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    If you're off to the game tonight can I ask you to consider taking a couple of non perishable food items along? This is being organised by the Canaries Trust together with the Trussell Trust which run several food-banks throughout Norfolk. All items received will be distributed evenly between each of these.There will be three collection points outside the ground. While all donations will be gratefully received, the Trussell Trust tell us that they are particularly keen to get hold of the following: Instant mash potato Long life (UHT) milk Instant coffee Long life fruit juice Long life sponge puddings Thanks in advance for your generosity. There but for fortune etc,etc.....
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    It came on to rain about tea time and by the time I arrived at the ground I was a little on the damp side but the pitch looked in magnificent condition for a match between what I expected to be two good passing sides. From the off it was the Swans who dominated the early possession and City didn't get a sniff of the ball for the first couple of minutes. The visitors looked sharp in their passing and Krul was the first keeper to be brought into action when James was set clear with time to crash in a low effort that the City keeper did well to parry before the ball was hurriedly cleared away. At the other end Buendia blocked a ball into Stiepermann's path and the lanky City forward almost got in an effort after a neat one two with Pukki. Both teams were attempting to play out from the back and there was one hairy moment for the home side when Krul looked like he had taken a split second too long as the speedy James almost robbed him. Swansea were looking a well accomplished side and it was difficult for the Canaries to find any consistent rhythm on what was a very slick surface. Krul was certainly the busier keeper and again had to be sharp to keep out James when the ball was worked in from the Swansea left. City were then nearly undone in a pacey counter only for Aarons to nick the ball away at the last second. It was all a little bit worrying for those of a nervous disposition. As we approached the midway point you could feel a sense of anxiety in the crowd as City were finding it difficult to dominate in their usual manner. There was however one lovely move when City's persistence through the middle led to Buendia getting Pukki in the clear just inside the box. Unfortunately when the trigger was pulled the ball screwed well wide of Nordfeldt's left upright. Then there was a cross from Hernandez that seemed to beat everybody as it flew across the six yard box. We hoped it was a cue to City turning up the wick but it was the visitors who came back with a purpose and Krul was again called into action to turn a deflected shot over the bar for a corner. I for one was extremely glad to get to the break without conceding and if it was a boxing match all the judges would have had the visitors ahead on points. The scoreboard told its own story with no City shots on target and five from the visitors. At this stage I was beginning to think that maybe a point here would be a good result. Thankfully we looked a bit more determined as the second half began. Hernandez was lively down the left and City put on a bit of pressure with a couple of corners but when a shot came in it was high and wide. However it did look a little more promising although goalmouth action continued to be at a premium. A s we came up to 53 minutes I decided it was the time to nip out for the usual and of course those long time readers can guess what happened. Yes Ricckky again missed the goal but I regained the top of the stairs just in time to see Buendia crash home an unstoppable drive on the big screen. Now at last it was a different game because Carrow Road burst into full voice and you could see that the players were lifted by it. The home side pushed the ball about with increasing confidence and at last most of the play was confined to the Swansea half. Stieperman had a shot deflected over as City continued to look dangerous while most of Swansea's attempted ripostes foundered on the rock that was Lewis, Godfrey, Zimmermann and Aarons. Time ran away very quickly and although the visitors threw on fresh legs they didn't look like breaking through. There were a few free kicks and corners and a couple of long range efforts that sailed high wide and not very handsome but Krul never had to work for his corn in the way that he did in the opening half. City began to shut the game down fairly effectively and if anything it looked more likely that they would extend the lead rather than concede. Indeed Pukki almost got his obligatory goal with a turn and quick shot that clipped the post. Vrancic came on for the tiring Stiepermann with about ten minutes left and both Lietner and Klose came on as we moved into injury time. Buendia was as usual reluctant to leave but I'm sure he must have enjoyed the ovation. The three minutes added were comfortably seen out and it was a sea of happy face when ref Jones signaled time. Eightynine points will be enough and I am ever more convinced that we will get them. This time last year I wouldn't have believed we would be where we are now and I bet I'm not alone with that thought. Did you all enjoy it? Ricardo certainly did, even though the seat of strides was wet through when I got home.
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    No need to panic, I'll take a scrappy 1-0, it's all about the points.
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    Got to be in with a shout for the BB player of the season trophy as he’s been immense. Suspect it will end up with Pukki or Buendia but as a season goes, he’s been a standout player which is impressive as there have been many (Aarons, Stiepermann, Leitner, Lewis).
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    I never watch MOD live, if you just watch the actual football it last about 35 minutes, I don’t need to be told the bleeding obvious.
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    Unfair to whom? I assume you mean to NCFC? 1. He didn't get injured on purpose! 2. NCFC negotiated the contract, fully aware of the stage he was at in his career. 3. It was beneficial to both NCFC and Naismith to loan him out. I don't see anything unfair to either party, just a misfortune for the player and his loan club.
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    If he does, I'll put money on you quoting this post to remind us!
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    Pitch was really heavy tonight, you could see water spray when the ball was passed along the ground, never going see dazzling footy in those conditions. Nothing between the teams for me, apart from a goal Really now feeling it’s our season. What an atmosphere at the end, loving Farke on the pitch OTBC
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    And now more than 50 points ahead of .......
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    These are the performances that win you promotion. Doesn't hurt that we've got our own version of Maradona, either.
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    The type of performance championship winning teams make!
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    Still want to see Leitner on for Kenny.
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    You should ditch the binners and join us Jubs. Make sure you have a good wash first.
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    Hi KG. Yes they do collect from supermarkets. Nearly all supermarkets contribute to one or other of the charities who need food donations. There is an active Norwich Food Network which incorporates many organisations collecting and distributing surplus food. We’re not sure if this is countywide but will do some digging.
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    Another example of how the BBC waste large amounts of money on paying ex players to give their opinion on the highlights. I much prefer the German equivalent where they show extended highlights of the games with no so called expert pundits to tell you what they think.
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    Been a while since I've used a laminator, but would be impressed if you managed to cut your finger off using one?!? Thats correct, I have literally nothing of real value to add here... Moving on
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    I'll just leave this again in case anyone missed it first time....
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    I mean, he's started all but one League game this season but sure ..
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    https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/47502225 Good on 'em. I have always been of the opinion that women and men should be paid the same for doing the same job. It's disgusting that female athletes are paid less than their male counterparts. What needs to happen is we need to abolish these out dated gender specific sports roles. Men and women need to be able to compete against each other in sports, with the best athletes being paid the most, as it is in every job. That way it's a level playing ground for everyone, no divisiveness on gender lines.
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    Exactly what I was thinking. Swansea reminded me of us last season, a lot of possession but little end product .
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    This thing about riding our luck - we certainly weren’t at our best, particularly in the first half, but they rarely looked like scoring and we created the better chances - if only managing one shot on target. Once it was 1-0 I thought there was only one likely outcome. Re: James, Leeds must be regretting not coming up with the £ to seal the deal - he might be one to try to poach if we go up.
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    Leitner in, McLean out for me. Harsh to change a winning team but Leitner is one of our three best players. If he's fit he should play. Stiepermann was poor but I'm not sure who we could replace him with without sacrificing the physicality and tenaciousness up the pitch which is so crucial to how we play.
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    Championship's are won by grinding a few out, there's been a fair few that have come down to the last minute, we've been fortunate that, Derby and maybe Blades away apart they've gone our way. This game will soon be forgotten, at the end of the season it'll be just another 3 points towards our total. Now we can enjoy our weekend, let others worry about keeping up, a day off then focus on getting a result against Hull.
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    Is there a nun sitting behind Graham Potter?
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    I'm scared So the dark side isn't all its cracked up to be
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    I was 30th on waiting list but got one today so here is some hope for those further down.
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    (Faux indignation doesnt become you. Now stay on topic there"s a good chap) DM Taffy was originally a name for people living near the river Taff, in Cardiff, it has now become a more generic term for Welshman I believe. Of course we would more appropriately be talking about "Jacks" in this context.
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    It will be a terrific achievement to shift 3,000 but it might just have been 5,000 at 3pm on a Saturday with the discounts.
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    I concur with all of the above. One of my favourite City players; especially for his attitude. Yet another example of untested potential being spotted by our setup and being given the opportunity to develop it.
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    Love this latest little gem from him..... “If you take away goals in football, we’re a good side". https://www.twtd.co.uk/ipswich-town-news/35625/lambert-aiming-for-posit
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    Yeah to be fair. I don’t think Jarvis or Naismith wanted this pathway in their career. Both came here with good intentions and both were international players with decent CV’s. It could have gone the other way. Sometimes you win. Sometimes you accept things as they are.
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    I record and watch the Quest programme. Not only for the Championship but for L1 and L2 goals. There have been some cracking goals from the lower divisions and it is a credit to see fans supporting their club no matter what league they are in. I also go onto the Vanarama site and watch the goals from all three of their leagues. Stockport, under the shadow of two of the country's top clubs, had a crowd of over 6000 during the week for their match against Spennymoor. Football is not dead and still breathes under the noses of the big clubs and all credit to the owners, fans and players of the smaller clubs particularly non league for the hard work they put in.
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    Hope it goes well. Our local commercial radio station had an appeal to raise a tonne of food during February and in the end raised 17 tonnes. Kids were using their pocket money to buy tins etc. It really was a great gesture that didn't have the same publicity as Children in Need or Red Nose Day but in reality produced more. Just as an aside. Do you know if the Supermarkets etc donate any? Obviously they sell a lot more tines etc when this happens and I would to think they recognise this upturn in their sales.
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    Well I loathe most of the MOTD pundits, so I don't even listen to their opinions tbh... I just hope we're on the show again next season
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    Think it was Fergie that said if you’re U23’s are top of the league than something is not right within the club
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    Not entirely true. Our company has often seconded employees to other companies (i.e. "loaned them their services"). We still pay the employee, but get a reimbursement back from the hosting company via a monthly invoice. What is very clear in this situation is that the employee is still our responsibility (like Naismith is Norwich's). It is like there is a bubble of our company around the employee - if they trip over a cable, stub their toe or cut their fingers off in the laminator, it is our company's responsibility to provide the workcover, insurance and wages (as we still pay them as our employee). I suspect the loan situation is similar, with the triangular relationship between Hearts, Norwich and Naismith. Hearts pay a % of his wages as a fee for a Norwich player's services, but he remains, for all intents and purposes, an employee of Norwich City. Therefore, if he is injured, we are responsible. This makes sense, otherwise no club would loan a player from higher divisions if they were held responsible for the costs of a player's treatment if they are injured while on duty for the hosting club. Also the home club would presumably have greater resources to provide optimal treatment as well. As for your point about Naismith's attitude of not wanting to work here - well that is subjective, but not really relevant in an employment relationship. He works for Norwich City Football Club, regardless of his own feelings about that. He if wanted out - he could have terminated his contract.
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    I suppose this may explain why he regularly says "the boys need a bit of a hand".
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    For me - no penalty. Yes, he was clearly trying to block the ball which was part of his job. But his arms were in a natural position as part of the normal jumping process and with his back to the ball. If we concede one like that tomorrow night the crowd will go berserk !!!!
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    Perhaps he can work a second miracle. I hope not.
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    It's hard to judge because football at this level has dramatically changed.
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    Hello friends... Thanks to my mate Nutty N for asking me to do this...it's a great honour! I'll post my selections at about 2pm tomorrow so keep them coming. OTBC Rob
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    I expect that Newcastle might feel they were 'short changed' over Jacob Murphy. Southampton similarly with regard to Nathan Redmond. In the light of the above thought that we could break a contract because of how things have gone with a player... performance, injury etc maybe the above two clubs could end any staged payments to us. Perhaps the season ticket holders of Ipswich and City should see a partial refund and surcharge over their respective payments relative to how things have turned out for each of them. Should we release Thompson on that basis ?
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    Lambert manager? Who he, I can't seem to remember him?
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    I'd be astonished if we don't hold out for Koulibaly again and blow the whole £100m.
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    Would have loved an invite! The PUPs thread was early to give a bit more time to get the Swansea game picks in. We were both at Colney on a day the legend that is Ken Brown was there. You came as a deckchair....
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