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    They conceded two right after you posted Purple but thankfully hung on to win 3-2 On to MK Don's...
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    Theirs nothing worse than a pendant
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    Bravissimo Nutella ... ...mi fa tanto piacere sai?... Parma
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    Leader showing how its done. No pressure like.
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    Well done Nutty. For once in his life Sergio Ramos is the good guy!
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    Congratulations Nutty Nigel! Time to update that signature!
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    Spain held on so that's all six. A real team effort because I relied on you PUPs totally and you didn't let me down. Don't suppose we8wba's still around....
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    He's prioritising promotion. Nothing to see here. move along now.
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    Without wishing to be inflammatory, what about this sketch? It's famous, and I dont think it is offensive?
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    If he doesn't suit the managers plans,LDC, he'll never get picked. I doubt very much that Southgate " can't handle' him. 'Cant stand him' ....maybe,. But it's much more likely that he doesn't need him in the system (s) he is using. Don't get me wrong, Maddison is decent , but I see no travesty in him not being included. We shouldn't let our judgement of players be clouded by the jersey they once wore.
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    Medyk Konin and VSK Aarhus won, and Aarhus Fremad are 3-0 up with about 30 minutes to go.
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    Apparently Maddison can be a bit of a ‘billy big balls’ and he’s fallen out with 3 of his last 4 managers (not including Rodgers). Southgate puts a lot of importance on attitude and he apparently wasn’t overly impressed with Maddison when he trained with the England squad before. I think he was the only outfield player in the squad to not get an appearance during those games. I’m sure he’ll get at least one cap in the future, but staying with the U21s and doing a tournament with them is probably what he needs.
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    Worth his weight in pounds stirling, er. Sterling. At least I got "Maddison" right. I can never usually remember whether it's two of "d" or two of "s." Btw. Do you think Chris Houghton's Brighton will win the FA Cup this season?
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    Is Chris Reeve bearable in this one ?
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    So we could be in the money. Would come in handy but the knowledge we helped fund this amazing season is the greatest reward.