been trying to crack down on overseas players and may see this as a good way to do so, although the Premier League will be furiously trying to get them to be more lenient. The Government have said that EU citizens that are currently in the UK will have their rights protected, so that means players currently playing here won’t need to get a work permit to stay. The summee transfer window could be insane, the shorter period that was brought in last year combined with clubs being unable to bring in the majority of European players will drive up the price of all UK players. People like Max Aarons could suddenly become worth £30m and command huge wages. It could be a very tough situation for Norwich as they will likely lose the ability to recruit smartly from Europe, which they have done excellently recently.