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    I'm getting a strong taste of sour grapes on this and other threads. Preston did a job on us, just like we have done to others throughout the season. Their task was made easier by the absence of Vrancic in particular, but they outplayed the team we put in front of them. They are one of the top two form teams in the league. Give them their due.
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    Winds light to variable
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    Reality check We are still 2nd Only 1 point off top No real damage to GD 32 games, 60 points Still in our own hands Keep the faith
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    https://www.morningadvertiser.co.uk/Article/2019/02/12/Free-beer-for-Norwich-City-season-ticket-holders For those of you who don't drink - I'll be sitting on the wall outside Morrisons after the game collecting for my newly formed beer bank. All donations gratefully received.
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    I want to see some energy from the start so would introduce Cantwell. Leitner in too at some stage. I have a feeling we will want to put last night right in the first half.
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    Go to the planner, on channel 403, select the live game and it'll bring up the other games, then record the one you want.
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    Godfrey’s ability to bring the ball out of defence and beat the first line of the opposition’s press is vital. Hanley and Zimmermann together just won’t work with the system Farke plays. If Farke wants Tettey and Trybull together he needs to change the system. They don’t have the passing ability to play out from the back. Norwich looked better when they switched to a back 3 as Buendia came more central and acted as a focal point.
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    No one's denying that Preston didn't do well although they didn't outplay us for any more than 30 minutes of the game.
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    I know you are upset by the defeat but you sound like a right mard ****. If this had happened at the other end and Norwich had been 3-1 up you would have been screaming like a girl for the Preston player to be sent off. Anyway, City are still in an automatic position so calm down and I suggest you sleep on it before posting if it upsets you so much.
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    Not like DF. He needs his usual clear head to get us through this period with neither Vrancic nor Leitner available.
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    Having Rhodes there as an outlet made a huge difference 2nd half. Meant Preston couldn't press us as hard like in the first half. Not sure Bolton have the personell to do that. Think they will be more kick and rush with some dangerous big defenders. Our normal game will be far more suited to playing them. As for Tettey, I honestly didn't think he was bad tonight. He looked very useful 2nd half
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    poor old binners, pitch forks a wavin' then Reading score so now 10 points and 20 goals adrift mind you they still have fourteen games left, and as Sugar Ray Lambert says " aye'll chin ya, ewes b'stards theys lot of ya .............. 'hic'
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    Let's not act like Krul wouldn't do the exact same thing in that situation.
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    Yes Aarons was annoyed and his actions were also ill-considered. All the half he was putting the ball on the spot for Rudd to take. Rudd did everything in real slow motion. Being a bit of an a*se.
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    OK, so it was not our night. Second half we dominated but didn't have the bit of luck needed with efforts off the line but overall we lacked the energy to turn it round. Full credit to the lads for competing to the end and another nice strike from Teemu. Important to pick ourselves up and win at Bolton. Three points from two away games is better than two draws. There will be plenty more twists and turns before the season is concluded.
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    On to Bolton, this one is water under the bridge. 27 points needed, 14 games. 8 wins 3 draws 3 defeats. eminently doable
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    I don't know how we not goals. OTBC
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    I'm beginning to wish I never posted this..............
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    Not sure what the likely sanctions are or what the rulebook says but, from previous FA performance, my money is on.... e) NONE OF THE ABOVE
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    FA Cup for me please where I can't see past - Newport County vs MANCHESTER CITY - AWAY WIN For our game a scorecast of Stiepermann to score first AND a correct score of Bolton 1 - 3 Norwich Good luck everyone. The very best of luck Crabby & Swindon
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    I watched the game and saw the incident 'live' and immediately said he's dived. I also said (not long after that) Forest should be awarded a penalty for the shirt pull in the box. If I can see it slobbing on my couch, how on earth Lee Mason did not, defies belief. Both times his view was unhindered.
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    I don’t think anyone has ever said it is gospel. The thing that is so wonderful about football and for me lifts it above all other sports is its marginality. A team can be thoroughly out played but still win as goal events are so low in football. That doesn’t happen in most other sports.