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    And here’s to you, Marco Stiepermann Norwich loves you more than you will know Wo wo wo God bless you please, Marco Stiepermann Carrow Road’s the place for you to play Hey hey hey Hey hey hey
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    Just asking for a friend (in Leeds)
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    https://www.bing.com/search?q=painter+man+by+boney+m&qs=n&form=QBRE&sp=-1&ghc=1&pq=painter+man+by+boney+m&sc=1-22&sk=&cvid=03C557D0010742D4ACAF43606F604391 Yes I know I'm old....
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    Well, thankful that this sounds nothing like any of our fans this season
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    West coast is obviously having one of those days/topics where 99% of the rest of us is ‘wrong’. C’est la vie. Re the point deduction, had it happened I can well imagine them going on ad nauseum about having been cheated out of another title, so I’m glad it didn’t happen.
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    Long way to go yet and it's in our hands. Can't ask for more.
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    Why can’t we be like QPR......?
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    It suits Leeds (fans) to have this 'the World is against us' mantra, as it gives them an excuse to hide behind when anything (they perceive) goes against them (the audacity of it all). Along with Millwall's 'no one likes us', it's getting very boring and wearing wafer thin. It's always someone else's fault.
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    "Lampard lied, the police lied and we won the European Cup....
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    Maybe those speeding offences were committed whilst he was reversing....?
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    No need for a roll call as the Pink Un posters at such functions actually talk to each other. As for obsessed i suggest you use the facility on here that shows who is viewing and what they are looking at. Your emoticons that litter posts where myself or Waveney are involved don't tell the whole story.
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    In an exciting new venture I am starting the pinkun online exercise club to start you off I want you to raise your arms and lower them to the following tune going up going down going up going down here is me dressed and ready to start my exercise
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    We took the fine to shut it all off. Of course we don't agree with it internally, and those who say £200,000 isn't much can't have paid heed to fines of a fifth to a tenth of that for racists chanting in UEFA run competitions. Oh, and anyone trying to differentiate between what a manager does and fans does shows just how far down the irrational line some people are prepared to go to justify their prejudice. We get it. Fans don't like Leeds and execution wouldn't have been enough for some. Our promotion bandwagon is slowing (or more accurately yours and Sheffield United's - somehow - is speeding up). We just don't need the distraction. Lies were told from minute one by Lampard, and they became the truth. The Police unwittingly made light of it by talking about pliers etc when there were none (which they admitted when they realised what they'd done) and the representative never entered the training ground despite fat Frank lying about that too. Bielsa didn't help by stating that we should 'take the worse case scenario and say that I have had all teams watched'. He didn't mean he had (a number are behind closed doors), but was saying let's just assume it because that's what lazy journalists and biased opposition **** rakers would do. Even now they talk about pliers and fence cutters. There were none. Not that many of you care or are interested in the truth. The false outrage from some has been truly pathetic. But when it comes to us reason goes out of the window. Anyway, we're now thinking about painting our away dressing room walls pink because it apparently provides an unfair advantage to the home team by reducing testosterone levels. I can't think what 'cheating' club thought of that but no doubt we'll be fined for it if indeed we do adopt it.
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    To the Superman theme tune... Duh, da, de, duhduh, dee, duh, da Duh, da, de, duhduh STIEPERMANN!
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    Amazing how pics like that get through the filter but words like **** don't...
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    I think you would look better in a Spiderman mask.
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    I think that's about right. In terms of getting an advantage it's a laughable action, but it does feel very unsportsmanlike and underhand. A slap on the wrists feels about right overall. @westcoastcanary, I don't think clubs not being fined for forms of bigotry among fans is a fair comparison: the manager is an employee and representative of a club, whereas undesirable fans are paying punters that the clubs do their level best to find if they do something like that and give a ban. They do not represent the club and, provided the clubs deal with that sort of action to the best of their ability, there's no good reason that the club should be penalised for incidents that it's impossible for the club's to prevent, short of not allowing any of the public to attend games.
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    The Pink'Un would be mad to let THIS 30 year old poster move to WOTB.
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    That is a bit weird. Said the 53 year old Pink Un poster.
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    THe commentator on the BBC for the Chelsea v United match would pass out if he witnessed the goals we scored at the weekend, if his reaction to the bang average goal Utd just scored is anything to go by!
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    Not a lot in football terms, but shows they clearly did wrong.
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    I did mate. Been on about him for a while now. He was killing it at Genoa and no surprise hes continuing at Milan. Hes kind of come from nowhere. I follow Polish national team footy closely and certainly hes exceeding expectations at the moment but hes not been highly touted through the youth system like Lewa was. Many though Kownacki was the pick of this particular bunch but he isnt really living up to the hype at the mo.
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    Against Atalanta? It's a beauty. Here's another one worth seeing from the Hungarian top division from this Saturday. The scorer is an 18 year old guy, who got subbed in 10 minutes earlier for his first ever league game. 94th minute, 1-1, against the division leader. What do you do? https://www.google.hu/search?q=zsóri+gól&client=opera&hs=byk&source=lnms&tbm=vid&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjFjKftosXgAhVmwosKHbXGBHUQ_AUIECgD&biw=1601&bih=968
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    When the scores are generated by an formula based on the game statistics I don’t think it has much to do with ‘going under the radar’. Whoscored ratings are a bit odd and they are always heavily bias towards attacking players - basically no one really knows how to statsically analyse defenders and full backs. A nice thing to see, but ultimately. fairly meaningless.
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    Is this one of those AI generated articles that are apparently as good as those written by real reporters?
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    I can't help what Google recommends to me. Or maybe I can...
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    And to think, he was the messiah. The messiah that you wanted back as manager through the tenures of most of those that followed him, including the current coach. I guess you no longer want that now River End?
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