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    I get the impression that Onel is another who adds a lot to the dressing room spirit. This group of players really is something special off and on the pitch.
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    I think it boils down to this. Did the defender deliberately attempt to block the shot? If the answer is yes then it seems perfectly logical to award a penalty if the ball hits a hand. This is not the case when a ball is kicked directly at a defender who cannot get out of the way. I think a penalty was the correct decision.
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    Well his thread title didn't say in which direction they'd be 20 points clear, so he may yet be right
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    I get it NN, I think the charity bet was an afterthought, that's how I read it. My point was, to say they would finish 20 points clear of relegation, was at best, brave. Considering that they'd sold all their goals and their best defender it was either the exuberance of youth or alcohol that led to such a claim.
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    Oh, maybe there should be a separate thread for Brexit discussions? Not sure if it would get many posts though
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    Yes, fair enough. Let's have a quick poll. Hands up who thinks we should stop the 'your mum's your auntie and your sister' jokes.
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    Just seen it after reading this thread. Correct decision. He’s jumped to block the ball and the ball has traveled some distance, his arm is out by his side and it blocks the ball.
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    How many times do we see Zimmerman fling himself wildly in front of shots? Blocking shots is a huge part of being a CB. I do not for one second think he has jumped to block that with his hand. I also do not think it is an unnatural position. If you run and jump, your hands naturally come up. It is an interesting debate and no one's opinion is wrong. I think the main point I was trying to make is that VAR itself did nothing wrong for that call. Any blame or praise should be for the referee who reviewed the footage.
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    As I understand it from reading Clattenburg on the subject it was correctly awarded because under Uefa guidelines now in place for the Champions League it doesn't have to be deliberate. In other words it doesn't have to be a deliberate movement of the arm towards the ball. All that is required is that the arm is out and in a "non-natural position". For what little it is worth, I would have given a penalty even without Uefa's new interpretation, on the basis that to jump like that is plainly a deliberate attempt to block the ball. Why else is the player jumping? And if the arm is out, as it was, then that is part of the deliberate attempt to block the ball, by making the body as large as possible.
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    From today's report on the BBC website: ".......... Head of Uefa referees Robert Rossetti told the Times in January that - when VAR was introduced into this season's Champions League - officials would penalise any unnatural arm movement that makes contact with the ball." "The big challenge is the position of the arm. When the arm is totally out of the body above the shoulder it should be penalised. If the defender is making the body bigger in order to block the ball it is not fair. "It is different if the defender is challenging or playing the ball and it rebounds. But if he is looking to block a cross or a shot on goal and the player is trying to spread his body then it is a handball."
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    When it's a jar! © The Beano 1977 (or any year really)
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    Firstly, Man Utd's penalty yesterday was never a penalty in a million years. However, I do not think there was anything actually wrong with the VAR process for that specific call. A referee using clear and detailed video evidence to aid the enforcing of rules, is not a bad thing. The problem is, no one understands the rules as written. I think the VAR officials were right to point out that the ball hit an arm on the way through, which it did. I think it was right for the referee to go an have a closer look on the monitor. The process failed when the referee incorrectly elected to decide that it was an intentional handball after watching the detailed video evidence. Has to go down as a refereeing/ruling error in my opinion, not a VAR error.
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    There aren't many players would've done this. The original story could've been dismissed as nothing more than a joke and left at that but kudos to him and to Argos for spotting the opportunity to do this. I hope plenty of kids got their autographs and pictures. https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/onel-hernandez-argos-shop-meet-and-greet-in-norwich-1-5922906 I think this is a genuine look of excitement on his face..!
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    Based on previous Binner dealings with charity, the final donation from that £50 will total £2.50. And they'll probably ask to pay in instalments.
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    Seems like Morrison's and Argos are the new cool places in Norwich. I'm off to see who I can spot in Iceland.
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    I was just talking the defence today - and in all honesty - the wing backs are the least of our worries for next season, we bring youth through at this club... so that is exactly what we should do next season... Jamal has been outstanding this season, yes slightly overshadowed by the newer and shinier Aarons, and to a lesser extent Godfrey, but heck all three deserve their crack at the prem should we get there. I don't think he needs to change his game all that much tbh.
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    Yep, you're right, it's all Jamal's fault, drop him to the youth team and let's get Jonas Knudsen in or something.
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    I'm going up the night before and then, via a time machine, spending the evening dancing to Northern in the Wigan Casino.
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    LOL manager having a disappointing season praises another team who stuck with their manager through a disappointing season. What a shocker
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    There's a difference between envy on the one hand, and seeking to learn from someone else's experience and example on the other. When Swansea and West Brom were being touted on here not so long ago, it was a case of the latter, not the former. Our current success is down to adopting much of what those two clubs had started to do while we were heading downwards towards League One: adopting a management structure that delivered continuity, settling on the style of football to be played, selecting coaches versed in that style, recruiting players with the skill sets to deliver that style, and so on. Graham Potter has good reason for saying what he has; it's a reminder to Swansea's American owners as to how the Swans came to enjoy the success that persuaded them to buy the club in the first place, departing from which has led to their current situation.
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    No probs ICF. There nothing worse than knowing information is out there and not being able to find it. I have now TV sports until the end of the season but will still post a link to other sources if I have them. It's the decent thing do I think.