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    Someone alleged that the parents of the child were her murderers despite the fact that both the UK and Portuguese police have ruled out that theory. Accusing an innocent person of murder is an extremely serious offence. Tread carefully or you may be the one that ends up behind bars
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    In my opinion, every non football related topic should be moved to the 'Non-Football' section. What is the point of splitting the forum into 'Main Discussion - Norwich City' and 'Non-Football' if we are going to have a 1600 page thread on brexit in the Norwich City side.
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    "Steering" implies more control over the process than she has had since she lost the election. A while ago I used the analogy of a yachtsman being blown this way and that. So whatever detailed plan she may have had has been washed overboard, leaving just the basic aim of making Brexit - any Brexit - happen. And if that has to be a No-Deal, fine as far as she is concerned. Because the prevailing wind, that generated by the headbangers, is blowing her that way.
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    One post at least was cast-iron defamatory. Nothing to do with the suppression of free speech. And anyone who thinks it was should apply the following test - would they be perfectly happy to be publicly accused of having committed more than one serious criminal offence when they had never been tried for such, let alone convicted?
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    Think Brexit is a little bit more than that. While it may sound harsh, the fate of that poor child is of zero relevance to my life, or I’d suspect anyone else’s on this board. (Not that personal relevance should be the judge of whether a thread stays or not). Sounds like there were some legally questionable comments made and the thread was pulled. Hardly the first time that has happened here.
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    Oh well that's OK then.....
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    I have a close friend who is German. She has a wonderful sense of humour but that doesn't include Adolf. They are deeply ashamed of that part of their history and just making a **** salute is a criminal offence there. I would hate to upset any of the Germans in our club but I suppose that the film does lend itself to a Hiltler supporting Ipswich. Especially the bit where he sends nearly everyone out of the room leaving the 3 oldest ones with him. Would everyone who has never seen us beat Norwich please leave the room...
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    At the start, the plan was NOT to seek Parliamentary support for the deal but were forced to as a result of a legal case. You may remember that the judges who identified the legal requirement were described as "Enemies of the People." So much for the rule of law...
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    There were comments that were defamatory and libellous. There were unsupported allegations made about the legality of some peoples' actions and I believe that they have already sued other outlets. The forum hosts were inevitably going to remove the thread when they became aware of them and they would have been foolish not to have done. On the broader issue alluded to, I see no problem in discussing non-footballing issues on a City fans website. We are a community united in support of a football club but otherwise with different views. It seems to me to be unnecessarily limiting to suggest that we can only discuss football, or more narrowly, Norwich City.
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    I'm sorry, I can't continue with this charade. It's just too revolting.
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    ...I'm taking that back.
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    Who needs a criminal justice system when we could have trial by internet forum. What a bizarre world we live in. I think you will find the criminal justice system has evolved in order to prevent judgment being made by hearsay but that seems to passed some people by in our post evidence and truth fake news world appealing to the worst traits of humanity.
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    I'm beginning to think the international break is a bad idea....
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    Careful SR, you're one step away from "Have you got any photos?" Actually, this could be an idea for an NCFC Tinder...
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    At the age of 2 I'd mastered dribbling.
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    You think she was on her own ?
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    You could have it every week for virtually anything and it then becomes pointless virtue signalling.
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    France’s EU minister names her cat 'Brexit' because ‘he meows loudly to be let out but just stands there when I open the door’
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    She booked the tickets, I was in two minds! She also went to Bournemouth on her own in the League Cup because I had work commitments. Keeper.
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    Wigan. On a Sunday. On a bus. Think you mean ex-wife fella.
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    I recommend the Film it's taken from, very good.
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    I’m hoping someone will do one for the Ipswich supporting Adolf when he finds out what’s happened this season
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    Haters gonna hate us. Cloggers gonna clog us.