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    The Brexit thread mirrors the actual Brexit debate and process perfectly: pointless, repetitive, not going anywhere, and would have been best not having been started in the first place.
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    Kind of difficult Nutty - do you give it to one of the two statues outside the ground or one of the 11 statues on the pitch?
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    What a bunch of whiners on this thread! How anyone can get annoyed at non-football related threads on an Internet forum is beyond me. There have been plenty of interesting discussions outside of football on this forum, some I’ve joined in with and others I have not. I have never read nor posted in the ridiculous Brexit thread but I have never once got angry at people for posting on it. Why do you actually care?! It’s not like it’s a physical obstacle in your lives! Please just ignore it and stop whining for the sake of whining, because it’s killing debate that obviously some people are interested in having! I would not want the Brexit thread to be taken down or moved to non-football (where literally no one posts) despite never clicking on it! Anyway, on topic now, there is surely still a debate to be had here whilst the case in unsolved, and I’m not particularly worried about potential defamation in just a discussion (although I don’t know the nature of what was originally posted so perhaps the deleting of the thread was correct). Those suggesting that, because the McCann’s were cleared, we can’t discuss them have confused me a bit. The police DO get it wrong! Imagine not being able to debate the FA’s decision to not ban Tyrone Mings for his stamp on Oliveira (football related comparison for you there)... Coincidentally I watched a very interesting interview last night with a top statement analysist (who basically analyses the language and verbal approach used by an interviewee to identify if they are telling the truth etc etc). I’d really recommend it as it’s a very interesting watch: WARNING: THE ABOVE IS NOT FOOTBALL RELATED
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    I have a close friend who is German. She has a wonderful sense of humour but that doesn't include Adolf. They are deeply ashamed of that part of their history and just making a **** salute is a criminal offence there. I would hate to upset any of the Germans in our club but I suppose that the film does lend itself to a Hiltler supporting Ipswich. Especially the bit where he sends nearly everyone out of the room leaving the 3 oldest ones with him. Would everyone who has never seen us beat Norwich please leave the room...
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    This Krul bashing is surely a sign that most of our scapegoats have left and as we sit top of the league there is little for people to moan about. If you look at the number of passes Krul receives and makes during a game he is bound to make the odd mistake as all keepers do nowadays as fewer and fewer look to thump it into the stands. Yes, he has made three big mistakes in the last two games but the one that cost us a goal still had lots to do to score with an excellent first touch and finish. We cannot have it all ways, we try to play out from the back at all times, when it works it results in fantastic football, when it doesn't it gives chances to the opposition, it is something we will have to live with so enjoy it.
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    Evening all and good Luck Eddie Gibraltar -v- REP OF IRELAND AWAY WIN BTTS Holland -v- Germany
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    Panic on the streets of Carlisle, Dublin, Dundee, Humberside
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    Tbh, the statues outside the Ground have better movement.
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    Can't they give it to someone from their glorious history. One of the statues maybe?
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    They will enjoy next season Broadstairs, apparently, they have a conveyor belt of young up and coming talent in the U-23s just waiting to burst onto the scene... and with Luke Chambers there to provide leadership and experience it's almost a given that they're coming straight back up.............. apparently.
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    @Duncan Edwards Know owt about this?
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    True. Even the 'Daily Norwich' doesn't seem to exist anymore as they are so in denial at the way a proper football club should be run and so jealous of our current upsurge that they need to convince themselves that they will enjoy next season in L.1 more than we would in the PL should we get there. Stagnation in the Chumps, mounting debts, weak squad and relegation is now their accepted norm to the extent that debate now seems to be about whether Kevin Beattie's statue should show him with a tache or not. Escapism by continuing to be concerned with the past as usual. Ludicrous.
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    And sadly it seems to be continuing indefinitely, also like Brexit itself !!!
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    "the worst place to have a fart “!!!!! As manager of the club? Apples
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    I think its a borderline case KIO. As I have said in another post, obviously since MM's disappearance parents would no longer do this precisely because of this incident and how it highlighted the dangers. Back then, attitudes were probably a little more relaxed/ slack and we may tend to forget that. Would I have done what they did with kids of that age, probably not but I am absolutely certain that quite a few people would have done and one of the reasons I am so paranoid about things (didn't even like using baby listening services when the kids were young) is precisely because of what happened to Madeline McCann. Until I watched the documentary, I thought they were actually further away from the apartment. I did not realise that they were quite so close and could directly see it from where they were sat. To my mind that counts in their favour a little. Having said that, i also did not realise that there were two entrances off the street and that they had left the patio doors (which could be accessed from the street) unlocked which seems to me idiotic. It was a slightly different time though and people can be lulled into a false sense of security in holiday resorts.
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    Truro City, nine miles from my house, play in National League South. Cornish Pirates, playing at Penzance, are in the Rugby Championship, one down from the Premiership. Neither have a ground suitable for them to move any higher. So they agreed to put in plans to share a Stadium for Cornwall in Truro three or four years ago. Spiv Cameron, a regular visitor to Cornwall for holidays and using the hospital for the birth of his child, promised at least £3M of Govt money if the rest of the, at the time £12M could be found. So it was going to be Pirates @ £3M, Truro City @ £3M, Cornwall College @ £3M and Cameron to supply the rest. History has since meant that Truro no longer can sell their ground to raise the £3M, and the Govt has done FA (like the pun?). So Pirates agreed to put up Truro City's £3M. But still the Govt has ignored them and I would imagine that inflation will mean that £12M will probably be insufficient to build the ground in its original form. So now, Pirates have bought Truro City and are now the owners of the football ground. So we putting two and two together and for once it seems to make four. Pirates are will not get promoted to Rugby Prem this season anyway. And the Prem clubs want to have no promotion or relegation for the next three seasons anyway. So maybe Pirates can build a better stadium that currently sits on the Truro site for less money than the original £12M. Maybe this is the way forward for clubs. Merge with other sporting associations in their area and share facilities and costs. Maybe for supporters of clubs like Bolton who have a fairly decent ground could share with Bury who don't and it would be a way for clubs to cut costs and stay in the black.
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    I’d completely forgotten about this. Thanks for reminding me NN. Hopefully it will be just in time for my holiday!
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    That’s a bit of a myth. It is to discourage players displaying messages. Football authorities try very, very hard to keep political messaging out of football - so a blanket ‘don’t take your shirt off’ rule is used - as it covers all eventualities.
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    I cannot really complain about the mis-placing of the Brexit thread because, although I hardly ever visit it I do occasionally contribute, for my sins as it's usually when on a wind up from the golf club after that extra pint of Bombardier. There is little real talent or genuine know-how on there and predictably, like many internet forums, develops into a slanging match, with insults abounding from those who find an opposing view or a home truth hard to digest. The thing is really that the Brexit debate seems to have taken over the whole country for so long now.You get it in the pub, in the club, in the supermarket and probably in the bus queue and over the garden fence. It has taken over much of the press coverage and even more of the television air time, if you take programmes like Question Time as an example. In sum, we are saturated by it. It has been done to death. The very last place you then want to find the whole thing debated over and over again to the level of of point scoring repetition is on a football forum, especially when there is an alternative placing easily found. The last point belies the argument that it warrants inclusion because it excites interest. It's continued presence on the NCFC pages doesn't bother me in the slightest but it remains, nevertheless, a massive abuse of the rules of this forum. The McCann thread is stretching it further. Having taken that sanctimonious stand I need to remind myself that I once started a thread on here about the Ashes cricket a few years ago which although was initially pulled managed to become a major topic for a month or two.
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    Or mud wrestling. Part of me wants to dive in and get on top, but the more sensible part knows I’ll just end up covered in sh*t and ashamed of myself.
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    A significant section of all clubs fans are knobs so unfair to label Wolves in that manner Muscat was a **** tho!
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    Indeed lyb, and that is exactly why I have not looked at it for approx 18 months
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    Agree with this, I have no interest in the Premiership when we're not there. I don't know who plays for who and I won't worry about it until we're up and the fixtures come out. Meanwhile, I'm hoping Bolton find a way out of this mess and survive, if only for their supporters who deserve better.
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    Im sure they show this video in the stands at Elland Road. I thought this was going to be the vid of IpswichCrazy. 'You're going to hell Grant Holt! And you Delia Smith!'
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    Come off it, this is a common meme. I doubt anyone German finds it offensive so common is the meme. You dont need to be offended on peoples behalf
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    So were so many threads earlier in the season..
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    Sorry LDC but as long as the Brexit thread is alive on this forum, your argument doesn't hold water. Simpler. Who makes the rules? And why?
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    You seem oblivious to the obvious, the subject matter is unsuitable for a football forum. Thread should never have been started. Simple.
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    Absolutely hate Wolves - they're dim witted knuckle draggers who attacked scarfers, old people and kids after the Play Off semi final 2002 And Muscat, natch
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    I generally assume the police (who haven't pursued any charges against them as far as I'm aware) will have had access to more evidence and research than random internet poster.
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    Trial by internet? No . Discussion on internet ...yes! Now, trial by red top newspaper aided by false statement by representatives of the law enforcement sector....(Hillsborough) ...now that is something truly disgraceful and abhorrent.
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    The majority of whom were likely from Yarmouth...
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    Well credit to her for a modicum of accuatacy. We really don’t hate anyone, but Wolves would be near the top of any list. The thing about it is that it that grudges don’t have to be recent - the most extreme ones tend to be historical anyway. For me it’s Man Utd - the violence shown at Carrow Rd from their fans was something else.
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    Who needs a criminal justice system when we could have trial by internet forum. What a bizarre world we live in. I think you will find the criminal justice system has evolved in order to prevent judgment being made by hearsay but that seems to passed some people by in our post evidence and truth fake news world appealing to the worst traits of humanity.
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    No offence to anyone intended, but this isn't a tabloid news channel, for people to spread mis-informed guff about any old news stuff, it's supposed to be about football. If you want to talk about stuff like the Mcanns, there's plenty of sh*t stirring social media out there, so no need to infest a football forum with it. At least the EU thread is something that affects everyone, which is presumably why it's been allowed to stay.
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    Who cares who is better, can we not just appreciate how well he did for us last season without trying to compare to where we are now? With the rest of the team either **** or still adapting to the champs we very really could’ve been relegated without his input... He has a steady head on his shoulders and has developed a close connection with the supporters of every club he’s played at - I’ve never understood those doubting his personality. I for one hope he gets a huge reception on his return (hopefully) next season. Will always look out for his progress and I imagine he’ll make it to the very top.
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    You can't really compare the two, different styles of player. Buendia has all the attributes you would want in a box to box terrier style midfielder combined with great technique and an eye for goal, Maddison is a more cultured style of player, great dead ball specialist.
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    Buendia and Maddison very different players..
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