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    Maybe a little controversial, but I wouldn’t be adverse to seeing him get a rest against Boro on Saturday, and starting with Jordan Rhodes. I really think it would benefit him and us to get a weeks break to freshen him up for the final games, I’m concerned these frequent internationals on top of relentless league matches must surely be coming at a price now, that’s the indication I’m getting now anyway, and I would rather he got a week or 2’s rest to refresh and recharge for those final crucial games than lose him to injury for the vital last leg of the season. He’s a great player for us even when he’s not scoring, but I think a little break could do him the world of good, and I have faith that Jordan would not let us down despite Teemu’s phenomenal form this season. Fingers crossed Pukki doesn’t play 90 minutes tonight, it’s time to give him a short break for the greater good.
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    Well done Eddie on your win, we knew that you would do it
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    I know the tickets were cheap, but shifting 5000 of them 9 hours into a general sale is no mean feat. Hats off to everyone making the effort.
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    It's out in June, that's along wait until December. I think everyone should buy a copy for a Binner, it's bound to contain 'that' photo they all love so much.
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    OMG, that will knock a dozen off of the gate then...
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    Couple of heart-stopping moments when the Armenians were getting desperate and flying into tackles. Pukki had a right good moan to the ref after one of them, and again at the final whistle. Got up each time without treatment and chased long balls down afterwards, so looked OK at the end.
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    As I understand it they can still play but Brexiteers won't be able to buy tickets to watch them.....
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    Surely you mean the 50s? The 1850s in Rees-Mogg’s case.
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    Some more brilliant insight from JR. These interviews are top drawer.
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    It's called football over here....
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    It’s all a bit hazy what will happen. If the deal is agreed, their is a transitional period until the end of 2020 and EU players will be able to still enjoy freedom of movement to the UK and thus won’t need a work permit. If it is no-deal then it will be up to the FA and the Home Office what happens. The default position will be that all players that don’t hold an British or Irish passport will require a work permit. Currently the Home Office will give a work permit to any professional player, who earns over £42,000 a year if they obtain a Governing Body Endorsement (GBE), from the the FA. The FA current run a points based system to determine whether a player qualifies for the GBE. Points are awarded based on a set of criteria that takes international apperances, wages and transfer fee into account. If the FA don’t change their criteria then the amount of overseas players coming into the UK will dry up dramatically, the BBC did a study that found that over 300 players in the Premier League, Championship and SPL who signed on EU passports would not get a work permit. How the FA react to a no-deal scenario will be interesting, they have been trying to crack down on overseas players and may see this as a good way to do so, although the Premier League will be furiously trying to get them to be more lenient. The Government have said that EU citizens that are currently in the UK will have their rights protected, so that means players currently playing here won’t need to get a work permit to stay. The summee transfer window could be insane, the shorter period that was brought in last year combined with clubs being unable to bring in the majority of European players will drive up the price of all UK players. People like Max Aarons could suddenly become worth £30m and command huge wages. It could be a very tough situation for Norwich as they will likely lose the ability to recruit smartly from Europe, which they have done excellently recently.
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    Muscat will always be a disgrace. I’ll never forgive what he did to Bellamy; the most exciting player we’d had for so many years. Thankfully, he had a great career but I can’t be alone in thinking he could have achieved even more but for this gaping welly-top. We might have gone up that year (fanciful maybe) but the Bellamy/Roberts partnership was flying. Thank fûck Emi doesn’t have to play against a bell end like this.