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    I cant see the formation changing given the success it has brought us. The key to the result though is at the back and we can not start so sloppily in defence again. I cant see Klose quite being ready (or risked; or perhaps my head is in the sand as I dont know which of Zimm or Godfrey would make way) and while Hanley may be better aerially he isnt a patch on what either Zimmerman or Godfrey bring to the side overall. They and the rest of the team simply need to be more determined for set pieces - I am putting those for 20 mins on weds down to a Derby day hangover / wake up call. For me T&T, while it was extremely successful last season, is well down the list of options this year where the wealth of creative balls players is key to our surge up the table. Hopefully Mo can make a return to both increase solidity (so few goals conceded when he partners Tettey there) at the back and improve the rhythm going forward. Steipermann is the curates egg for me; well below his best in the last two games but his physical presence is missed if we start with say Kenny instead, as a high press on the keeper means a long outball is effectively ceding possession (some height in that area of the pitch is definitely a summer transfer need for me). But given the lack of alternatives he does start. Mo alongside Tettey if he is fit, if not McLean would be my next choice as the deep ball player.
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    As the old joke goes. How do you make a small fortune out of owning a football club? Start with a large one! Marcus Evans cracks up everytime he hears that one.
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    Fame at last!!! I’ll sew a star on my t-shirt.
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    And did the British economy come to a shuddering halt? No. On the contrary, we have gone from strength to strength since the Thatcherite revolution of the 80s. The mining industry of Yorkshire and Wales was completely unproductive and kept going through taxpayers subsidies. I don't know what you think, but I think that's some pretty cruel punishment to force old men underground for the sake of sentimentality. Even the Labour Governments agree with me as they shut down more pits than the Conservatives. Howabout some of you leftie snowflakes start a gofundme campaign to open up a coal pit and you get down and do a bit of mining. If you can do that and make a profit I will take back everything I have said. Somehow I can't see a rush from our SJWs
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    Not so long as you wave it quietly please.
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    Thanks for the plug Eddie. PUPs are already an extremely generous bunch but any donation - however small - anyone would like to spare for this would be brilliant. Training has already started - in fact, I'm up early tomorrow to go to Bolton and then up equally early Sunday to get a train to the coast for our next training walk. If that isn't dedication to both causes then I don't know what is. Back on topic, I think Rangers will beat St Johnstone this week. And for Norwich, I'll go for a simple both teams to score. Good luck everyone.
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    click on the above blue link to read about how he lied
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    Agree with this. I felt that this would have been the right approach and set-up against an attack minded, pacey Preston on their home ground and managed by a highly motivated ex City manager and only a few days after a mentally and physically sapping derby game against Ipswich managed of course by another ex City manager, the toxic Mr Bleat.
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    "They are casting their problems at society. And, you know, there's no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families. And no government can do anything except through people, and people must look after themselves first. It is our duty to look after ourselves and then, also, to look after our neighbours." That was the full quote on that. At rock bottom, it's exactly the same idea as the 'big society' one that was banded about a few years back, which is that over-reliance on state intervention in all areas results in very few people actually intervening on an individual level because there's an expectation that government should solve all problems. Actual societies are created on mutual dependence. If the state meets all needs, there is no mutual dependence, so there is no society.
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    Not what this thread is about anymore but yeah, they're staying up there.
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    Don't go front row of the River End. You may not remember but back in the day David McNally wanted to shoehorn a few more bodies into Carrow Rd so he had an extra row of seats plonked at the front. Only problem is they had to dig down below pitch level so it's like watching football in a trench. Handy if you enjoy a close up of the players bums otherwise nothing much else to recommend it....
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    Personally, i don't like the view from so low down, the pitch is almost above you, so it's difficult to get the perspective of where the ball is, especially at the other end of the pitch. There are a couple of individual seats higher up in Block T Lower River End when I looked. You may also find that some become available next week if Bristol send any of their allocation back - mind you, they're going well, so they might sell out. Apologies for the sensible reply!
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    The only point of the River End is to stop the ball going in the river
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    If you're surrounded by young kids you should be able to see over them.
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    Of course industries decline. We no longer have a massive backsmithery sector in the British economy, globally successful fabric milling in Lancashire, or the largest fishing in the world at Grimsby. But that is a result of natural changes or ones beyond the control of the UK. There is an argument that the coal industry in the UK would have slowly disappeared, Thatcher or no Thatcher. But as I understand it the UK car industry is reasonably successful, and could have gone on being so. What endangers it is not some inevitable decline due to natural forces beyond anyone's control but an entirely self-inflicted wound engendered by blatant lies about the effects of Brexit on the economy.
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    I think there's some expectation that Tettey would play like Vrancic. I think that was Trybull's role and it didn't work. We are very lucky to have both Leitner and Vrancic to choose from but very unlucky they are/have been unavailable at the same time.
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    The inconsistencies between these rules are ridiculous. But I must remember it's not the FA's fault if us thickos get confused.
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    andyc you old romantic! Are you one of those lads showing the rest of us up, with flowers, chocolates & the card waiting on the breakfast table this morning?
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    As Bethnal has said, Tettey and Trybull was very successful last season but that was during our run where we often packed men behind the ball and won a series of games primarily thanks to a breakaway goal or a piece of Maddison magic. For me, the reason it is not working this season is two fold. The first is that the way we are playing relies on one of those holding midfielders being able to move the ball quickly to spread the play from the back. the second, which is really linked to the first is that teams have started to catch on that the way to play against us is a high press to try and win the ball back from our defensive midfielders high up the pitch. Teams like Preston have fit and quick players able to do this. Leitner and Vrancic have the game and the passing ability to play their way out of or through/around the press which often leads to us having fantastic counter attacking situations or have the composure not to give the ball away when placed under such pressure. Tettey and Trybull do not always have this and thus when we have the pair of them together and they are faced by a side applying a high press they will sometime panic and give the ball away. To be fair to them that's not their fault its simply not their strength. When we play one of them next to Vrancic or Leitner its less of an issue as they have an easy outlet but in combo they can get penned in and give the ball away. Thats my take on it anyway.
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    Godfrey’s ability to bring the ball out of defence and beat the first line of the opposition’s press is vital. Hanley and Zimmermann together just won’t work with the system Farke plays. If Farke wants Tettey and Trybull together he needs to change the system. They don’t have the passing ability to play out from the back. Norwich looked better when they switched to a back 3 as Buendia came more central and acted as a focal point.
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    Expected Goals is the measure of how good the chances he received are, so the measure is relative - which is why it is a far better measure than shots data. Expected Goals models are transferable from league to league as it is a dataset drawn across many leagues. Some of them have data from over half a million shots.
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    Gordon? Who the f e c k is Gordon?
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    I thought these were parody articles, but given Sunday's events and subsequent behaviour, starting to believe they might be straight from the horse's mouth.
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    Did you have a sausage too? Or is it just Chambers that likes to go for those?
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    I tried it in the chip shop Kathy, and got a funny look.