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    Nothing can seemingly prepare opposing teams for when This current Norwich City team/squad are ‘in the mood’. The Bristol City defence had conceded either no goals or just one goal in every match they had played since meeting Norwich City at Ashton Gate back in mid December. With Pukki setting the tone, constantly breaking up enemy lines with pace and intelligence, the unerring onslaught from the ‘fleet of foot’ - Hernandez, Buendia, Aarons, Lewis, Cantwell ( players who can dribble, pass, shoot and assist ), ably led by a highly skilled Stiepermann (cleverly disguised in a 6’ 2” frame), the opposition are faced with a bewildering array of attacking talent. As if this initial wave isn’t hard enough to deal with, the second wave of Vrancic, Leitner, and now McLean, (and even Godfrey), add a heady mix of goals and assists. Has there ever been so much attacking threat throughout the team in the history of NCFC? This team is producing high-octane football. Totally unreliant on set-pieces (and thankfully, penalties), the current percentage of goals scored in ‘open-play’ is over 85% - a figure that would have Sam Allardyce reaching for the sick-bag. However it comes, promotion is the least this crop of players deserve. Supporters are often asked whether they prefer entertainment or success. Who would have thought you can have both.........
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    Trybull has been great since he’s come in but I still think there have been some incredibly harsh comments about Tettey and some very short memories. Tettey has played a massive part of getting us to where we are now playing 25 games before Trybulls recent run in the team (and before this he was largely poor when he came in e.g Hull, Leeds h). Of those 25, we won 13 and kept 8 clean sheets (and Tettey got himself a goal). Trybull has played 12 and we’ve won 6 with 3 clean sheets. Im not criticising Trybull as his latest performances have been superb and he’s yet another example of the fantastic squad we have and how there is no real ‘spine’ as most players have been out for some time during the season with more than adequate replacements coming in. I just believe Tetteys contribution is greater so far, he was part of the team that got us winning and took us on the fantastic run to the top of the league, he’s a leader on the pitch and an experienced head amongst the youngsters. Farke has also breathed new life into those fragile legs by getting him to play more than a game a week regularly and giving him more freedom to move forward whilst still having the knack of being in the right place at the right time to break up play. Tettey has been far more important to the season so far and would argue he doesn’t get the plaudits he deserves either. However I have no issue with either starting (which can be said of many players in many positions now), again showing what a great group of players we have.
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    It was like spring when we pedaled off to the ground so no need for scarf, gloves or woolly hat which made it a real novelty for February. Something else was a bit of a novelty because City appeared to win the toss and choose to kick the "right way" for once, although I think that the low sun might have been the ultimate deciding factor. It was such a pleasant afternoon that my son treated me to an ice cream before kick off and very nice it was. It was obvious from the start that The Robins were not going to let us pass it out from the back as City were hurried into a few injudicious passes thanks to the high press. The visitors were certainly full of energy and it looked that their long unbeaten run was no fluke. There had been little threat from the home side in the opening minutes and so you couldn't say it was against the run of play when the visitors took a 12th minute lead. The ball was given away in midfield and quickly switched forward where another first time pass put Paterson in the clear eight yards out and to the right of goal. his hard struck shot gave Kru,l no chance. Thankfully we woke up after that and Hernandez began to get a bit of traction down the City left. A low shot didn't really trouble Fielding but it was a sign that the home side were beginning to get their act together. Bristol were defending in numbers and openings were hard to come by but there was a glorious one mid way through the half when the ball fell to Pukki, only for the City talisman to scuff it across goal and wide. The City back line still didn't look entirely at ease and Zimmerman, almost gave O'Dowd a free run a t goal with a careless pass only for Aarons to save the blushes at the expense of a corner. Pukki had been well marshaled but Buendia was beginning to have more and more influence and it was a wonderful cross field pass on 36 minutes, to Hernandez that set up the equaliser. The City winger beat his man and found Pukki, who laid it back to Kenny McLean for a sweet strike across the keeper and in off the far post. You could be forgiven for thinking it was normal service resumed but straight from the kick off O'Dowd set off on a run. He was lucky to get the run of the ball from a couple of tackles but the jink inside the defenders on the edge of the box was class and the finish was top drawer. Very disappointing after so much hard work getting back in the game but I have to say that its not the first time we have seen this at CR this season. City dominated the rest of the half, though blatant time wasting from Fielding and some niggly tackles tended to upset the rhythm of the game. There were a couple of scrambles in the Bristol box as halftime loomed but nobody could apply the finishing touch to some good approach work.. During the break I still felt fairly confident that we could turn it round and the fact that they were now kicking the "right way" bolstered my confidence no end. It was the visitors who started on the front foot however as City had to see off the early pressure. My son said we needed to score before the hour mark to have a chance of winning and that is exactly what happened. From about the fifty minute mark there was almost constant pressure as City buzzed around the Bristol box. Aarons hammered one in from the angle that Fielding had to turn behind but the pressure eventually told when Aarons again cut inside and although the ball was blocked away to the right of goal it came back in and Ben Godfrey fairly leathered it in from eight yards. Bristol now came back into it for a few minutes and Krul had to be quick to turn aside a low shot but in truth it was the home side who now had the bit between their teeth. Carrow Road now got very loud as the home team swarmed forward. Hernadez was denied with an acrobatic save by Fielding and Stiepermann hit the bar in another sweeping move but you could feel a goal coming and on 66 minutes it duly did. A couple of corners came through desperately defended blocks but there was nothing the defenders could do when McLean had a dip at another loose ball and beat Fielding all ends up in the far corner from twenty yards. Now all that was required was to be sensible and I have to say that the boys did that fairly comfortably. Vrancic came on for Trybul and Rhodes for Pukki as time ticked down. Naturally there were a few worrying moments as the visitors refused to give it up but in truth the home side might easily have had a couple more, especially through Hernandez, who must be wondering tonight how he didn't get his name on the scoresheet. He also almost set up Jordan Rhodes, in the final minutes but just couldn't lay it off cleanly to the City front-man who was in acres of space. A bit of keep ball in the corner saw out time for a hard earned three points and it was a huge cheer that greeted the final whistle. Kenny McLean, my MOM for an industrious performance and two lovely goals. I am finding it hard to keep my expectations in check but this one was never in doubt after we decided to kick "The Right Way".
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    Looks great and well done to all involved. People moaning about it need to take a look at themselves.
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    This is great! Did DF really use a word like entropy?! https://www.facebook.com/thepinkun/videos/768623076834033/
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    Descendants of those Cossacks now play for ITFC and Blackburn. Preferable to being run over by Trevor Hockey
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    I recently came across this aphorism: Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard. I think it must be carved on a piece of wood and hanging on the wall behind DF's desk.
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    It’s a weird one, McLean took both his goals fantastically well but aside from that, wasn’t that great. Can’t argue with the fact he won us the game and I’m sure will keep his place next week now but overall I think we’re a better side with Leitner or Vrancic in that role
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    To be fair to Lee Johnson, his post match interview was refreshingly honest, unlike some managers I could mention.......
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    I have always seen Farke has a very balanced character, from day one. He is determined but humble with it....and that has little to do with coming from Germany and managing in England. He has assembled a team around a strategy. Webber was clearly the draw. Norwich also was an upgraded version of Lippstadt FC I reckon if I might suggest. In my view, he inspires confidence with everyone, fans and players alike. Now, that is someone very special indeed. He is not a person so defended like Lambert but open, honest and emotionally available. We are very lucky to have such a character and this kind of leader ( if only we had such leadership in our national politics). I am so pleased it has come (is coming) good for him and his footballing principles are bearing fruit. I've never enjoyed or felt such a connection with my team in my 50 years of support. I rarely enjoy feeling pride but these last few weeks have been special.
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    Watching on Sky today, it looked absolutely PHENOMENAL. Full credit to all of those involved in making it happen, it makes an unbelievable difference. Todays banner was fantastic too. Worth every penny that went into it. It's turned into a full yellow wall, and must be incredibly intimidating. Top tier next season?
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    Just watching the Frosinone v Roma game and, throughout the match, there's a guy on a microphone working the home crowd. I can't decide whether it's annoying or brilliant. I mean, the impact is quite minor because it's such a small club but at Carrow Road I could imagine it being quite a great way of pushing the crowd to sing when needed. Is it even allowed?
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    Again, it was well within Kepas control to make it clear he was fine to carry on. It looks like the bench knew he wanted to carry on but made the decision to not risk the most important player in the penalty shootout who’d gone down twice quite clearly with cramp, plus caballero has a decent record with pens and would be fresh. Kepa knew all this but simply wanted to play and so rather than take part in a conversation he already knew the answer to, he simply refused to move and created an embarrassing situation that Sarri had no choice but to give in to (he’d already had the referee come over to ask what was going on like a teacher in a playground). Obviously from there, Sarri can either explain the truth, lose his job (player power will win) and be humiliated to millions around the world.... or backtrack, blame it on a misunderstanding and try to keep his job for a few more weeks.
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    Maybe someone took that Pride of Anglia banner home that i was talking about ? If it was exclusively for the Scum game it will be years before we see it again.
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    Glad you mentioned the noise that does come from the River End Lakey because where i sit in The City Stand it can also be heard especially when OTBC is sung just prior to kick off or yellows being chanted when a corner is given at that end.
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    Half a league, half a league Half a league downward All in the valley of Portman Rode the six hundred (remaining fans)
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    really ? perhaps you could come up with a suitably chant for throw ins as well would reduce the time stuck with only the game to watch and if that is not enough the crowd could sing along to requests "and this one goes out to Terry in the Lower River End who suffers from bad asthma and is requested by all his mates in row 7... song number 307. What a friend we have who wheezes, so all join in now...."
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    He survived some dreadful injuries, ridden over by Cossacks can't be fun. Lions led by Donkeys
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    I dislike anything that is choreographed and controlled by anybody. If people want to sing, then they sing and people can join in or not, it's up to them, but to have someone on the tannoy is a different thing altogether - it is an attempt to artificially get people going. The op said it - "I can't decide whether it's annoying or brilliant" - in other words, some people would like it some people would find it annoying. There is too much of being choreographed/manipulation of the senses in everything we do these days - just look at all the online facebook etc - everything is geared up to manipulating what you see and hear. Llife imo is about getting out there and being pro-active in what you do and it is too easy to sit back and let someone manipulate what you do, see or hear. The 321 thing at CR is still cringeworthy to me - people would sing it anyway at the start of the match.....why is there the need to choreograph it?
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    One of the big arguments I've read for why Puel didn't work out is that he likes to play a possession-based passing game and play the ball out, which doesn't suit the style of the players at Leicester (Vardy in particular) or the desire of the fans for exciting, attacking football. I suspect Farke's style of play, while far more attacking than Puel's, still wouldn't really work particularly well with the players they have. It's noticeable that we've finally managed to implement that style successfully this season now that Farke has got his own men in every position and has had the time to impress his ideas on the group... My guess is he'd have to do the same thing again at Leicester and I'm not sure their fans would give him 18 months to get it right. Having said that, I do hope this possible threat is the kick up the backside the club needs to get Farke's new contract signed and sealed - The longer it goes on, the harder it is to understand why it's not done yet.
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    I remember a tackle in the first half when I immediately thought the ref might give a pen, but these all look different from different angles. To be honest, and this is crazy, but I got more worried at one point when I thought we were going to get a pen and I thought "noooo,play on!!!"
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    That table is rubbish anyway. Unless the rules have been changed, last time I looked all clubs played the same number of games Think that is known as a fundemental error
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    Nah......unfinished business here at NCFC.......
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    On match days, perhaps a fan gospel Choir singing in harmony in the River End......A Steps and S Club Seven tribute fan choir singing in the 'Jarrold'.....A singalonga Max Bygraves/Matt Monro acapella fan quartet singing in the City Stand......and a Heavy Rock ensemble screachin' an' shoutin' in the Barclay and snakepit......? No drums though......deffo no drums......
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    Good show and impressive display of the flags an' stuff before kick off......It's a bit sad that some flag waving participants feel the need to retain the temporarily issued and 'loaned' flags.....Have a word with yourselves.....
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    Just playing around Lakey, it's a bit of fun dude!
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    It's quite clear that it is part of the overall plan to include the fans as much as possible, to make that connection. It returns football to what it should be - about people. It restores the connection between players and fans, making them seem more human and part of the club and Daniel has been brilliant with the way he has approached things, not only on the pitch, but with the way he talks so honestly and openly. He has embraced the club and the area totally and seems at one with the task he took on. I don't want to get too deep with it, but the philosophy is absolutely in line with the living in the now buddhist way of looking at things. Loving kindness and respect throughout, everyone is important and valued, no chasing dreams, just making sure you're focussed on the present and enjoying that. That is why things seem so great at the moment - it is just brillant to be part of such togetherness. Success will come on the back of that if the spirit is maintained (and there is no reason why it shouldn't). Bill Shankly once said football is more important than religion...well I wouldn't go that far, but certainly, what is happening at our club is totally special. So Farke is the focal point of that and he has a briliant philosophy, but it hasn't happened by chance, it comes from the desire of the club to go down this route - from DS/MJW at the top, Ed Balls who I believe had a lot to do with how things have developed, their appointment of Webber who in turn enabled us to get Farke and the kind of players we have. People say it is great to be a Norwich fan at the moment and that is true - stay in the moment and good things will happen - it's a philosophy for life.
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    The return of Norfolk's very own Alan Partridge. If it's as good as previous work (not including the film) then it should be high quality.
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    If a drum appears I’m off
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    3k raised. Well done everyone.
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    At this level, the general consensus is that he's a good operator. On a personal level, it comes across that he is a very upbeat character, charismatic, and very good-natured regarding having finished up getting less game time than he might have expected given Pukki's surprise impact. It seems strongly implicit that his unselfish attitude has had a spillover effect in other players that might have hoped to be getting more game time being more patient, keeping overall morale higher. That's the way I've interpreted it and I think morale had been a big factor in us punching well above expectations, in which case he's well worth having and at least deserves a chance at having a go in the prem if we get there.
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    Apart from 'Boro, the others don't need to think about us. Their best strategy is to just shut us out of their minds ........
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    Thanks as always ricardo. How come you didn't miss any of the goals? Dehydrated by the spring-like conditions maybe! Also, you've clearly passed on your accumulated NCFC wisdom to your son. Seems to call it right every time. Well done to him!
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    For all the huff and puff on this thread, this is the truest statement - ours to lose regardless of what goes on elsewhere. No need to postulate on any of the others in this division. We showed today why we will be going up and the others should be thinking about us. Yes I have been drinking and I am full of bravado tonight.
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    Where was the huge Pride Of Anglia banner today ? Asking for a friend.
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    Yep but the Wendys bugler who played the last post as the crowd fell silent after one of their guys got treatment on the pitch in our '67 Cup 4th round defeat was quite fun!
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    I think we're likely to need to strengthen DM next season regardless of which Division we're in, Trybull is fine, Tettey, not getting any younger and injury prone, Thompson, will have to have a change of luck if he's to have an impact, we'll be ok for the run in but I wouldn't mind betting that DF/SW have already identified other options.
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    Every player who has had to step into the breach this season has not only done the job admirably but in every case has actually added to the team - Trybull, Vrancic, Godfrey, McLean, Zimmerman...
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    I'd go for annoying rather than brilliant.. That drum beating idiot from Sheff Wed a few years ago got on my wick.
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    Villa are bang average, they'll be on the beach and we'll already be up. Nothing to fear at Villa Park.
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    Again a draw Leeds v WBA would be great. QPR have only won once this year, so shouldn't be a problem for Leeds? As long as we keep winning it doesn't matter what the rest do. We have 4 home games in April before our final game at Villa who will be on the beach.
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    Worth noting that Rhodes hasn't actually hit double figures in the Championship since the 15/16 season. You can't pay the kind of wages he'd be after just because he's a nice guy and works hard in training.
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    They would be better of using that 3k to buy a new striker and two central defenders
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    "I think Rhodes doesn’t have the skill set a promoted team need from their striker. You want them to be quick (a Josh King), so they can threaten on the counter or big and strong (a Glenn Murray) so they can hold the ball up when isolated. Pukki’s pace (although not searing) and runs in the channels means he might be okay. Rhodes is a 6 yard box player ......" Sorry, but I view that as stereotyping to the extreme. Compartmentalising, generalising, call it what you will. Football is anything but that. We have Holty as the finest example of it's unpredictability. Who would have forecast his success in the top league? Besides, there are more than just a few teams in the Premier League who we will not be up against "nine tenths of the time" and will have to "defend against more than attack." Just look at that table from Everton downwards and, despite some big spending, most if not all of those teams will have survival as their main priority next season. Some will not come off big time for all sorts of reasons. We will have the benefit of a settled and purposeful set up at the very least. DF is the best to decide the outcome of Rhodes. Webber has proven himself to know a good player at the right price when needed.
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    I agree 100% with all of that. 1. Rhodes' Premier League potential cannot be evaluated on evidence thus far. 2. He is a "poacher" and therefore will always be capable of that vital goal, whatever the level. 3. Certain players fit. Clearly he didn't do too well at 'Boro, but he has a very distinguished career goals-wise,albeit mostly at Championship level. He has not let NCFC down when called upon (that penalty excepted.) 4.Farke sees him as a positive character to have at the club ... DF is a specialist at this sort of assessment it would seem. RE: Promo. Agreed. Stick basically with what we have, reaping the rewards of television income for a season, get parachutes and coming down stronger and set up for years will be the WORST possible scenario of a brief stay. I trust the current regime to strengthen where they see fit at the right cost. They have a proven record. Another season of the Man. Uniteds and full gates and more coverage on television (liveSky, MotD.) is ok by me. Again, that's the WORST possible scenario.
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    I don't think six premier league games in a defensive minded team is any judgement on a player's ability to do well there. His goals are generally clever poacher style goals and in the right set up, he - like Pukki - would score goals at the top level. How many minutes has Rhodes played this season? Not many yet he has proved well worth his place in the squad with some vital goals. I see no reason for that to change if we are promoted. It actually begs the question of how we would go about a premier league campaign - imo it would be following the same approach as we have now, using basically the same players, very few new ones and with no huge outlay. Even just one PL season could set the club up for years in terms of developing the infrastructure at the club, rather than spending stupid amounts on players and contracts that could undermine what has been done over the last two seasons.
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    Goal music, flags, the drum completes the tinpot trio
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