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    Update version of the Farke rap Funny everytime
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    Still your aunt, in 2019. We'd have to consistently point out how beautiful and brave she is for going through the operation, too.
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    Can't see us being at the top of the table if we'd had Husband and Pinto as our full-backs all season!
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    Perhaps we should, but go 'incognito' wearing Spiderman masks.......
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    Sounds from our press conference that it'll be an unchanged team. Godfrey and Cantwell have minor knocks but are expected to be fit. Leitner has trained but won't be risked. Trybull's foot injury/cut isn't serious. Tettey's fit. Klose hasn't trained, so unlikely to be involved. Lastly Heise could be involved if needed. And a great quote from DF: "'We have to play with a flame in the heart, but ice in the head.'
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    They didn’t join Ipswich!
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    If my Auntie had boll*cks she'd be my Uncle (or not, in this brave new world). You can do that all day; if the atmospheric pressure was slightly different Buendia might have caught his first half shot cleanly and scored, if the grass was slightly longer Aarons would have found it easier to control his miss, if the ref had viewed it how many others did Leeds would not have been given the corner they scored from. There was nothing fortunate about the scoreline.
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    Farticle? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-6680519/How-Norwich-boss-Daniel-Farke-got-Canaries-singing-again.html?ns_mchannel=rss&ito=1490&ns_campaign=1490
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    Umm I'm pretty comfortable with Pukki, backed by Rhodes, as our striking options. Not convinced we could improve that position by spending £6m.
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    Thought Argos might get a plug in there somewhere But enjoyable as ever.
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    I'm sure he'll be back after our next defeat !!
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    It does seem it was a management team that gave us that amazing period of success, L with Culverhouse and Karsa. He's never really been successful anywhere else, neither at Prem level nor below. A bigger man would be able to hand it with more grace now. But a bigger man would probably have gone on to success elsewhere.
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    I got mine by not agreeing to pay full price once my free week expired on the now TV my account page, they then offered me a better deal. I did see such offers online by googling nowtv sky sports package offers though. If all else fails, contact them as a friend of mine did( blades fan) and he got the same deal as me.
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    Sunday's match is not about Paul Lambert is all about Norwich City and 3 points - how Pl would love the focus of the fans to be off the game and on him. Just get behind the team and leave the rest to the players.
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    It's about having grace Ncfcinnit and Lambert has little. That is partly because as an individual you tend to form a view that he is very defensive, on guard and it's all about keeping away feelings from being publicly disclosed. Bond and others have spoken about having affinity with us. Lambert never has. Perhaps we were just another job. As fans, we use and express our emotions. Even though it would actually strengthen him and the way he carries himself, communicates with others, it would help him enormously just to be quietly generous and then say he has moved on. It appears he is simply unable. He holds something back. It's a kind of pride and I'm sure he will think strength. But it's anything but for me. Perhaps he will mellow by the time he is 60. We often do.
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    In case any of you lot are interested, Holty joined us for the pod. Get it in your ears.
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    I can sort this out for you. I sit in the lower Barclay next to the Snake Pit. I'm about to start the commute home but will PM you later tonight.
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    Perhaps we should all go to the Townhouse before the game ..
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    Can’t see Leitner and Vrancic both playing in the CM positions, as said an unnecessary risk which we don’t need to take. We create hatfuls of chances with the system we have, we don’t need to force a system that we don’t need (a la Gerrard and Lampard) and I don’t think Farke would try it. I also wouldn’t play Vrancic as the no 10, has never been as effective there and is so much more dangerous with the play in front of him to get his head up and pick a pass. A reason Stiepermann has been soo good is his ability to get the ball with his back to goal and somehow turn and run at goal. It looks awkward and flueky at first but he’s done it so many times this season, it’s no fluke and has been key to many of our goals and chances created, either for himself or others. Leitner or Vrancic for me, and at the moment, as much as I think we had been missing Mo, Vrancic has been awesome and fully deserves his place.
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    They can play together, but not both in the two CDM positions. Simply not enough physicality and athleticism. Vrancic would need to play higher up the field, in the 'ten' position. This is what we had earlier in the season at Sheffield Wednesday, and was successful. Vrancic's ability to pick a perfectly weighted through ball, is really dangerous in this position. But would you drop Steipermann for him? Probably not. Steipermann could go wide... but not at the expense of Buendia or Hernandez, surely? With Leitner and Steiperman in the starting 11, its very difficult to include Vrancic. Or Mclean for that matter. I think we could rotate these four players possibly every 3/4 games to keep things fresh.
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    Unless Trybull is injured he should stay at DM he now looks as composed as Tettey although not as physical. Perhaps Klose and Leitner could make the bench but no need to rush them back too early maybe in a game of lesser pressure. If either on bench might mean an English registered player miisses out which cannot be countenanced. I think Maclean needs to continue there and Hanley and Cantwell have to be there for English contingent. Subs bench to include McGovern, Leitner or Klose the three above with Srebeny and Rhodes on the bench. With the number of 3 games a week coming up we shall need our 2 DM's to cover for any fitness issues with Tettey. Need to keep all the squad fit which could be an issue if Ipswich come to Carrow Rd and adopt a physical approach.
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    Thanks Nigel for the kind words and I'd like to reassure everyone that my draw selection won't feature in the final six matches, so do send in your best ideas please. I'll send in final choices late-ish on Friday. I enjoyed doing the extra match pick last year and got lucky by choosing Klose to score, hence the attached to remind you.
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    What Dan said. In cricket they say ‘look in the scorebook’ - no one cares about the why’s and wherefore’s, the score is there in black and white. All this stuff about deflections and suchlike is daft. The fk may have been going in anyway; Pukki still had to be there on the off-chance and react to it, the same for Mario’s second - it’s not their fault the defence was nowhere. Their goal came from a wrongly given corner. So, ‘should’ it have been 0-0?
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    Shows the marginal nature of football. Norwich were fortunate with two deflected goals but the put in an amazing performance. If Vrancic’s freekick has spun further off the player’s shoulder, or his shot not landed so nicely for Pukki Norwich may not have won the game. But once those things happened they managed the situation exceptionally.